Monday, April 26, 2010

Think twice...

...before you speak.
Two days ago, first time in my life i heard something like this
'I think you should have more COURTESY'

I feel shocked, sad...etc, 'za pa lang' feelings all floated on my mind when i heard this sentence. All these are because i wrongly said a sentence 'Of course not'. Well, myself... I SWEAR i never said it in an impolite way, i said it in a playful way and most importantly i didn't mean it!!! I didn't mean to be rude to you.

'You are a junior, four months flying and you should have more courtesy to others'
Damn!!! This sentence can't stop repeating on my mind again and again.

Yea, i did learn from this lesson and this will leave a very big scratch mark on myself. I feel bad the whole day, very very bad... I wish to tell someone, but no one is there to tell.

If i can shout out here, i want to tell somebody...
'Don't be so fake and treat others like the spare one...'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I told you, i will update my blog everyday if i got the Internet access.
Now, i am still at my home sweet home for the second day.
Phew...really what a day, i really fully utilise my off day.

Early in the morning, i drove all the way back to LCCT, luckily two of the PWRC are there with me, thanks=) I went there just to renew my airport pass which took me less than 5minutes but it's very important=S We went so Sunway Pyramid after that for a walk(window shopping) and for a lunch, what else we had? Of course BBQ plaza la!!! One of our favourite!!!

The next plan was bringing Fluffy for a walk at Desa Park, i always want to bring him for a walk after his third vaccine. Surprisingly, i have YY with me=, how wonderful is that...=) Fluffy is much more energetic than the last time i brought him there. Nice to see him like this.

The next next plan which was hanging out at OU for a movie, 'Shutter Island'. Gee!!! I got no GOOD comment for this movie, except the acting skill of Leonardo smtg smtg... Half star for the movie out of five.

And here i am...blogging right now in front of the DESKTOP!!! Well, my laptop is still under maintenance, i wonder how long does it take... Awwwww

Monday, April 19, 2010

Me...don't know what to write. I'm currently on off day right now, all the feelings that i wanted to express few days ago, already gone... Phewww~~~

One thing i can say, is nice to be at home.
Flashing back, few days back... I can be consider lucky and unlucky. I still remember on the first day of working, i am sooooo unlucky to have someone very important on board to have my very first time Safety check, i...couldn't answer properly and i nearly fail. Guess what, if i fail..i will be grounded, RM500 will be burned and i got to sit for the exam. But, because i am lucky to have such a good examiner, i passed. I promise them i will study properly after that, i did study before this, but just flip through and i am really a short term memory. A day after that, i study the whole book, i cannot afford to answer the questions like that for second time. This is why i always say 'Study hard; study smart'. In order to remember, you must understand the content.

Another day i stay over there was pretty bored, staying alone in the house, watched four movies in my room, from day to night. Gosh, i hate to see myself like this. But, what else can i do over the 'damn' place?

At last, until the last day... I arrived at home before 12am. Amazing!!! Not that i speed, is because i finish work early. How nice if during that time i can chill out with friends, but i never asked...

See, i go nothing to express besides blogging about what had happened few days back. I really need my laptop and Internet access with me over there so that i still can blog while my memory is still fresh.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I very enjoy the time i stay at home, just like today, stay at the home for whole day. I will be back on Monday. Off for three days after that, i want to watch movies!!!

Got to leave now, bye tv, computer and fluffy...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's really exhausting when you get not enough of sleep and on the next day you have to fully utilise your body. Until now, i still feel dizzy and tired after two hours of nap. Still not enough.

Yesterday aircraft AOG, ended up i reach home at 4am in the morning, wake up at 9am for taekwondo competition. This is so killing me.

After a few months of driving, i really HATE something!!!!
1) Driver who are slow like turtle, keep to your LEFT, please!!! Right lane is not for you.
2) Released your brake and move when the light turns green, why are you taking your own sweet time?
3) Don't drive really slow like a turtle, you will cause jam behind!!!
4) For two wheels rider, keep to your left, don't blame people if the 4 wheels driver bang on you!!! and don't SUDDENLY sneak out of the road, you make my car got a MARK!!! Really want to shout FUCK on you!!!

I'm in a so so mood right now, off to bed and i really hate those 4wheels rider who ride their bike like 'SEN JIN BING'!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I guess the main reason i didn't update my blog for few weeks is because...i don't know how to express my feelings here even though i have a lot of things to SHOUT.

I wish i can move back to Kepong so that i don't need to stay in the terrible place, NO LIFE at all. Now, at least i am back to my 'home sweet home' even though i'm on standby for two days, i willing to rush, willing to waste for the travel fees, because i can enjoy the food by mum, tv at home and most importantly my beloved Fluffy.

I pretty enjoy working recently, 'heart wide open, think positive'. Anything that happens on board, just leave it. When people ask me how's flying so far? I will always answer 'So far so good, i have to love my job in order to stay long'.
Be yourself and don't FAKE YOURSELF!!! Because this is so disgusting!!! Yew!!!

I really want to buy myself something so badly, but...savings always come first. But soon, i will get something to pamper myself for working so hard after a few months.