Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am back!!!
Working nonstop for 4days, i slowly get use to it as long as i get 8hours of sleeping hour after work, i am fine with it.

This year, I'd passed my 2010 with Mulians, even though i am late for the part, missed out the countdown, missed out the group picture, but i am still there, yohoo!!! I can still feel the spirit of Mulians, feel the year 2010!!!

Yesterday i came back for dinner with Mulians (San, Kh, Jack, 1e). First of all, thanks to Xiao Ma Yii for inviting me for dinner. Went for movie (Old Dogs) after that, Mieng Mieng join us. It was a midnight show, yumcha after that at Spicy and reached home in the midnight.

Of course, i am so sorry for the call from my mum that you guys got to leave early.

I guess...i got to start to become a good girl instead of a 'late cat' always coming back home late whenever i am back to Kepong.

I will be going back tomorrow, my next time to come back will be on the 7th Jan evening and you guys will follow me to my graduation, right right right? Haha... And then Genting trip, yohoo!!!


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nzhaoc2pid said...

better post ur graduation on m-blog...
n congrats~~