Monday, February 22, 2010

Yo, here i am!!! Finally back to Kepong after four days of working. Phew!!! It was so so so tiring!!! Especially afternoon flight, myself, can't even hang on a second to do other stuff once i reach home, remove make up, change clothes, wash face, brush teeth and sleep. Yes, i don't even take a shower, so what=P

During the four days of working, it was very great, everything went smoothly, colleagues are so nice and most importantly, i get to become P2 for three days in a row, how nice was that!!! This prove they finally put their trust on me to give me such a important position. No, i am not afraid of short, long sector anymore, tans of pre booked meals for short or long sector flight, no fear!!!

On thing bad, that's really bad was i can't on9 over there, just for a few minutes only and dc after that... Damn!!! No life at all in Sepang!!! Arhhh...god save me!!!

But now, i am back... yay!!! My plan for thees four days will be....

1) movie
2) window shopping
3) fly kites
4) photography session with the DSLR holders @ KL
5) look for beh
6) metroprima for something that i'd ever dreamed of

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