Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want my dream to come true so badly... How good i f i can achieve it. I will work super hard on it in order to achieve it.

I don't know what else can i write here, everyday is the same routine. I'm don't want to express my personal feelings over here. Because is privateeeee~~~ =)

I'm doing fine, i'm doing great. I'm enjoying my life now and i work very hard everyday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I feel so great because i back to AK again. I feel so happy. Even though is small, but i feel better. Sometimes, you don't need extravagant things or being glamor just because you fly D7, got night stop, duh??? Not everyone likes it, especially me. I hate D7. Work at odd hours; sleep at odd hours.

Few days ago, i get a golden opportunity to sit in the cockpit, the co-pilot seat and the captain seat. Wow!!! Not only that, i get to control the aircraft, of course, instructed by the captain and i did the triple chime for landing. Yohoo!!! Once in my life time, i get a chance to do something so...GREAT!!! It burns up my flame more and more, i was advise by the Captain to see someone. Hopefully, my dream can come true... I'm looking forward to it=)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I made it!

I can't believe i had gone through that. The 10hours is just like 10 days. How i hope the time flies faster for the first time in my life. I feel so torturing through out the flight, it just like a nightmare. I nearly cried because of the nervous, tension...

When i see change of crew name, and is the Top 10 people that i'm going to fly with, i nearly fainted. But, thank god, the Top 10 is not that terrible as i thought.

For the first time, i was treated that way, sometimes people is just too sarcastic. I can only be patience and keep quiet. Even though i know the apology is not sincere, i will still take it. Try to leave all the unhappy thing on the table, not to bring back home.

I feel glad that I do not need to fly the X again, alots of rumors say that they are going to remove those flights on our next month roster. How cool is that. I don't want nightstop, i don't mind. Because i don't want to work at 4pm, finish on the next day 4am, is just too fatigue for me. I love AK. I know i am so not ambitious, but that's my way...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Two more days to go, i feel so nervous. The feeling of first day flying for A320 is back again. I still got to go through it anyhow. I keep telling myself that i can make it. Yes, i can!!!

Something keep bothering about me recently. I think i should really be generous abit, let go, let go, let go!!! I know, things will turn better when the time comes. But, at this time, it bothers me so much.

Back to home is always the best thing, i always look forward for my off days. I would like to stay at home, lie on the sofa and watch tv. Thats the best thing that i really love to do besides hanging out with friends.

Control my 'nafsu', don't let my 'nafsu' controls me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maybe i already get use to it not to speak during this very tense moment. But, i will try my best to turn thing better. Perhaps after i back from work again this weekend?

Yes, i did say 'play less, spend less'. But today i spent 'some'... I tell myself i will not shop for 'tops and bottoms' again until end of the year. Sometimes, you work for so long, you really need to buy something to pamper yourself, right? But not too over la...

I receive a message from someone on Facebook, wow!!! Sometimes, is true that a simple message will lighten up your day. And, it makes me feel so much want to go back to college life again. How i wish if i can go back now and be in the same group of people again, i will definitely apply for study leave.

I have to work very hard from now, give 100% on my job, manage my finance AGAIN so that everything go smoothly.

Well...i'm still waiting for something. Alotss of things...

Monday, September 6, 2010

No Regrets

Money does matter...
Every time come to this issue, argument will occur.

I know i have to sacrifice myself in order to make someone feel more contented. Myself is nothing, but that somebody is everything for me.

Money can earn, love cannot earn. No love, money is nothing. I can only live happily with love surroundings me.

So, i determine to make that somebody feel happier in order to extend my plan.
Eat less, play less, save less...
As long as she is happy, i got no regrets.