Friday, July 30, 2010

If i daring enough, i want to create a website that allows the cabin crew to SHOUT!!!

I feel so dizzy to see all the passengers standing in the mid cabin, holding the camera, video cam like paparazzi,. For the first time, i told them 'No camera, please!' It was so annoying... I know i shouldn't say this, but at that moment, is really frustrated me alot. Also, for the first time, didn't smile at them when doing sales. Not just that, bad weather that cause turbulence all the way.

I got a very common question from a crew yesterday but suprising answer. She tends to misunderstand me that i am still single because i am a lesbian...@.@ Yo!!! I am 100% straight.

I not sure how long i will stay in this career but i am happy with the job right now. The only tension when go to work is you don't know who are you flying with, afraid of the crew who will bully you or what. But so far, it seems like things go very well. Working hour is unstable, working day is unstable, but all these together, it looks like very flexible=)