Friday, December 10, 2010

Great 8 days

A great 8 days of my life...

At this moment, i just feel so thankful. I have a bunch of good friends.
-Friends who are with me continuously for 5 days straight.
-Friends with me under one roof for 5 days.
-Friends who celebrate with me for 3 days.
-Friends who are willing to help me whenever i ask, they will never say NO.

This bond is so tight until it couldn't break. I wish the bond is forever, not a full stop.

I love all of you!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


26th of Nov was the worse day ever that i he had been through so far.
The level of stress, anxious is at the peak of my head.

I always say 'this is an easy job; the only thing is human factor'.
Sometimes, when the senior says something about you, you can only sit there and listen. You didn't know how to fight back even though he will ask 'anything you want to say?'. I will answered 'No, i am sorry'.

I struggle; i cried. No matter how it is, you still have to get back to work at the end with a smiling face.
Until now, it still left a very big impact on myself. If ever i get the position again, the level of stress will go the the top of my head.

'We work, we fall and we climb back to the progress' This is very true.
I'm climbing now, i will try my best not to let this thing happen on me again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I didn't know how many times i had mention this in my previous blog.
But i just feel thankful right now, i was not born in a rich family nor a complete family. But what i have now, is worth more than that. I am good with my mum; i am good with my brother.

I have a job, even now i am still chasing for my dream, i will still go for it, even if i don't get it, at least what i am doing now is the half achievements of my dream.

I have a bunch of good friends and people who love me.

Who else in the world can get a life like this, maybe you are, but not all.

Life goes up and down, when you are at the downhill, think back who are there to support you and is it worth to be sad or feel disappointed? Maybe yes, but just for a while. Tomorrow will still be a better day.


Monday, November 8, 2010


I am alone in a place right now; but with my laptop i am not alone.
Since i came here, i learn to be more independent. Without mama's care, mama's dish, i got to be more independent. Learn how to sort things out by myself. And now i can be alone most of the time, but not always, because i am not an alien=P

The flight has been canceled today, if i know thing like this will happen, i would have stay in Kepong for one more day and i can go for curry mee with Mulians yesterday. I guess sometimes god is really helping me, because the senior that i'm going to work with today is someone that i don't really want to work with. I got duty change last minute and i got a bit released, but not FULLY released. Because i couldn't work with another crew that i really love to work with and my flying hours get deducted.

Thing always happen in such a coincidence way, alot of incidents happen on me in such a way recently. I would say is a good COINCIDENCE. The time will come when it comes.

Four more days to go, i get to hang out with someone i love in this coming saturday, yipee!!!
I love my life=)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dare to Dream

Everyone has a dream, you can dream whatever you want and try you best to achieve it. Nothing is impossible because the words impossible read as

See that, people? Dare to dream, nothing is impossible. Even though if you can't get what you think at the end, at least you know you have tried your very best(Make sure you did)! Just move on with your life, who knows something better is waiting for you.

I always believe everything happens for a reason. I had been through quite a few incidenst that i believe this is very true.

I just hit the 'send' button, i had made another move. More actions to be done to reach my dream.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 days in Academy

I really love to stay in academy instead of going to work.
First day in academy, refreshment of safety and first aid.
Second day in academy, tons of exams and practical exams.
Third day in academy, CRM (Crew Resource Management) and announcement.
I learn something very useful from this module, if anyone interested, i would like to introduce to you about a incident named Helios 522,

Woah, how i wish i can stay there longer. I don't mind taking exams everyday. The class consists of Flight Attendants and Pilots, god... seeing them for three days in a row, it makes my desire to achieve my dream getting stronger and stronger.

I don't want to think about anything else at this moment, i just want to concentrate in my career. Nothing else is important than that at this moment except my friends and family.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 days

What i had done for the pass five days?
Errrmmm...i enjoy pretty much!!!

Of course, in the first day on leave, i stay at home because i need to recharge my power XD
Second day, of course is one of the Mulian's birthday celebration, i drink abit, drunk abit, tipsy alot. The most happiest part is...the true or dare session la. Wah piang, xuang dao~~~

On the third day, nothing much la... Yc only but it was a really nice yc session because i get to know whats people are thinking when they are kissing, LMAO!!!

On the fourth day, yc also at two places. How...AMAZING is that!!! Eventually, i can't stop talking nonsense through out the whole night.

The last day, i went out with mum, watch a movie-RED, it was a nice show, an action movie but it's funny, LMAO!!!
And finally, i went for a hair cut, errr...i lost my curl hair a little, my fringe is shorter, But overall, i feel satisfied, at least i don't got heart attack when i see myself in the mirror which i always do.

This coming weekends is gonna be another busy weekends, i think i will enjoy my off day this time=)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love GUYS for life!!!

'Do you have a bf?'
'No, i don't have.'
'Don't lie la... Impossible'
'No, i single for many years already.'
'O no!!! Are you a lesbian?!'


O man... Nowadays a lot people thought that i am a lesbian. 'Ta nai nai de~~~~'
The conversation above always happens during my flight, they don't believe what i had said and thought that i am a lesbian, worse come to worse, they INSIST that i am a lesbian.

I had came through a very ridiculous conversation recently....
'Do you have a bf?'
'How long you never kissed already?'
'I can't remember'
.(more conversation continues)
'Are you a lesbian?'
'Of course not, i love guys for life'

Friend who knows me well, they know i am not a lesbian, they know how to pronounce my name properly. I don't blame you for misunderstanding that i am a lesbian. I just want to share with all of you here that

Friday, October 22, 2010


After working for almost one year as a cabin crew. I can say this is an easy job, the only thing difficult is 'human factor'. Working in different gravity, the fatigue level increase pretty fast. Now you know why i can sleep 12hours, sleep from the moment i back from work until next day i work.

Also, one thing i really treasure is the crew, especially when i get a nice set of crew. Even though you just work with them for one day, you can really get close to them. Is nice to see two or three persons willing to wait for you after work and walk together to the car park. Even though is just a minor thing, but it's make a big difference.

When you are out of your area, you do need friends which is close to you, willing to help you. Just like yesterday when my car tire give way, i can only call my housemate who is working at LCCT to help me out, no second thoughts, he straight away come to help me without giving excuses.

I can't live without friends, all of us need friends, no matter where we are.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I won; i lost

A day that i will never forget, if you see my facebook album, you will know everything.
The abilities that i use to have, is no longer with me. Flashing back last time when i was 17 and 18, i can still do those kicks, even is not that good... But at least i fought with my heart. I know, this time i went there is just for fun, but seeing myself being kicked and i kicked in that way, i feel so bad.

I got a medal, but i don't feel proud at all... I can only get back my fame like last time if i train consistently, be brave and if i have more stamina.

This sport is always something that i couldn't hands off. It brighten my life and brought me a bunch of good team mate. I can say, it changes my life also.

Whatever it is, I lost because of the match; i won because i gain something that money cannot buy on 17/10/10.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Don't know why i feel insecure right now. I feel anxious, don't know worry about what. Must be i emo...

I got to back to work tomorrow, thank god is afternoon flight, so that i can get more rest and hang out with Mulians=)

The sinus still with me, got to torture for another five days again. Hope it won't be so worse like the pass few days.

Upcoming working days is gonna be tough for me, FAE on board to check flight, a SFA that i don't want to fly with (i hope she is not the worse that i thought). All the best to me, things will go smoothly=)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sometimes, thoughts will just come randomly. It makes you want to do this; do that. I can't control myself from thinking those things that i don't want to, i got to convince myself that... To think positive.

I enjoy my off days, i enjoy my life. I don't want to demand too much, it will come when the time is right. Be myself. I am always the happy and cheerful girl.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want my dream to come true so badly... How good i f i can achieve it. I will work super hard on it in order to achieve it.

I don't know what else can i write here, everyday is the same routine. I'm don't want to express my personal feelings over here. Because is privateeeee~~~ =)

I'm doing fine, i'm doing great. I'm enjoying my life now and i work very hard everyday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I feel so great because i back to AK again. I feel so happy. Even though is small, but i feel better. Sometimes, you don't need extravagant things or being glamor just because you fly D7, got night stop, duh??? Not everyone likes it, especially me. I hate D7. Work at odd hours; sleep at odd hours.

Few days ago, i get a golden opportunity to sit in the cockpit, the co-pilot seat and the captain seat. Wow!!! Not only that, i get to control the aircraft, of course, instructed by the captain and i did the triple chime for landing. Yohoo!!! Once in my life time, i get a chance to do something so...GREAT!!! It burns up my flame more and more, i was advise by the Captain to see someone. Hopefully, my dream can come true... I'm looking forward to it=)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I made it!

I can't believe i had gone through that. The 10hours is just like 10 days. How i hope the time flies faster for the first time in my life. I feel so torturing through out the flight, it just like a nightmare. I nearly cried because of the nervous, tension...

When i see change of crew name, and is the Top 10 people that i'm going to fly with, i nearly fainted. But, thank god, the Top 10 is not that terrible as i thought.

For the first time, i was treated that way, sometimes people is just too sarcastic. I can only be patience and keep quiet. Even though i know the apology is not sincere, i will still take it. Try to leave all the unhappy thing on the table, not to bring back home.

I feel glad that I do not need to fly the X again, alots of rumors say that they are going to remove those flights on our next month roster. How cool is that. I don't want nightstop, i don't mind. Because i don't want to work at 4pm, finish on the next day 4am, is just too fatigue for me. I love AK. I know i am so not ambitious, but that's my way...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Two more days to go, i feel so nervous. The feeling of first day flying for A320 is back again. I still got to go through it anyhow. I keep telling myself that i can make it. Yes, i can!!!

Something keep bothering about me recently. I think i should really be generous abit, let go, let go, let go!!! I know, things will turn better when the time comes. But, at this time, it bothers me so much.

Back to home is always the best thing, i always look forward for my off days. I would like to stay at home, lie on the sofa and watch tv. Thats the best thing that i really love to do besides hanging out with friends.

Control my 'nafsu', don't let my 'nafsu' controls me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maybe i already get use to it not to speak during this very tense moment. But, i will try my best to turn thing better. Perhaps after i back from work again this weekend?

Yes, i did say 'play less, spend less'. But today i spent 'some'... I tell myself i will not shop for 'tops and bottoms' again until end of the year. Sometimes, you work for so long, you really need to buy something to pamper yourself, right? But not too over la...

I receive a message from someone on Facebook, wow!!! Sometimes, is true that a simple message will lighten up your day. And, it makes me feel so much want to go back to college life again. How i wish if i can go back now and be in the same group of people again, i will definitely apply for study leave.

I have to work very hard from now, give 100% on my job, manage my finance AGAIN so that everything go smoothly.

Well...i'm still waiting for something. Alotss of things...

Monday, September 6, 2010

No Regrets

Money does matter...
Every time come to this issue, argument will occur.

I know i have to sacrifice myself in order to make someone feel more contented. Myself is nothing, but that somebody is everything for me.

Money can earn, love cannot earn. No love, money is nothing. I can only live happily with love surroundings me.

So, i determine to make that somebody feel happier in order to extend my plan.
Eat less, play less, save less...
As long as she is happy, i got no regrets.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I feel so reborn when i back to home!!! YeeeeesssssS! Everytime last day working, i always got the very excited feelings in my heart, no matter how tired i am, when i think of going back to home, i can beat the sleepiness, i feel so hyperactive right now, yohoo yohoo!!!

Yesterday something happened, i can't believe i am so brave to say out something like this. I guess working as what i am now really change me quite a bit. I think is a good thing though.

I will be going for paintball tomorrow, yohoo!!! I can't wait, chiuw chiuw chiuw chiuw~~~~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Third day working is pretty tired, especially morning flight. Got to sleep at odd hour and wake up at odd hour.

When you are the most junior one, you just got to be very humble, very very humble until i couldn't believe that's me!!! Sometimes situation really force you to do something that i really don't want. I hate fraud! Damn it!

Extra hardworking, extra humble. No matter how unhappy i am, after that flight is over, i must leave everything behind. Not to bring that to home.

Yet, there are still people 'over there' are being so nice to everyone. The spirit of them is always there which really keep myself for who i am now. I will never changed, will only change to a better one; not the bad one.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Before i off to Sepang, i would like to update something over here...

Last week, it was a great week for me, great weekdays and weekends. Not just that i back to academy but i get to know some new friends. Of course, i spent my off day really well, shopping and watch movies. The greatest thing is i get to hang out with Taekwondo mates again, this time is 12persons, wow!!! How incredible is that. Of course, not to forget Gun's birthday=) Mulians spirit is always there when come to anyone's birthday. I enjoy every single moment=)

Next month gonna be a nightmare for me... I feel so nervous. As someone said 'It will be alright'. Yes, i should think positive. Gosh, i still feel scared!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School

I feel so good to be back to the Academy. It is a completely different feeling compared to last time, i want to finish the training asap because i want to work faster. But now, i hope the time slows down so that i can enjoy the one week time in academy.

I can't imagine after that i need to work for six days, damn it!

I feel happy now, i feel excited now. Yohoo!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am so hardworking, i wash the toilet, mop the floor, clean the balcony, send the clothes to laundry.

Recently, i get really inspired by a crew, which he acted very gentleman and so hardworking. I wonder how many crew out there still can maintain this after one year working, he did. Even me, after 9months of working, i tend to be lazy sometimes. But, is him who inspired me no matter how long i work already, i must still maintain the attitude just like the first day i work.

I am really worried about something recently. Things really don't go as smooth as i think. I still got to face it, thing will come to a conclusion anyhow. I hope it turns better.

I will be back on Friday evening. Chiow...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aiyah aiyah... Don't know what to post here.

I am good; i am fine. But i really hate smokers, sux!

Off to work soon, will be flying with someone that i'd been waiting for so long, yohoo!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

If I can on9, I will blog everday. See, now here I am to blog again after work=)

I am totally knockout this time, I just feel so tired today, is only two sectors flight, but after flight, I feel exhausted and even more exhausted when walking under the hot sun to the carpark.

I thought I can go back home today after work, who knows I got duty changefor tomorrow. Well, I just got to cancel off my plan completely. Supposely to meet mum after work and hang out at night… Nvm, two more days to go, I just got to hang on!

Finally, I had finished reading the Pricess Diaries, the whole series. One word to describe the book, ‘WoW’. I had never so obessed with a book before until I can’t take my eyes off of the book, even during landing. Next one will be Wimpy Kids, I got no money to buy, so I guess I will just go to the bookstore, sit there for whole day and read. Gosh, the story of the Princess Diaries still very fresh in my mind, so ROMANTIC~~~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I feel confused for something. It suddenly attack me in the middle of the night, no one is there to help, I think of my mum, but I couldn’t tell her. I just wake up and keep myself sit still and go down stair to take a cup of milk. The inhaller is not with me and no 24hours clinic nearby, I can just do what I had learned from first aid…duh…

What I want to say is not just that, I am confuse out of sudden about my future, about the people around me. At this moment, I don’t want to conclude anything yet, life still goes on and time still ‘tik tak tic tak’. I’m doing what I like right now, stick with the plan and achieve my dream. Nothing is impossible cause the words came from ‘I M POSSIBLE’.

Gosh, I feel bored staying here, thank god I can on9. Should I say I am lucky for not getting any call up today, I think yes because I’m not in a good condition to work.

I will be back tomorrow=)

Monday, August 2, 2010

4 days off, yohoo!!! I feel so great, i was so lucky that i got no call up on the second day standby.
I'm feeling so so this week, nothing special...=)

I got to go back to work by tonight, i use to have this kind of 'unwilling to work after off day', but this time... It seems like i can get rid of the feelings, how good was that!

I will be back on Saturday night, is off day on weekends again!

Friday, July 30, 2010

If i daring enough, i want to create a website that allows the cabin crew to SHOUT!!!

I feel so dizzy to see all the passengers standing in the mid cabin, holding the camera, video cam like paparazzi,. For the first time, i told them 'No camera, please!' It was so annoying... I know i shouldn't say this, but at that moment, is really frustrated me alot. Also, for the first time, didn't smile at them when doing sales. Not just that, bad weather that cause turbulence all the way.

I got a very common question from a crew yesterday but suprising answer. She tends to misunderstand me that i am still single because i am a lesbian...@.@ Yo!!! I am 100% straight.

I not sure how long i will stay in this career but i am happy with the job right now. The only tension when go to work is you don't know who are you flying with, afraid of the crew who will bully you or what. But so far, it seems like things go very well. Working hour is unstable, working day is unstable, but all these together, it looks like very flexible=)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Short Message System

This is a very powerful system i would say...
A simple message can change something.
Even though is just a short message, i will feel is really worth more than anything. Even not to mention face to face, sometimes when it's too awkward to tell, a message will simply make the person's day.
I just feel so glad that the message was sent=)

Back to my life, i am hanging out too much recently, spending too much until out of budget. I really got to control bit from next month on wards, otherwise i hardly can survive. But, overall... I still enjoy very much. One month of full outings during my off days is already enough; more than enough. Shall continue again after a few months, but definitely not constantly.

By the way, recently...a message by someone is really ruin my day. I would advise all the people, 'Before you make a statement, please make that situation clear first before blaming on people' You might end up losing everything.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Before u off to Sepang, i would like to update about my off days.
It was really 'WOW'!!!
First of all, after 5days of morning flight, i came back on Sunday, whereby i managed to catch the world cup final with my dear friends. Hang out with a friends before the match started. It was the first time i never slept for 24hours. It was tiring but it was fun!

The next day, yohoo!!! Went to Genting with Mulians until now i just got back. Again, i fully utilize my off day.

I had enough of fun though, is time to get back to work=))

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you think you can;

; you can...

Nothing is impossible, when you think you can; you can.
I don't know what i am talking, why suddenly i post this thing, maybe i just thought of something that's impossible and now i got to say something that convince myself that's possible.

I will be moving back to Kepong soon. But yesterday, i calculated the expenses that i'm going to spend, is slightly higher compared i stay in Sepang. But the thing is i stay over there i will be very very bored. I don't know, i don't know... I'm confused right now=S

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well well well, here i am to blog again.
After three days morning flight, i already quarter dead, upcoming will be 5days morning. I gonna wake up at 3am, those we are watching world cup, the time they sleep, it gonna be the time i awake. How nice is the match on the 11th start at pm, not am...=S

Nothing much to say, i slowly get back to who i use to be last time, the cheerful and the happy one. Life still goes on. Things that need to let go, just let it go. Don't be so stubborn, hands off and you will get something in return.

I feel sleepy, tired now...=S

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I try so hard to make myself feel happy, not to think about the unhappy thing. I realize...i can but still, the results aren't satisfying.

I always tell myself to be contented for who i am and what i have, this is how i can maintain my smiling on my face all the time. After a 'great cry' on that day, i feel so much released and i do not cry anymore until now because of that 'problem'. I learn to be tough, no one can help me; only myself. Billion thanks to someone who taught me to 'put down' and make the call. I already tried my best. Even though the results is not that satisfying; at least i try and it makes that matter better. I feel tired to tell the story over and over again. Slowly, i get immune with it and i do not want to tell anymore. Only those who heard my story before, i will continue telling...

Emo blog all the way, but i am still me. I am still the happy one. Life is beautiful.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Now i realize, almost everything i do is 'ALONE', especially when i back to Sepang.
Yesterday, i was walking alone to the car park, it was a very far distance and was really a lonely midnight.

Being alone all the time (not always). It makes me become more independent. When i in trouble; or when i feel like talking to somebody, most of the time i will handle it by my own. I wish there is always a person for me to tell, but...there is no one there that i can really tell the problem word by word.

My handphone is always silent and free, it will never rang until those people really needs my help. But what to do, this is what friends for.

I will off for Langkawi for three days two night, yohoo!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lack of something

Sometimes i feel happy because i got what i want, especially a bunch of best friends. Most of the time, i feel like lack of something and that is 'Family'. Since that day i argue with her, we do not speak to each other for...few weeks. She used to wake me up and ask me to go market with her, watch movie with her, go shopping with her.... But now, all of these do not happen.

I feel happy, but i feel lack of something. Things are still not perfect.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Four days off had finally end...
It is time for me to get back to work. Just like the same feelings i had before, feel weird=P

I got enough of outings for the passed few days and also quite enough of rest and satisfactions on TV and internet.

I still feel down recently, the 'outside' me is not the 'inside' me. I'm trying so hard to get rid of this hard feelings. I believe thing will gone better as time goes by. Just that this is not the right time.

I'll be leaving soon and go back to that boring place, will be back on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally, i'm back to home... I am just invisible to her; and she is invisible to me too. I am here for my Fluffy, friends, tv and internet. I so evil, i know... But there's still alots of things 'behind the scene' that you don't know.

As long as i still invisible to her, my mood will get influence always and you will see my blog is about this matter. She's the only one that really affect me alot.

I just can say, ' Do not demand too much for your life, 'less is more'.

Sometimes things keep inside the heart, you don't need to say out by mouth, 'you can't see it, but i hope you can feel it'. I do not know when is this going to end, just let it be... I don't want to do anything. I already feel sick of it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I always got that kind of weird feeling after my off days, maybe i feel scared to step into that office, step into that house. But ermm...i will get use to it after my first day working.

I don't know what to blog, sien dao~~~

I will be back on...tuesday(hopefully, if no call up). If not, that will be tuesday midnight and i will be free for three days, yohoo!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Working keep me immune' and i tend to forget the unhappy thing. But, i can't avoid thing in this way. I always think positive, i know time can heal everything. This period just not that right time to talk. I will just do my part and keep silent.

'I am fortunate' for who i am. Even though i don't have a complete family, i do have a bunch of great friends and most importantly i do have a few who really care about me.

I'm ok, i'm alright, i will be happy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I admit i am in a so call 'emo' situation since yesterday, mainly is because of my dog. Most of the people asked me why and when i tell then, they will just said 'will be alright'. I understand that's all they can say to comfort me and they might just a dog.

I don't know why, i really care about the dog, my emotions for these few days all jumble up because of him, except during working i have to put everything aside. I don't like to stay at home because it reminds me of him so much.

and i want to tell someone who don't know how to surf the net and if you can, please read this.

Dear Mum,
You left me a note on the table yesterday when i got back home saying that i cannot be back after 12am if not you will lock the door. Don't you think this kind of action is just doesn't work on me? Do you think i am still the 12years old girl? I know you are concern about me, but...what if i work until late night 2/3am? are you going to lock me outside? If only you allow me to leave home late only when i'm working, why not when i hang out with my friends also? You have gone through your teenage life too, don't restrain me like this. Don't make me until i don't want to stay in this home and eventually i will just move out from here.

Something that you did before that really hurts me, i am so pissed of with you but still i forgive you. And you keep forcing me to do something that i don't want to do, why the hell i have to say hi and hello to that retard? I can forgive you, but not that retard. If so, i might as well don't talk to both of you.

I need some space to breath, you and me both have the problem with the job, who else doesn't have? That's why i need entertainment, not that i don't inform you when i go out, i did, but don't call me like a mad person! I hate to be restrain, i can inform you but give me a BREAKkkkkkk!!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fully Utilised

Working under a low cost career, everything is so cost conscious and the company really fully utilise you because they really need to save cost, in terms of crew meals, transportation, accommodation and most importantly flying hours and SECTORS!!! In return, you get what you deserve. That's so call...'fair and square'.

Taking extra supplements isn't enough for me, most importantly is take the meal on time. But operating short flight like this, you really got no time to eat. What to do...ended up being a weak person on that flight.

......................................... ............................................

Change topic, i seriously need to have a Internet access whenever i go, i hate going back to Sepang, i cannot on9 over there. The main reason i want to on9 is because i can keep in touch with my friend, sometimes...a small chat in msn will make things different. I so desperate for it, i'm going to get back my laptop soon soon soon soon!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I keep thinking, am i demanding too much? That's why i can't get what i want right now. But why some other people out there, they can just get it easily.

I have a positive mindset....

That's why i keep telling myself, don't always compare yourself to the good one, compare to the bad one. Not just making you feel better, will know how fortunate you are for 'who you are' right now.

But...i don't have so much positive thinking...

Somehow, i will still feel very down sometimes, that's what Mulians always call 'EMO'. Once in a while will do, i will not let myself to 'EMO' everyday.

So far...

I am satisfied enough for what i have and who i am now, i just lack of something and somebody. But anything happen outside, a 'home' is always there waiting for me, no matter how sad i am, how depressed i am, i will feel alright eventually because 'SHE' is the only one who will...
-call me all the time when i am out of home
-cook my favorite dish
-take care of me when i'm sick

Most importantly, she pampered me alot and still i am not SPOIL!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm going back to work again, this time...i have to wake up 0230 in the morning for my first flight on tomorrow. I hate waking up early in the damn morning while the sky is still dark... But no choice, this is my job.

Is going to be end of the month soon, time flies really fast....

Don't know what else to write....bye=P

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I afraid one day i will become insane because of the job. I feel so stressed and depressed after i communicate with 'them'. One day max i have to operate four sectors, each sector approx 120 pax, how much stress i can handle from them?

I have to be patience all the time, even though i get 5call buttons from the same person at the same time, keep asking for the same thing even though I said 'sold out', insist to return back to their original seat, scolded by them due to safety purpose...
Complaint by passenger right in front of your face saying you are rude because i never used the magic word, in fact... I did.
The only thing i can do is apologize, i couldn't fight back.

I tell myself, i got to think positive. Use my heart to treat them but not my 'shell', i'm trying very hard...

I want to cry, i feel so stress, this is not an easy job. It is glamour from the outside, but not the inside.

Still, i feel thankful for everything. I just got to be tough.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm having my four days off now, yohoo!!! Today is the second day. After 5days of working, all i get now is worth it...=)

I have a very bad feelings recently, i'm afraid that i will get terminated because of some mistake that i didn't realize. I'd been very very careful when every time i work, but accident do happen sometimes, nobody knows...

Handling passenger call is a easy thing but when 'one call button/ minute', this really need alot of patience to bare with it. The fire is already inside my heart, but i just can be patience. I can't scold the person who press the call button for continuously 5times.

I always tell myself, 'i got to love this job in order to stay long'. But sometimes really mentally tortured, got to be very very careful, one word can make you lose the job.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Think twice...

...before you speak.
Two days ago, first time in my life i heard something like this
'I think you should have more COURTESY'

I feel shocked, sad...etc, 'za pa lang' feelings all floated on my mind when i heard this sentence. All these are because i wrongly said a sentence 'Of course not'. Well, myself... I SWEAR i never said it in an impolite way, i said it in a playful way and most importantly i didn't mean it!!! I didn't mean to be rude to you.

'You are a junior, four months flying and you should have more courtesy to others'
Damn!!! This sentence can't stop repeating on my mind again and again.

Yea, i did learn from this lesson and this will leave a very big scratch mark on myself. I feel bad the whole day, very very bad... I wish to tell someone, but no one is there to tell.

If i can shout out here, i want to tell somebody...
'Don't be so fake and treat others like the spare one...'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I told you, i will update my blog everyday if i got the Internet access.
Now, i am still at my home sweet home for the second day.
Phew...really what a day, i really fully utilise my off day.

Early in the morning, i drove all the way back to LCCT, luckily two of the PWRC are there with me, thanks=) I went there just to renew my airport pass which took me less than 5minutes but it's very important=S We went so Sunway Pyramid after that for a walk(window shopping) and for a lunch, what else we had? Of course BBQ plaza la!!! One of our favourite!!!

The next plan was bringing Fluffy for a walk at Desa Park, i always want to bring him for a walk after his third vaccine. Surprisingly, i have YY with me=, how wonderful is that...=) Fluffy is much more energetic than the last time i brought him there. Nice to see him like this.

The next next plan which was hanging out at OU for a movie, 'Shutter Island'. Gee!!! I got no GOOD comment for this movie, except the acting skill of Leonardo smtg smtg... Half star for the movie out of five.

And here i am...blogging right now in front of the DESKTOP!!! Well, my laptop is still under maintenance, i wonder how long does it take... Awwwww

Monday, April 19, 2010

Me...don't know what to write. I'm currently on off day right now, all the feelings that i wanted to express few days ago, already gone... Phewww~~~

One thing i can say, is nice to be at home.
Flashing back, few days back... I can be consider lucky and unlucky. I still remember on the first day of working, i am sooooo unlucky to have someone very important on board to have my very first time Safety check, i...couldn't answer properly and i nearly fail. Guess what, if i fail..i will be grounded, RM500 will be burned and i got to sit for the exam. But, because i am lucky to have such a good examiner, i passed. I promise them i will study properly after that, i did study before this, but just flip through and i am really a short term memory. A day after that, i study the whole book, i cannot afford to answer the questions like that for second time. This is why i always say 'Study hard; study smart'. In order to remember, you must understand the content.

Another day i stay over there was pretty bored, staying alone in the house, watched four movies in my room, from day to night. Gosh, i hate to see myself like this. But, what else can i do over the 'damn' place?

At last, until the last day... I arrived at home before 12am. Amazing!!! Not that i speed, is because i finish work early. How nice if during that time i can chill out with friends, but i never asked...

See, i go nothing to express besides blogging about what had happened few days back. I really need my laptop and Internet access with me over there so that i still can blog while my memory is still fresh.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I very enjoy the time i stay at home, just like today, stay at the home for whole day. I will be back on Monday. Off for three days after that, i want to watch movies!!!

Got to leave now, bye tv, computer and fluffy...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's really exhausting when you get not enough of sleep and on the next day you have to fully utilise your body. Until now, i still feel dizzy and tired after two hours of nap. Still not enough.

Yesterday aircraft AOG, ended up i reach home at 4am in the morning, wake up at 9am for taekwondo competition. This is so killing me.

After a few months of driving, i really HATE something!!!!
1) Driver who are slow like turtle, keep to your LEFT, please!!! Right lane is not for you.
2) Released your brake and move when the light turns green, why are you taking your own sweet time?
3) Don't drive really slow like a turtle, you will cause jam behind!!!
4) For two wheels rider, keep to your left, don't blame people if the 4 wheels driver bang on you!!! and don't SUDDENLY sneak out of the road, you make my car got a MARK!!! Really want to shout FUCK on you!!!

I'm in a so so mood right now, off to bed and i really hate those 4wheels rider who ride their bike like 'SEN JIN BING'!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I guess the main reason i didn't update my blog for few weeks is because...i don't know how to express my feelings here even though i have a lot of things to SHOUT.

I wish i can move back to Kepong so that i don't need to stay in the terrible place, NO LIFE at all. Now, at least i am back to my 'home sweet home' even though i'm on standby for two days, i willing to rush, willing to waste for the travel fees, because i can enjoy the food by mum, tv at home and most importantly my beloved Fluffy.

I pretty enjoy working recently, 'heart wide open, think positive'. Anything that happens on board, just leave it. When people ask me how's flying so far? I will always answer 'So far so good, i have to love my job in order to stay long'.
Be yourself and don't FAKE YOURSELF!!! Because this is so disgusting!!! Yew!!!

I really want to buy myself something so badly, but...savings always come first. But soon, i will get something to pamper myself for working so hard after a few months.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally, i went out for the movie at least once in this month (if i'm not mistaken). The main reason is...i really out of budget. I'd watched 'Lovely Bones' which is a very meaningful movie. How meaningful it is, you got to find out yourself.=P

Recently, alot people keep asking me how long is my bond, am i going to work for AA forever? My answer is no, NO as in this current position for forever, i have another dream to achieve, another level to go after 1 or 1 and a half year. Is very difficult for me, but 'nothing is impossible'.

'Easy come; easy go'. I cannot tell what it is... But like the easy go, i don't like the easy come.

Time to bed...zZz....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can't believe myself being call up for flight when i am in S3. The feelings of being call up was pretty strong, but i can't believe my sixth sense is SO DAMN STRONG!!! I break my record, 30minutes to bath and get myself ready, 1hr30min to reach LCCT which is the longest time i'd never tried because of tha slow moving traffic. But coming back was a super duper smooth road where 45minutes i can reach home. Can you imagine how much different is that??? Luckily i reach office on time but late for sign on, late reason: call up for flight. The whole set of crews were being call up, me, another two crew were so blur, because we already in off day mode. Aihx...still not perfect yet.

It has been quite a while i didn't update for my blog. Few days back, i was happy working... When there's someone waiting for you after flight, that's pretty nice. It really motivates you a lotsSs.

Is time to bed...zZz...

Friday, March 19, 2010


Everyday blogging seems bored to me, once in a while... I will come out with new things and new thoughts.

Today is the third day i'm staying at home, without going out for any movie, besides 'The Curve' and lunch at somewhere, which is very nice. Sometimes, i really enjoy staying at home, lie on the sofa, watch tv or read a story book. But, cannot over-do.

After three months of flying, i did experience something different. My lifestyle change, my social life is changing too. Sometimes working on board is really happy when you get a nice set of crew, best of the best when you get to contact with them STILL, even though after end of work, that's the best part. This is where you get to know more friends. Thanks to Facebook and MSN=) and i'm really looking forward to work with them again.

Two more weeks of working and that will be end of March, time passed pretty fast. April full is coming soon...=)

p/s: i cannot on9 too often because my laptop is in ICU, don't miss me=P

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not again???!!!

My laptop is terminated once again!!! Damn it!!! I just fix it not more than 3 or 4 months. My gosh, i don't want to spend another few K to buy a new one, i like my laptop because it is 'unique'=P What the hell!!!

By the way, i had a great lunch somewhere nearby Mid valley, taste not bad, and it's cheap, environment is just nice. I should go again next time.

I still feel MOODY!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


'Everyday is a learning process'

I just can't SMILE right now, i feel so down, so upset, so moody. Why most of the time things cannot be perfect? Today is definitely not my day. I keep convincing myself try to be happy and...'learn from mistake'. Three months already, why can't i just do it perfectly.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't know what else to blog...
Two days of off days finally end... I will be going back soon. This time is a little bit weird, because i feel like working. Probably is because i want the time to pass faster. I want to see my roster for next month, i want to get my salary for last month. Yohoo!!! Can't wait man... After i'm back, will be starting the third week of the month.

Nothing to say...
I'm off...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 i am back to my sweet home. For the passed few days, my routines were all the same but i pretty enjoying it.

Yesterday was just a Kota Bharu and back flight, well.... I can just said, wasting my petrol, wasting my make up, etc... But it's ok, at least i back to home around 11pm. I picked up Fluffy from my mum's shop, i back to home, on9 and watch tv, so relaxing... I wanted to sleep around 1am or 2am, i just couldn't fall as sleep, i wake up and go into the living room with my laptop and fluffy, slowly i fall asleep...

I'm not going anywhere today because i just want to stay at home with Fluffy and enjoy myself by reading book and lying on the sofa. How relaxing is that...Muahahaha

Monday, March 8, 2010

10 more minutes i will off to work, going to Sandakan today. Well, domestics routes for these few days.

Mum called me this morning asking me how i do, so on... Guess she's the only one will call me everyday and she's the one that i will call her most of the time. Everytime she mentioned about Fluffy, i feel like going home so much. I guess Fluffy is getting addicted to my mum, but not me....=S AwwWW.....

Tomorrow will be my last day of working, yay!!! I can't wait...
Alot more stories to share tomorrow if i can get a chance to blog...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My feelings of the day...

Everytime i on9, besides facebook, blogspot, hotmail, msn, nothing else i can do. I guess for the upcoming few days, you will see me typing tired all the way. Is really tired!!!

I miss my dog so badly, miss him so so soo much!!! How nice if Fluffy is with me right now, i wouldn't be so bored.

I'd been waiting.... waiting and waiting....

Friday, March 5, 2010

First day of working, i feel so tired!!!
I feel so weird in the early morning, feel uncomfortable, maybe it's my first day of working after three days off, i got to get back my working mood.

As i always said, working keeps me busy,keeps me forget, keeps my time useful. I think slowly slowly i will start to love this job, is LOVE, not just like.

People always say i need to be more confident, okay... I will, but i still can't figure out where, when and how i lack of confident.

Haih, first time become P4 for SIN flight and i already did some silly thing. MALU dao!!! No second time.

I feel happy today because i get compliments; i feel embarrassed because i make mistake and i will not repeat it again.

Time to sleep...=P Muahahahaha

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guys, i will be back to Sepang now, will be back on tuesday midnight...=)
I'd passed this three dasy happily....
Don't know what else to say, i love you all la...hehe


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a wonderful day.
By the time i awake is already half of the day gone, that's mean i woke up in the afternoon. Lepak a while in front of computer, i lazy to shower... So i drag until quite late to bring my Fluffy for vaccination. So sorry to someone because i keep you waiting=P

The time is just fine after the injection, we headed straight to Desa Park City for flight kite session. Leave around 7pm, we balik rumah asing-asing. Last plan of the day, YC session @ Old Town.

Is time so sleep...zZz

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why am i so stupid???
This question suddenly came out of my mind while i'm driving back to kepong from lcct. I cannot be so stubborn, why am i so stupid. I should have go for it when the chance is come, nothing much i can care anymore cause i know the thing wouldn't care also.

Damn, i shouldn't have came back all the way from lcct to kepong, drivng in the late night and you still want me to send him to work tomorrow early 7am in the morning!!! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time i will come back home in the next morning. DAMN!!!!

I feel so PISSED OFF!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

So happy to be at home... Now, even happier because i have Fluffy with me. He slept with me every night and like to climb on to my bed in the middle on the night without my notice, how cute is that!!! When i forgot to give him food, he will bark and bite my finger and lead me to the dog bowl, how smart is him!!! Muahhhh..i love him much much.

Today will be my last day of working to Macau, will be back to Kepong late night, i won't feel sleepy because TWO SOYA BEAN in my car will always keep me awake, that's my secret of staying awake=P I can feel today is gonna be a good day for me, i can't wait for work, first time ever got this kind of feeling. I feel so excited now, yohoo!!!

Guys, wait for me, tomorrow let's go fly kite!!! Wednesday movie at 1u!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Once again i am back to kepong and i feel extremely sleepy right now. But Fluffly is with me, he keeps me awake and keep me happy. I miss him more than anything when i don't see him.

Working really keep me immune, i enjoy working for the passed two days. Yay...

Good night.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am still in a learning process... At this time, i would like to...

Learn not to be stubborn
Learn to be patience
Learn to be generous
Learn to love ones more
Learn to let go
how to ride a bicycle=P

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I miss you when everytime I'm out...
I worried about you when you are home alone...
I like to see you besides me when i'm awake in the middle of the night...
I like you to follow me whenever i go...
I love to see you approach me when i call your name...

O yes!!! Now i have got a dog with me, as my companion, whao!!! How great is that!!! Now i will not feel bored anymore when i am back to home, i have someone to be with me always. One of my dream finally came true.

I'd spent quite alot on him and i left one more thing to buy for him once i got my salary, muahahaha... The happiness he brings for me is money cannot buy.

Ok, back to my story...
I got to back to Sepang tomorrow for two days but i will be back on Sunday midnight. So dude, wait for me!!! Wow, i freaking love my life now...

As usual, the feeling to go back there is not that good, no Internet access, therefor no contact with outside world, especially Mulians=(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yo, here i am!!! Finally back to Kepong after four days of working. Phew!!! It was so so so tiring!!! Especially afternoon flight, myself, can't even hang on a second to do other stuff once i reach home, remove make up, change clothes, wash face, brush teeth and sleep. Yes, i don't even take a shower, so what=P

During the four days of working, it was very great, everything went smoothly, colleagues are so nice and most importantly, i get to become P2 for three days in a row, how nice was that!!! This prove they finally put their trust on me to give me such a important position. No, i am not afraid of short, long sector anymore, tans of pre booked meals for short or long sector flight, no fear!!!

On thing bad, that's really bad was i can't on9 over there, just for a few minutes only and dc after that... Damn!!! No life at all in Sepang!!! Arhhh...god save me!!!

But now, i am back... yay!!! My plan for thees four days will be....

1) movie
2) window shopping
3) fly kites
4) photography session with the DSLR holders @ KL
5) look for beh
6) metroprima for something that i'd ever dreamed of

Monday, February 15, 2010

Second day of Chinese New Year, i feel so goooOOddDDDD!!!
I nearly forgot what i'd done for the past few days. What i can still remember is one day before reunion night, i went back to Kepong for dinner with Mulians and that was my first 'lou sang' of year 2010. The dinner worth more than anything, i never regreted to drive back all the way.

On Saturday, which is the reunion night, of course i'm still working, touchdown around 2something, de-briefing in office, drag for a while... ended up i reached home around 5.30pm. Of course, my mum and brother waited for me. Nap a while...and back the place again...=.="

First day of Chinese New Year, work and back to Kepong again. I really phobia for driving. Dinner, went to PJ for 'kong ming deng' with relatives and midnight show for 'Little Big Soldier' with mum and brother at One Utama. In order to spend half an hour time over there while waiting for the movie, we order two drinks nearby the cafe besides, the drinks was so shit!!! Yet expensive!!! I will never go to that place again.

For the past few days of working, my conditions after finish work was like 'dehydrates, starved and roasted'. So thirsty, hungry and hot!!!

No matter how tired i am, family and friends are my charger!!! They recharge me whenever i see them.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am just back from Kuantan trip, no pictures with me yet. But all the pictures are nice because i have 3 DSLR owner with me during the trip. everyone is addicted with picture shooting.

It was a really really great trip, 2days 1night is just nice for me. But next time if all the Mulians can attend, we shall stay in 'Swiss Garden' hotel and enjoy the water sports and paintball. By that time, we need 4days 3 nights, haha...

We i had done during the trip... Jungle tracking on Bukit Lembing on the first day, we started around 5am and reached the top around 6am. It was very tiring when going up, especially with the staricase and scary though. We don't really manage to see the sunrise because of the cloud, but a little bit for me, still okay la...

After that, everyone is exhausted, we look for a place to stay. Not bad, the price is reasonable. Wake up, take lunch, back to sleep again and went for sefood...

At night, was the best part, went to swiss garden and took a lot of pictures and monopoly and poker card at the night. Ann i'd learnt a new game 'killer', it was so cunning but interesting. Ended up, we slept at 4am...

To be continue in Mblog=P *click the link on the right

I always happy to have anyouting with them... Mulians mulians, i really lo and ve all of you. I can't stop repeating this in my post. Haha...

Is getting late, off to bed.. Good night

Monday, February 8, 2010

Anyone miss my blog? Hahaha...=P

My laptop is back and is functioning very well with updated software, music and movie. Is worth for the pay, more than that. Thanks Fahmi!!!

I was busy working for the past few days, as usual afternoon flight, eat work sleep and work and back to the same rountines. I am actually on duty today but because of the rest hour, i request for the duty change, and hooray!!! No call up at this moment. Hopefully, no call up until end of duty hour...

It was a smooth flight for the past few days, only a few things i get complain where i really got to work on it, especially the annoucement skill. I'd seen all kind of passenger so far... i just got to bear with it, not all the human is perfect, right... Colleagues, so far are still okay, i am so lucky to get a set of good crew most of the time.

Flying for one month plus, i'd tried some of the food from Indonesia and Thailand, those food are not as tasty as malaysia's food. I still very much prefer local food.

Yesterday, i realized something very interesting, a 7 years old young boy answer a question like this when his daddy ask him:

'Boy, i just want to check whether you are my son or not.'
'You want a pretty wife or a good hearted wife?'

The boy answer
'A pretty wife'

Daddy says,

Boy says'
'Because a pretty wife i can teach her to become good hearted; a good hearted wife i cannot teach her to become pretty'

Daddy says,
'confirm my son!!!'

I was stunt to hear this story, what i'd learnt from this story, most of the guy look at the face more than inner beauty, right??? So, girls out there... Stay pretty, spend less on stuff, spend more for yourself=P

Monday, February 1, 2010

First day of working will always be the bad day for me. But this time, i manage to tell myself to think positive and be cheerful. People always said my face look childish, look scared, when they see me they know i am just new. I told them 'I am not scared, even though i look like scared!' Sound funny, right...

When then moment you look for your set of crew, look at the picture of your senior, you will think of thousand things... Hope that your senior is a very nice person to work with. The problem is always occur between crew; but not passenger. I am fortunate, so far... That's only Two or three days of flying wasn't that smooth. But i never get scold or bully by anyone before, just 'TEGUR'.

I am so not myself sometimes, but courtesy must always be there. Always think positive, save the good one; throw the bad one. Leave things behind that giant; but don't bring it back with you.

Friends and family are the one who make my life wonderful. I LOVE every single of you.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Four days back....

On the 25th,
It was a really bad day for me after all. Transport broke down, i late for sign on and i got a Crew Briefing note, FAE on board for appraisal... And i got a bad comment for OTP (On time performance). It was not my fault for the late, but it was my responsibilities. What to do? I can't change the fact already, i will do my very best to keep my record clear until the very last day i work.
P2 was angry with me, i don't know what the hell is wrong with him. But, i learnt the lesson.
The first person i called was my mum, crying on the phone like a little girl, i wanted to tell someone... But i didn't. I called yy and thanks for the chat.
After all the bad incidents, the only person to make you feel comfortable are your friends and family. Thanks=)

On the 26th, 27th and 28th...
I told myself 'today is gonna be a good day'. Things went well after all... I enjoy working, my routines are always the same 'work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep'...

On the 29th
I slept at 4am, 2 hours after i worked, i chit chatted with my housemate, talking about funny things on board. Passengers and colleagues... 'Good one we keep; the bad one we throw'

And now...
I am back to KEPONG again!!! Yohoo!!! Chinese New year is just around the corner, even though i'm working, but i feel satisfied for my roster, at least i didn't work until midnight on the important days.

Let's Rock n' Roll!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I back to the same boring place again. I will be back on Friday morning as usual.

Nice outing for yesterday and for today, it was a not bad gathering.

See you.

I love my...more than anything

I love my FRIEND more than anything...
My life enlighten by all of you, i enjoy every outing with them. Laughter, happiness are things that i cannot buy. How fortunate i am to be in that group and born in the year of snake at the particular time and day.

To someone who may concern,
Please give me some space to breath, i am already 20 year old girl and i know what time to go back home. Please don't check me like i am a criminal, i just need some entertainment. I will not stay in this house during off day if you keep on doing this to me. I had grown up and i know what is wrong or right.

I need a valid reason why you ask me to do but not him, you want to fully utilize every minute i spend here? Not even a one minute rest for me? I can't think of anyway to make myself think positive when come to this situation.

I love you and i always do. But please give me some space to breath and I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE!!! I don't like to be RESTRAINT!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yay, i back to home again. Four days of working, for me...the time is just like sekelip mata saje. Time passed really fast. I left sepang at 6am this morning, take the transport and arrived around 9am. Friends for a few months really cannot be trusted, when you ask for help, they will tell you 'DEPENDS, See how much you pay me'. Alright, now only i know what the "friend' meant to YOU!!! In another hand, my friends in Kepong will always offer me a ride even though i never asked. That's why i like to be here so much...

HmMmm...i want to say, it is very nice experience when you can fly together with your friends. I am so lucky to have this thing happen. What a great experience, i would take that as my best flight ever.

I am back, let's rock!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I miss all of you so much!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First of all, the graduation i guess those who read my blog they already know. It has passed and i feel so glad to 6 of the Mulians were there to give me support and share with me. Of course, my mum... She's the one who gives me the OHM to make this far.

The bouquet of flower is really nice=) I realized it was the biggest bouquet among the all. Haha!!! Aligatur peoples!!!

I will be meeting them up later again, yay!!! To genting, yohoo!!!

I will be back on the 16th (saturday), five days away... AwWWW

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One day working, one day standby, no call up. Quite relaxing for these few days. I came back yesterday, taking KLIA transit, it was three times expensive than the skybus. But because of i want to get home earlier, i'm willing to sacrifice. AS my housemate always said 'you will still earn back'. Back at this moment, i really PK don't know like what.

Yesterday when to Station 1 with Mgroup, at least i got something to do when i'm back to hear other than stay at home watching tv and on9. I enjoy every moment i spend with Mulians.

Going academy soon at 3pm. Will be back today. Byueeee~~~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am back!!!
Working nonstop for 4days, i slowly get use to it as long as i get 8hours of sleeping hour after work, i am fine with it.

This year, I'd passed my 2010 with Mulians, even though i am late for the part, missed out the countdown, missed out the group picture, but i am still there, yohoo!!! I can still feel the spirit of Mulians, feel the year 2010!!!

Yesterday i came back for dinner with Mulians (San, Kh, Jack, 1e). First of all, thanks to Xiao Ma Yii for inviting me for dinner. Went for movie (Old Dogs) after that, Mieng Mieng join us. It was a midnight show, yumcha after that at Spicy and reached home in the midnight.

Of course, i am so sorry for the call from my mum that you guys got to leave early.

I guess...i got to start to become a good girl instead of a 'late cat' always coming back home late whenever i am back to Kepong.

I will be going back tomorrow, my next time to come back will be on the 7th Jan evening and you guys will follow me to my graduation, right right right? Haha... And then Genting trip, yohoo!!!