Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleeping 'Beauty'

Haha...can you imagine one person can fall asleep at anywhere, anytime? I guess you will believe when you see this. My coursemate....hahaha!!! Master Zhen! (don't wanna out his real name, i will get killed) I have been collecting his sleeping series since last year, picture taken during tutorial at staff's room, calssroom, LRT and in the van. I lost one which is at the bench of 1u, wasted!!!

To Zhen:
I hope you don't mind i for being my 'hero' in my blog...haha. I know you will be very happy=P

Friday, February 27, 2009


Today is a one day trip to Rinbum Dahan at Sg. Buloh... I took quite a few pictures, ermm...should be a lot!!!! (I will upload soon)

But the thing i want to share today is the video below, where i taken during class, after tutorial. We were asked to record down the process of working when we at home. So...i quickly took out my camer and shoot the video, of course this clip cannot be used as the process. But, for my coursemates, i very sure you will enjoy this video. Hahaha...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am addicted to T-shirt printing recently, therse are some of my collections...
For myself, my friends and some are sold via lowyat forum.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


MEOMI is Vicki Wong (Vancouver) and Michael Murphy (LA). I get to know this artists from Mr Sean when i saw his beautiful desktop wallpaper. This group is created by three illustrators Vicky, Michael and Munky who has different approach in their design.

Their works as following....

Because of limited download, thats all i can show. This is their official website

I'm late!!!

Pass 12am... Is too late to blog for ytd(24th feb).

A busy busy day for me and is my brother's birthday too.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Once in a while

I am trying my best to update my blog everyday... Is not pass 12am yet, still today=P

I in a very relax mood recently, never care too much about my projects like previously. Of course, I'm not neglecting my studies la... Just once in a while have this kind of feeling. I think is good for mental and physical=P

Went to Chandran just now, it has been a long long time i never been there. So...once in a while again, chit chat with them and laugh out loud.

So...don't feel guilty, do thing once in a while is not a bad thing.


p/s: i changed the striking 'red' to light blue as it might influence ones to misjudge my mood which is relaxing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What film did you use?

First of all, i want to apologize to some of my classmates who i think they get influenced by me. I shouldn't show you all the slide shows which cause you overlapping the pictures and get critics from Ms TY. We are not using film, we are using digital camera!!!

Sound so sarcastic when she keeps repeating over and over again and the level of guiltiness in my heart getting higher. Even Zhen also realized they get influenced by me. I'm so sorry... I hope next time i will not become a bad influential person.

Good luck people, for the upcoming project!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 days routine's my blog after the 6days business.

Back to college, finally~~~ After two weeks+one day rest, everything should back to normal again and start from zero.
The Cafeteria is so crowded with peoples. It looks like the canteen in high school...hahaha...XD

Class replacement on Wednesday and Yeow Yuan went to college together with me for T-shirt printing. Met Miss TY for tutorial and idea rejected=S So, i stay up till late night to finish up my work for next day tutorial.

A critical day for me, i went to college for tutorial at 9am and while waiting for tutor, i did my work in studio. Phew~~~she accepted my idea. After that, i have to rush like crazy and finish it for tomorrow's presentation. So...i slept at 4am.

Okay...i don't feel sleepy or tired. THANK GOD!!! I was sitting in the shutter, on my way to college, presentation start at 9am. I fall asleep and suddenly get awake by the ambulance siren, i was so blur that time. I can see is very very jam... I message my friend immediately to inform i will be late because of car accident=S And i realized it was a cycle racing. I was late for 20minutes and the door was locked... I knocked the door, luckily, i was allow to go in. THANK YOU ZHEN KUAN!!!
The outcomes... night, i went to Yeow Yuan's house to finish up the 15pcs couple tees....until 6am.

Overnight at YY's house. Suppose to go pasar pagi with mum in the morning for visual research, but...i put my phone in silent mode, so...i missed it!!! Thanks to someone(you know is you=P) who was extremly smart to call yy and wake me up. Otherwise my mum will report police, hahaha.
Slept at 2am because of someone... But ermmm....nvm...feel contented to see the things done completely.

Went training in the early morning and took some pictures for visual research. Feel refresh and energetic after sweating. We did some sparing today, i fight like shit... damn lousy.

Enjoy the videos, i took it last minutes, not too long.

That's all for this week...=D

Monday, February 9, 2009


Today is 'Chap Goh Meh', i passed happily...=)

Finally, CNY had passed and i have to get back to college tomorrow. I don't feel sad or bored or whatever... I feel indiffrent, but a bit excited to go back; to see back my two weeks no see coursemates.

Recently, i couldn't get a nice sleep, even though i sleep early everytime, will end up fall asleep around 1 or 2am. Keep thinking about my puppy(coming soon).... Haha!!! I can't wait to have a puppy.

Lastly, my main point of my blog's title, i already set my mind free from someone. 'PHEW~~~' (Beh: I made it!!!) I feel happy with my life now, appropriate workloads, good friends around me and family with me all the time=) I am contented with what i have and who i am now.

Finally, i'd like to thank everyone for being with me, going out with me during this CNY.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Flash back

Flash back to year 2007, 1st day i was heading to Batu Jong, Kelantan for National service. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too free until can day dream to flash back this memorable experience.

My recent project is studying on three different group of people, of the group I'll be doing is this. I looked back into the CD, total 3CDS, it took me three hours to finish it and i get the pictures from the video(thanks to CM for teaching me the snipping method). Surprisingly, i found my face in some of the video clips....

~tada~ Tali me!!!!!

They call this Btu Jong MCA group, pictures taken during praying time, We get a chance to go out of the camp, once a week, but limited time.

That's all for today....


Thursday, February 5, 2009


These few days...i stay at homemost of the time, but i quite enjoyed this kind of feeling=P Quite relaxing...=D
This morning i woke up early as usual and in the afternoon went out for lunch with mummy and her closed friend. We went to a vegetarian shop at kepong, that was not an ordinary restaurant, it had been interviewed by 'Ho Chak' and the environment is 'mou da deng'.
After that, we went to Carrefour to buy some groceries, mum said want to buy eggs but ended up with a lot of things...=S

I walked in to the pet shop nearby too, do a bit of survey first before i get my puppy=D My friend's dog is pregnant, so i can have the puppy....haha. one of my dream came true.... yohoo!!!

Nothing much to say already...hehe.


Monday, February 2, 2009


In day sixth of CNY, which was last Saturday, was once again became the history of 5 Mulia. We gathered again for the annual house visiting for second time. Even though it was not as many people join as previous year, we still enjoyed very much. This time I'm not going to write down whole day schedule, because most of you all know...XD

On Sunday morning, i had breakfast together with friends(someone put aeroplane) and after that went to training.

Consequently, this morning i get up with muscle pain, whole body pain... haha, but this is not the main point of my title. CONSEQUENTLY, i enjoyed very much in this 2009 CNY celebration and this week i gonna restart my mood again and get back to my heavy workloads.

Last but not least, i wish everyone has a very happy 2009 and may all of your dream come true!!!