Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 days in Academy

I really love to stay in academy instead of going to work.
First day in academy, refreshment of safety and first aid.
Second day in academy, tons of exams and practical exams.
Third day in academy, CRM (Crew Resource Management) and announcement.
I learn something very useful from this module, if anyone interested, i would like to introduce to you about a incident named Helios 522,

Woah, how i wish i can stay there longer. I don't mind taking exams everyday. The class consists of Flight Attendants and Pilots, god... seeing them for three days in a row, it makes my desire to achieve my dream getting stronger and stronger.

I don't want to think about anything else at this moment, i just want to concentrate in my career. Nothing else is important than that at this moment except my friends and family.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 days

What i had done for the pass five days?
Errrmmm...i enjoy pretty much!!!

Of course, in the first day on leave, i stay at home because i need to recharge my power XD
Second day, of course is one of the Mulian's birthday celebration, i drink abit, drunk abit, tipsy alot. The most happiest part is...the true or dare session la. Wah piang, xuang dao~~~

On the third day, nothing much la... Yc only but it was a really nice yc session because i get to know whats people are thinking when they are kissing, LMAO!!!

On the fourth day, yc also at two places. How...AMAZING is that!!! Eventually, i can't stop talking nonsense through out the whole night.

The last day, i went out with mum, watch a movie-RED, it was a nice show, an action movie but it's funny, LMAO!!!
And finally, i went for a hair cut, errr...i lost my curl hair a little, my fringe is shorter, But overall, i feel satisfied, at least i don't got heart attack when i see myself in the mirror which i always do.

This coming weekends is gonna be another busy weekends, i think i will enjoy my off day this time=)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love GUYS for life!!!

'Do you have a bf?'
'No, i don't have.'
'Don't lie la... Impossible'
'No, i single for many years already.'
'O no!!! Are you a lesbian?!'


O man... Nowadays a lot people thought that i am a lesbian. 'Ta nai nai de~~~~'
The conversation above always happens during my flight, they don't believe what i had said and thought that i am a lesbian, worse come to worse, they INSIST that i am a lesbian.

I had came through a very ridiculous conversation recently....
'Do you have a bf?'
'How long you never kissed already?'
'I can't remember'
.(more conversation continues)
'Are you a lesbian?'
'Of course not, i love guys for life'

Friend who knows me well, they know i am not a lesbian, they know how to pronounce my name properly. I don't blame you for misunderstanding that i am a lesbian. I just want to share with all of you here that

Friday, October 22, 2010


After working for almost one year as a cabin crew. I can say this is an easy job, the only thing difficult is 'human factor'. Working in different gravity, the fatigue level increase pretty fast. Now you know why i can sleep 12hours, sleep from the moment i back from work until next day i work.

Also, one thing i really treasure is the crew, especially when i get a nice set of crew. Even though you just work with them for one day, you can really get close to them. Is nice to see two or three persons willing to wait for you after work and walk together to the car park. Even though is just a minor thing, but it's make a big difference.

When you are out of your area, you do need friends which is close to you, willing to help you. Just like yesterday when my car tire give way, i can only call my housemate who is working at LCCT to help me out, no second thoughts, he straight away come to help me without giving excuses.

I can't live without friends, all of us need friends, no matter where we are.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I won; i lost

A day that i will never forget, if you see my facebook album, you will know everything.
The abilities that i use to have, is no longer with me. Flashing back last time when i was 17 and 18, i can still do those kicks, even is not that good... But at least i fought with my heart. I know, this time i went there is just for fun, but seeing myself being kicked and i kicked in that way, i feel so bad.

I got a medal, but i don't feel proud at all... I can only get back my fame like last time if i train consistently, be brave and if i have more stamina.

This sport is always something that i couldn't hands off. It brighten my life and brought me a bunch of good team mate. I can say, it changes my life also.

Whatever it is, I lost because of the match; i won because i gain something that money cannot buy on 17/10/10.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Don't know why i feel insecure right now. I feel anxious, don't know worry about what. Must be i emo...

I got to back to work tomorrow, thank god is afternoon flight, so that i can get more rest and hang out with Mulians=)

The sinus still with me, got to torture for another five days again. Hope it won't be so worse like the pass few days.

Upcoming working days is gonna be tough for me, FAE on board to check flight, a SFA that i don't want to fly with (i hope she is not the worse that i thought). All the best to me, things will go smoothly=)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sometimes, thoughts will just come randomly. It makes you want to do this; do that. I can't control myself from thinking those things that i don't want to, i got to convince myself that... To think positive.

I enjoy my off days, i enjoy my life. I don't want to demand too much, it will come when the time is right. Be myself. I am always the happy and cheerful girl.