Friday, January 29, 2010

Four days back....

On the 25th,
It was a really bad day for me after all. Transport broke down, i late for sign on and i got a Crew Briefing note, FAE on board for appraisal... And i got a bad comment for OTP (On time performance). It was not my fault for the late, but it was my responsibilities. What to do? I can't change the fact already, i will do my very best to keep my record clear until the very last day i work.
P2 was angry with me, i don't know what the hell is wrong with him. But, i learnt the lesson.
The first person i called was my mum, crying on the phone like a little girl, i wanted to tell someone... But i didn't. I called yy and thanks for the chat.
After all the bad incidents, the only person to make you feel comfortable are your friends and family. Thanks=)

On the 26th, 27th and 28th...
I told myself 'today is gonna be a good day'. Things went well after all... I enjoy working, my routines are always the same 'work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep'...

On the 29th
I slept at 4am, 2 hours after i worked, i chit chatted with my housemate, talking about funny things on board. Passengers and colleagues... 'Good one we keep; the bad one we throw'

And now...
I am back to KEPONG again!!! Yohoo!!! Chinese New year is just around the corner, even though i'm working, but i feel satisfied for my roster, at least i didn't work until midnight on the important days.

Let's Rock n' Roll!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I back to the same boring place again. I will be back on Friday morning as usual.

Nice outing for yesterday and for today, it was a not bad gathering.

See you.

I love my...more than anything

I love my FRIEND more than anything...
My life enlighten by all of you, i enjoy every outing with them. Laughter, happiness are things that i cannot buy. How fortunate i am to be in that group and born in the year of snake at the particular time and day.

To someone who may concern,
Please give me some space to breath, i am already 20 year old girl and i know what time to go back home. Please don't check me like i am a criminal, i just need some entertainment. I will not stay in this house during off day if you keep on doing this to me. I had grown up and i know what is wrong or right.

I need a valid reason why you ask me to do but not him, you want to fully utilize every minute i spend here? Not even a one minute rest for me? I can't think of anyway to make myself think positive when come to this situation.

I love you and i always do. But please give me some space to breath and I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE!!! I don't like to be RESTRAINT!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Yay, i back to home again. Four days of working, for me...the time is just like sekelip mata saje. Time passed really fast. I left sepang at 6am this morning, take the transport and arrived around 9am. Friends for a few months really cannot be trusted, when you ask for help, they will tell you 'DEPENDS, See how much you pay me'. Alright, now only i know what the "friend' meant to YOU!!! In another hand, my friends in Kepong will always offer me a ride even though i never asked. That's why i like to be here so much...

HmMmm...i want to say, it is very nice experience when you can fly together with your friends. I am so lucky to have this thing happen. What a great experience, i would take that as my best flight ever.

I am back, let's rock!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I miss all of you so much!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First of all, the graduation i guess those who read my blog they already know. It has passed and i feel so glad to 6 of the Mulians were there to give me support and share with me. Of course, my mum... She's the one who gives me the OHM to make this far.

The bouquet of flower is really nice=) I realized it was the biggest bouquet among the all. Haha!!! Aligatur peoples!!!

I will be meeting them up later again, yay!!! To genting, yohoo!!!

I will be back on the 16th (saturday), five days away... AwWWW

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One day working, one day standby, no call up. Quite relaxing for these few days. I came back yesterday, taking KLIA transit, it was three times expensive than the skybus. But because of i want to get home earlier, i'm willing to sacrifice. AS my housemate always said 'you will still earn back'. Back at this moment, i really PK don't know like what.

Yesterday when to Station 1 with Mgroup, at least i got something to do when i'm back to hear other than stay at home watching tv and on9. I enjoy every moment i spend with Mulians.

Going academy soon at 3pm. Will be back today. Byueeee~~~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am back!!!
Working nonstop for 4days, i slowly get use to it as long as i get 8hours of sleeping hour after work, i am fine with it.

This year, I'd passed my 2010 with Mulians, even though i am late for the part, missed out the countdown, missed out the group picture, but i am still there, yohoo!!! I can still feel the spirit of Mulians, feel the year 2010!!!

Yesterday i came back for dinner with Mulians (San, Kh, Jack, 1e). First of all, thanks to Xiao Ma Yii for inviting me for dinner. Went for movie (Old Dogs) after that, Mieng Mieng join us. It was a midnight show, yumcha after that at Spicy and reached home in the midnight.

Of course, i am so sorry for the call from my mum that you guys got to leave early.

I guess...i got to start to become a good girl instead of a 'late cat' always coming back home late whenever i am back to Kepong.

I will be going back tomorrow, my next time to come back will be on the 7th Jan evening and you guys will follow me to my graduation, right right right? Haha... And then Genting trip, yohoo!!!