Sunday, February 28, 2010

Once again i am back to kepong and i feel extremely sleepy right now. But Fluffly is with me, he keeps me awake and keep me happy. I miss him more than anything when i don't see him.

Working really keep me immune, i enjoy working for the passed two days. Yay...

Good night.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am still in a learning process... At this time, i would like to...

Learn not to be stubborn
Learn to be patience
Learn to be generous
Learn to love ones more
Learn to let go
how to ride a bicycle=P

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I miss you when everytime I'm out...
I worried about you when you are home alone...
I like to see you besides me when i'm awake in the middle of the night...
I like you to follow me whenever i go...
I love to see you approach me when i call your name...

O yes!!! Now i have got a dog with me, as my companion, whao!!! How great is that!!! Now i will not feel bored anymore when i am back to home, i have someone to be with me always. One of my dream finally came true.

I'd spent quite alot on him and i left one more thing to buy for him once i got my salary, muahahaha... The happiness he brings for me is money cannot buy.

Ok, back to my story...
I got to back to Sepang tomorrow for two days but i will be back on Sunday midnight. So dude, wait for me!!! Wow, i freaking love my life now...

As usual, the feeling to go back there is not that good, no Internet access, therefor no contact with outside world, especially Mulians=(

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yo, here i am!!! Finally back to Kepong after four days of working. Phew!!! It was so so so tiring!!! Especially afternoon flight, myself, can't even hang on a second to do other stuff once i reach home, remove make up, change clothes, wash face, brush teeth and sleep. Yes, i don't even take a shower, so what=P

During the four days of working, it was very great, everything went smoothly, colleagues are so nice and most importantly, i get to become P2 for three days in a row, how nice was that!!! This prove they finally put their trust on me to give me such a important position. No, i am not afraid of short, long sector anymore, tans of pre booked meals for short or long sector flight, no fear!!!

On thing bad, that's really bad was i can't on9 over there, just for a few minutes only and dc after that... Damn!!! No life at all in Sepang!!! Arhhh...god save me!!!

But now, i am back... yay!!! My plan for thees four days will be....

1) movie
2) window shopping
3) fly kites
4) photography session with the DSLR holders @ KL
5) look for beh
6) metroprima for something that i'd ever dreamed of

Monday, February 15, 2010

Second day of Chinese New Year, i feel so goooOOddDDDD!!!
I nearly forgot what i'd done for the past few days. What i can still remember is one day before reunion night, i went back to Kepong for dinner with Mulians and that was my first 'lou sang' of year 2010. The dinner worth more than anything, i never regreted to drive back all the way.

On Saturday, which is the reunion night, of course i'm still working, touchdown around 2something, de-briefing in office, drag for a while... ended up i reached home around 5.30pm. Of course, my mum and brother waited for me. Nap a while...and back the place again...=.="

First day of Chinese New Year, work and back to Kepong again. I really phobia for driving. Dinner, went to PJ for 'kong ming deng' with relatives and midnight show for 'Little Big Soldier' with mum and brother at One Utama. In order to spend half an hour time over there while waiting for the movie, we order two drinks nearby the cafe besides, the drinks was so shit!!! Yet expensive!!! I will never go to that place again.

For the past few days of working, my conditions after finish work was like 'dehydrates, starved and roasted'. So thirsty, hungry and hot!!!

No matter how tired i am, family and friends are my charger!!! They recharge me whenever i see them.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am just back from Kuantan trip, no pictures with me yet. But all the pictures are nice because i have 3 DSLR owner with me during the trip. everyone is addicted with picture shooting.

It was a really really great trip, 2days 1night is just nice for me. But next time if all the Mulians can attend, we shall stay in 'Swiss Garden' hotel and enjoy the water sports and paintball. By that time, we need 4days 3 nights, haha...

We i had done during the trip... Jungle tracking on Bukit Lembing on the first day, we started around 5am and reached the top around 6am. It was very tiring when going up, especially with the staricase and scary though. We don't really manage to see the sunrise because of the cloud, but a little bit for me, still okay la...

After that, everyone is exhausted, we look for a place to stay. Not bad, the price is reasonable. Wake up, take lunch, back to sleep again and went for sefood...

At night, was the best part, went to swiss garden and took a lot of pictures and monopoly and poker card at the night. Ann i'd learnt a new game 'killer', it was so cunning but interesting. Ended up, we slept at 4am...

To be continue in Mblog=P *click the link on the right

I always happy to have anyouting with them... Mulians mulians, i really lo and ve all of you. I can't stop repeating this in my post. Haha...

Is getting late, off to bed.. Good night

Monday, February 8, 2010

Anyone miss my blog? Hahaha...=P

My laptop is back and is functioning very well with updated software, music and movie. Is worth for the pay, more than that. Thanks Fahmi!!!

I was busy working for the past few days, as usual afternoon flight, eat work sleep and work and back to the same rountines. I am actually on duty today but because of the rest hour, i request for the duty change, and hooray!!! No call up at this moment. Hopefully, no call up until end of duty hour...

It was a smooth flight for the past few days, only a few things i get complain where i really got to work on it, especially the annoucement skill. I'd seen all kind of passenger so far... i just got to bear with it, not all the human is perfect, right... Colleagues, so far are still okay, i am so lucky to get a set of good crew most of the time.

Flying for one month plus, i'd tried some of the food from Indonesia and Thailand, those food are not as tasty as malaysia's food. I still very much prefer local food.

Yesterday, i realized something very interesting, a 7 years old young boy answer a question like this when his daddy ask him:

'Boy, i just want to check whether you are my son or not.'
'You want a pretty wife or a good hearted wife?'

The boy answer
'A pretty wife'

Daddy says,

Boy says'
'Because a pretty wife i can teach her to become good hearted; a good hearted wife i cannot teach her to become pretty'

Daddy says,
'confirm my son!!!'

I was stunt to hear this story, what i'd learnt from this story, most of the guy look at the face more than inner beauty, right??? So, girls out there... Stay pretty, spend less on stuff, spend more for yourself=P

Monday, February 1, 2010

First day of working will always be the bad day for me. But this time, i manage to tell myself to think positive and be cheerful. People always said my face look childish, look scared, when they see me they know i am just new. I told them 'I am not scared, even though i look like scared!' Sound funny, right...

When then moment you look for your set of crew, look at the picture of your senior, you will think of thousand things... Hope that your senior is a very nice person to work with. The problem is always occur between crew; but not passenger. I am fortunate, so far... That's only Two or three days of flying wasn't that smooth. But i never get scold or bully by anyone before, just 'TEGUR'.

I am so not myself sometimes, but courtesy must always be there. Always think positive, save the good one; throw the bad one. Leave things behind that giant; but don't bring it back with you.

Friends and family are the one who make my life wonderful. I LOVE every single of you.