Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip de KL 3.2

I'm backKkk!!! Went to Legend Hotel for 3 days 3 nights. I know, is KL!!! Who cares??? As long as I enjoyed with my buddies!!! Haha...

Be patience, I'm going to tell you my journey step by step...

On Tuesday, 10am we sit for the quiz. Went to McD for lunch and head to Station Kelana Jaya and take KTM to Putra and check in.

We got two rooms and 3 bedrooms, two kitchen, three toilet, everything in double, triple... I didn't know the rooms are so big and we're just 5 persons, one room stay empty and we realize there is a third toilet in our rooms when we want to go back.

After hanging around in the room, we move on to the next stop-Times Square. We bought something there. Around 6pm, we leave there and meet Iman at Kl Central.

The next day, we go to Sunway Lagoon..yohoo!!! Watch x-men too...

Last day...AwWw...=( Go home.

I lost my watch while coming out from the train in the first day, the crowd was crazy, they squeeze and squeeze, imagine i was the meat in the burger and someone is biting it, the compression... Walao!!! Smelly some more, they all like hungry people, holy shit! I should kick their ass!!! My watch...arHhhh~~~ Eventually, i bought another one at Sunway Lagoon with the exchange of my deposit.

I love you all...thanks for joining the trip=)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Above are some random pictures for today, we were celebrating 'World Graphics Day', so...the GD students have to produce some work which related to 'My Favourite....' and to be display on the white canvas wall. Yea, my works are two of the above, spot it!

Tml gonna be the quiz, arHhh...still got more than half to study. Good luck peoples!!! O yes, I'm going out tml...yeah!!! Hooray!!! Tml gonna be a very super joyful moment.

I'll be off for two days, from Tue to Wed. Will update on Thurs when I'm back.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today i plan to study 10handouts, but i was studying and watching tv at the same time. So...haha, cannot concentrate, just glance through... Just came back from Mcd, chit chat a while... gonna burn some file to a cd later and sleep...=)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ArHHh...i study one hour today and i just managed to finish two handouts in one hour time. I'm not being lazy, the thing is i did the A3 thing for World Graphics Day in the morning until afternoon, nap for a while in the evening and went to class at 7.30pm until 10pm. That's the only time i have to study. Previously, i did look through the note everyday when i was waiting for the bus, but i couldn't remember all. I have 25 more to go... two days left.

Feel sleepy right now...Oooo...(O.O)... Night.

Friday, April 24, 2009

a bit lazy...

I feel so lazy today after i reached home. I'm not in the mood to continue my second piece of artwork for Graphics Design Day. ArHhhh...damn.

But ermmm...kind of contented today, yeah!!! Complete eveything, except revision for the quiz.

Holidays is coming soon!!! Hooray hooray!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So...what's on today. ErmMM...went to college to help Iman for the title thing. So...we busy for whole day until 5.30pm i went home.

I definitely feel much much better today, time heal everything, but i cannot guarantee when i faced this problem again(which is going to be this week or the coming week), i can cope with it or not. I believe i can because MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

I spotted this dog while i was walking to a printing shop @ Uptown. It was my first time seeing this type of dog, i was once saw in TV before. OOooo~~~i want a dog so so muchhHH!!!!!

Ending picture before we dismissed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Okay...i don't really feel happy today, that thing still bothering me. But, think deeper, I live because of me, i don't live for others. Well...i shall make myself think t the bright side, I'm trying...

Today after briefing, i went to staff room with Miss Jin Chi, she asked 'how's my work going on, family and stuff, and whether i still in the scholarship or not'. It reminds me when i was in foundation and she was my tutor, i did tell her smtg about me and eventually cried in front of her. The way she comfort me and what she had told me is still in my mind now. One thing she told me today 'Keep that smile'( i will=)), i feel indescribable. She's not only as a tutor for me, but she's like a friend of mine too. Her courteous, her consideration, everything... Is so good good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I don't know why i stop here, it won't go any further... Feel so bad when I'm ignored by someone.

It had been a while i don't have this 'crying feeling', but i felt today. Maybe I should take it positively, i take this 'treatment of this somebody' as an approach for me to do better.

Anyways, i still feel so bad right now, really bad... I wish i can go further, please~~~ I will get back my determination and passion back!!! I will prove it to you. I should say for my own sake.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yohoo!!! At last I've completed the final projects. Well...i don't think I'm going to touch up any of my work, cause i really not in the mood to do so.

I wonder why on earth is there a person can just simply do work like that!!! Better don't do it if you just want to insert picture randomly like that, don't even bother to rotate the picture appropriately, put it accordingly. Darn!!!

One more archive CD left and final test. And...yohoo!!! I'm gonna make full use of this 5months break....
  1. FA course for three months
  2. Freelance (hope i can get a few offers)
  3. Internship for three months
  4. Practice illustration skills
  5. Have my own stuff to sell on
  6. Vacations!!!!
  7. Change my blog layout!!! (i'm having a hard time to make my blog look interesting.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I thought i will always keep my self updating everyday, but I'm wrong... Sometimes lazy; sometimes exhausted. That's the reasons. But promise, after this final project, i will make myself more commit=P By the way, i have another blog which is for my class, here's the link I will update both side too, *but not now la~~~*

Basically, few days back... I was just busy with final projects. Finally, the group presentation ended on Thursday, wohoo!!! Yesterday was TKD grading... Other day,nothing much, buat kerje jeh...

Wonder why I blog so early in the morning, the reason is I have extra time now before I go out at 10am. time to get myself ready.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never thought i will be absent for my blog for three days. I was thinking to blog for the past few days, but i was really not in the mood to blog and i slept after 11pm everyday. That's make me one to save more time to get more sleeping hours...haha=D

Anyways, Sunday i went training as usual. Monday no class because TY is busy, class cancel then. I was staying at home whole day to do my final project(yea~~~). Half way through, going to finish soon...hooray!!! I'm so excited to look at the outcomes, the badges and stuff...hahaha!!!

Today was the MQA meeting, class cancel but i still have to go college for group discussion and MQA. This is how Malaysia's government do thing, meeting suppose to start at 2pm, but the delay untill 3pm. I and others coursemates were waiting at there for more than an hour. And get to know they were just on their way back from lunch, after that go sembahyang. Wasting my time!!!

Huh~~~ Now, i was busying for the group presentation, after that... That will be a big released for me!!! Can't wait!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey hey...=)

I feel hyper today; happy too although my work was rejected by Ty=P Look at the bright side, i can save cost and workmanship compare to previous one, just my effort all BURNED!!! Is okayYYyy....

Anyways, talk about today... I went to MQA meeting just now, ermm... yea, i should be proud cause I'm selected, but the briefing session sound like asking us to ACT for their own sake. Maybe we can get benefits too cause our cert get approved by the LAN government. Frankly, i know nothing about the credits hours and stuff... Now i know!!! I will just answer from my heart, will not follow what they told us to do (maybe a little bit). But something i really disagree, i strongly think that 'outcomes is more important than process', but they don't think this way. Even though i answerd process is more important, it is not!!! Even i think TY will never judge our works on the process, maybe a little. I'd tried to do so many research and whatsoever, at the end... she sill still look at the outcome. So, if the MQA people ask, i will just answer, outcome and process are the same.

Bought some super cheap plain tee from DFO today, and i'm really looking forward to 28th April, yohoo~~~


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Few days back...

Okay, whats happening for the past two days. First of all, Saturday as we planned... We went to Capsquare, we meet up in MV first, hang around till 4pm and take train to Dang Wangi. Reach there, waited for quite long, from 5pm to 7pm++ for prize giving ceremony. I didn't win anything, one of my course mate did (*congrats, Iman*). Ermmm...yea, it was quite disappointed, but...I'm okay now, hahaha=) We left around 8pm, i went back with Daryl and his ehemm, thanks for supporting=D

Outside secret tent

Painting makes the tent look extraordinary.

Snapping this picture for N'ji, not about the guy, is the handmade felt key chain.

Waited at Modesto, the Magician came nearby to entertain us with his super magic tricks. Thanks=)

Jasmine, Charlene and Khai Rue.

Before we left, we saw this band singing outside the main entrance, they are in one family and the way they sing are so unique and entertaining. (Effect appear spontaneously)

Next stop, 'Bull Run Corner' at Manjalara for my Mr Chong's birthday celebration. Thank goodness, i didn't BONGKAR RAHSIA!!! If not, i really think i am so stupid! is his birthday, the exact day, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'. Went back at 11pm and sleep~~~

The love birds...XD Mr. Chong and Hooi San.

Next day (Sunday), awake at 7am and continue my work, i was in a super rush mode cause i have to show overall sketches on Monday. 10am go training, finish at 12pm and went for another birthday celebration. Come back, nap and work again...

A short video from yesterday

Flashing back, i was not in a good mood for the passed few days. But today, i am fully HEAL=) Muahahaha...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Went to 'Tai Zhi' after training for celebration. Sir belanja, wohoo~~~

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Awake at 5am today and go to 'Fu gui Shang Zhuang', a graveyard to sweep a grave. Reach there around 7am, the grave is so clean and we don't need any cleaning for it, so we just put some food and as usual do some praying stuff. Left there around 10am and arrive home at 11am.

Once i reach home, i quickly continue back my work because going back to college at 12.30pm for tutorial. My mum off today,so i asked her to let me drive alone to college and will come back around 2pm. She said okay at first but she insists to follow me to college for one time and if i satisfy her, i can drive alone next time.

Reach college at 1.10pm, i am late... Once i get down from the car, I see TY and she says 'Wah, you drive ar....' I just smiled....=S I know i am late, but i know is okay to be late, cause TY just come back from lunch. I took my own sweet time to the class and wait for TY. The tutorial was nothing much, but my last minute work get compliments from her which was out of my expectation. Now i realize, the reason i go for tutorial is to get her 'approved' for my process, only is she says OK and i can move on. She even says, 'you come all the way here just to show me THESE??? Petrol very cheap izit?' I was speechless for 3 seconds. 'YES, i am!!!' But, anyways, her advice is always useful for me and i really have to be independent in every project because when i go out to work, no one is going to guide me like that.

After tutorial, i quickly leave the class because mum is waiting outside. Next stop will be Jusco Kepong. We didn't go in because no parking. Before we i went home, we go to Watson buy some stuff.

Reach home around 4pm, clean up some stuff, bath and watch drama with mum until now... I didn't do any work today...=P

Good night.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KL Design week* Antalis

What a fabulous and wonderful day for me!!!

Today I and my course mates planned to KLCC to see the KL Design week Eco Bag installation. We met up at KLCC around 10am and we walked around to find the installation, but nothing was there and we asked the security, he said they already removed it. So...we decide to go Capsquare, this is another place where they install the Eco Bag.
Picture taken in KLCC, first time seeing a racing car
So, we took LRT to Dang Wangi and asked people around there the way to Capsquare. Walk, walk and walk, about 10minutes from station, we were so excited to see the banner of KL Design week, YEAH!!! We made it! Since it was our first time to go a place we don't know, we feel so smart to get there by our own=P Hahaha....
Walking to Capsquare
We are so smart...XD
Outside the secret tents
We walked in and we found the secret tents and we saw a lot, a lot of Eco Bag hanging up on the trees. Yes, ours design are printed on the bag too. We were so happy because we get chosen. Hahaha.... We were like hunting around the place to look for more of our design printed on the bag.
I found my one!!! ~Grow or Decay~
After that, we walked around Capsquare to see other designers work displayed in the exhibition.

I'm sure this artist took a decades to finish this, it forms by newspaper.

We went back around 12.30, headed back to college for another field trip.

After a super ice kacang under a hot and sunny day, we took cab from Kelana Jaya back to KBU. Chit chat a while in the class because of the air cond, haha....XD Went down to lobby, gather round and moved on to Antalis, a paperpoint at Shah Alam to get free sample from them. Out of our expectation, we got back a lot of nice sample, nice book, super nice!!! It was so amazing, we couldn't believe we can get so much things from there, almost everyone comes back with two FULL bags. Wow!!!

Arrived college around 4pm, quickly take out the stuff and take a look, haha... I was so excited to get so many free things, some more is all in good conditions. Of course, must thanks to Ms Tong Yin for organizing such a field trip to enlightened us=)

What a fabulous day for me, 'double happiness' came at a same time. Haha, life is so beautiful~~~