Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting nearer

Few days i keep myself busy with works, nonstop and tiring... Today...(sunday), i skipped FA course because of...ya, you know why. I really in a bad mood now, no one makes me angry but just feeling super EMO(as Mulians always say).

What happen is... When i was working and cropping those stupid light picture from the photo, i feel like crying, stupid picture, so many details at the back, i spent more than an hour to get the object out from the picture. I know i shouldn't complain about my job, is de only place for me to express my anger and unhappiness. Left office earlier because of a party and got to bring back work to home and go back to office early tomorrow as this is my responsibilities to complete the workloads.

Bad mood all the way from the time i left office until now... 14th of July, i don't want her to leave so fast... i just don't know what to say here, sad+disappoint.

FRIENDSHIP is something that i cannot live without...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First day OT until 8pm, ermm..still boleh tahan la. When i was doing work in the morning, i kept thinking about the lunch time, which is 2pm, because Dear Mulians will be coming to Metroprima and had lunch together with me, just a few persons came, but it is more than enough to release my stress when i talk to them. (wink wink)

ErRr...kind of 'rojak' right now, do not know how i feel... Ermm...should be happy, because nothing bad happen today. Wow...after this week, i get one week off miannn!!! Sounds great!!! I'm sure i can hang out with my sisters and mum for next week. AwWW...i just remembered i have something that haven't settled, my fees for FA course...=S

Is time to bed...Good night....=)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tiring lo~~~

Today no OT, don't know why... I scared they thinki can't handletoo much work and not asking me to stayback, ask other the other part timer to stayback... Where this happened yesterday.

Aiyooo~~~todayi feel so bad la... Did wrong thing, T.T I promise this will not happen agai, sorry sorry~~~

I went training today, train basic, practice all the Taeguek, just basic and i already sweating like hell... And my waist, my hand all muscle pain. Pain!!!!!! Two more weeks to go....

Ga yao ga yao....

Don't know what to write, chatting in Skype, very fun....

Monday, June 22, 2009

No OT today, thank goodness.

Recently, i get tired easily even though i sleep 8hours a day. I just don't know why... Some kind of symptoms or what??? Think too much...

I'm still thinking about yesterday's incident, just cannot get rid of it. Thanks to someone who talk something good to me yesterday and text me a simple message.

Faster faster, cheer up!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

You are not a MIGHTY!!!

Today is a really bad day for me!!! I hate it!!! I pay extra RM2.10 for the stupid monorail ticket cause i use the wrong ticket to pass. Is too complicated to explain here. Damn!!! So useless, why can't they just do 'return' in a ticket instead of two???!!! Stupid Indian girl still argue with me, no customer service!!! Lousy people!!!

Another thing... I hate someone who think he/she is so super, so mighty!!! Said things that hurt someone feelings, can't this person think twice before he/she scold us??? Why shall we respect a person who is not respecting us??? Damn you!!! You think you are so mighty, so super??? Yea, maybe you got the power, but please do not simply just scold me like that!!! I will prove to you i still can make it no matter what!!! For me, you are not mighty!!! I already set my target and i'm sure i will reach the goal!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


That'r right, marathon!!! Not a competition but is about today-MARATHON routines!!!

5.30am-awake and jogged for 6 laps at Manjalara park with 'Little monsters', thanks to sook Ann for the ride.

7.30am-went home and get ready for next TKD class at Balai

8.00 to 9.30am-training

10.00-went to work, thanks to ZP for the ride, i know right... I have to contribute something to you, so devil weihHhh~~`

11.30-went home and get ready to FA class

12.00 to 6pm-having class at inter excel

7.00pm-finally at home and get ready for 8pm tkd class.

Damn!!! I need a break, i will go to bed immediately once i back from class. No outing today, no no no!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Not much to talk about today lar... Quite...ermmm...don't know how to say. Nothing to post...=P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Day

Wohoo~~~ Finally Thursday, i can stay at home, 'sit back and relax'. Feel so good....yohoo!!!
Not much to talk about today, let's talk about yesterday!!! Which is my mum's 53years old birthday celebration. I invite some of my friends where my mum knows them to this party. First of all, must not forget to thank those two very GENTLEMAN who waited for me and help my mum to clean up when everything is done. Big big thanks...

Nah...Ng Zheng Hao, here's my credit to you...So expert in washing the plate...haha!!! Got one more person, haha...sorry, you keep staying away from the camera, but i thank you faithfully from my heart=)

Thanks brothers, really brother=) But i am your jie mooi...haha.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 date late again, i want to keep my blog update everyday, but...always fail to do so.
Not long ago, i had a girls talk session with beh, so fun to have a chit chat with her, marathon for two hours. And we're doing predictions of all the Mulians for their future. Some are good, some are normal... I want o post in M-blog, but scared to offence them...=P

So yesterday went for training, Ann finally join back and went to Chanrdan after that. Never thought we can have so much laughter while chatting with those 'little monsters'. Left around 11pm as i already feel tired and start yawning, being quite all the because of my hp no battery, just that I'm feeling tired...okay???

Haha..that's about it..bye

Monday, June 15, 2009

What do i need now??? I need one day rest, sleep whole day from day to night. I slept before 12am ytd, i know is really early for some of you, but most of you know, i must sleep before 11pm. So...i do not get enough sleep until now, even when i come to work today, my colleague see me yawning and said my dark circle is very big, @.@. Why har??? I sleep early compare to others, but why i can be so tiring when i sleep after 12am??? I guess if i can only work and sleep, i will not be so tired. But i'm not complaining about my lifestyle now, i quite contented with it, at lest...I'm doing what i like and what i want.

July is coming soon...i wish September come fast but not July, sounds confusing??? Because two of my best friends are leaving... I just can't stop thinking about this over and over again. Two year, two years!!! I know is not long; but is not short too... Hope we can still keep each other in touch, email each other always, Skype at least once a month lar...

I'm getting more passion into TKD recently... I do wish i can have training everyday no matter how tired i am, but i only have two trianing a week. I will not do any self-training because i love to train in a group.

Gosh!!! MR. Hillary talked about my hair again!!! Who cut your hair??? Why they cut like this??? Where do you get your haircut??? I really want to give you a UPSR uniform, you look like a Xiao Mei Mei.... ARhHh...i know i know, MR.Hillary!!! What to do....i do not have the power to predict the future, how am i suppose to know they will cut my hair that short and like mushroom(as qiqi said). Actually...i'm quite satisfied with my harircut...but i know its just not suitable for going to an Airline interview because they are looking for mature ppl. Wait...give me sometime, i'm trying to make myself look mature...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Sunday!!!

It had been a few days since i last updated... I got no idea why the time pass so fast. ErmMm...Friday went to OU with Mulians for movie, errr....the star upon five. Sorry dudes, i do not know why the movie so boring....=S Went to Wong Kok for dinner, i didn't eat because i just taken an ice-cream after work. Mulians moved on to Chandran for second session, i couldn't join cause i got to wake up early next day.

Here come to Saturday, a day where i represent KBU in athletics event at Stadium MSN(Majlis Sukan Negara), not the MSN you guys are using...lame~~~ I must notforget to mentioned someone here which is JH for waking up early at 6am in the morning and sent me to college, accompany me for almost half an hour in front of KBU before i depart from there. THANK YOU very much brother!!! I left earlier after my 800m run because my legs are cramed, i couldn't continue for 1500m. I sportmanship, right??? But...i really cannot continue the running. So...i asked the team manager to send me to nearest Putra Line so thati can go to KL Plaze for the FA course.
Everything ended up worse on Saturday, my phone no battery and i couldn't contact anyone to pick me up from station when i came back from KL Plaza and that time i was late to TKD class. I used the public phone to call my mum but i got into voicemail. So i contact my brother to send the message to my mum and my mum came at 8pm which i already very very late to the class... I feel so alone that time, standing one can borrow me a phone and i don't know who to ask for help... yalar...i cried a bit lar...cause TENSION ma...!!!
Things turn better after i finished TKD class and recharged my battery and my hp message alert nonstop ringing... Now i know, i can't live without a phone=S Yea...joined Mulains for YC at Chandran after that, i left at 11.30pm, sorry lar...i know i just went there for a while, but i was exhausted.
What's in my mind now is...'I MUST WORK REALLY HARD' to achieve my aim. Of course, i don't want myself to be so stress out too, as my hair...arhHh...drop all over the floor. So pathetic!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting deeper... Seems like things are going to come to a full stop. I got my salary today, but is quite disappointed to see the little amount, get scold from mum for getting such a salary... Yea, i did learn smtg from the job, but is quite stressful though. I don't know i shall continue or not, three more months to go... I will think properly before i make the decision. As usual, nightmare is always there when come to the end of the month. No dare to think a bout it... i mentioned, i went to a competition. I achieve something quite disappointed. But i earn something, which is FRIENDSHIP, thanks for the BROTHERS who went there to support me.

It is a big big shame that i lost without finishing the fight, the scene is still fresh in my mind, it flash back every minute, every hour... looking back to the video over and over again... No matter what, i must train hard, i must achieve my aim!!!

I don't know what to blog here, my mood get affected by someone, 'sometwo' i shall said. I hate those people who EMO easily and showing their face right in front of me, what the hell man!!! Go back lar if no mood. Shit you!!!

ArHhh....take a deep breath and exhale all the bad things out!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 update for a few days, feel so uneasy and therefore... I use my working hour time to blog=P

Yea...Sunday as usual, went to training in the morning and class in the afternoon. I went there with my new hairstyle, comfirm kena critic kau kau... I know la...majority said not nice, but minority said its okay...=) First of all, the big thing about Sunday is... Mr. Hillary, the principle of Inter Excel talked to me... He called me 'Xiao Mei Mei', damn it!!! I have to be more mature in order to go airlines interview. So...i'm not ready for the coming Air Asia interview yet. I planned to go actually...but ermmm...I"M NOT READY. So...Mr. Hillary treated me and two of my classmates a dinner near by KL Plaza, along the road there, i forgot the restaurant's name. Anyhow...he is a nice person to mix with, but...i still scared to talk to him.

Monday, back to work with the new hairstyle. Again, facing the people who see me first time in the short hair, they will et suprised...=S While i was waiting for mum, i went to Jusco to buy an ice-cream. After i finished, get a call from SK saying i have to go a Weight In session tomorrow. Damn it...i'm not in weight. So...i went for jogging at 8pm, kinda scary because it is too dark... When home, send brotehr home and moved on to 'Chui Sui Ba' for beer session. Pretty tired, but is worth it because i get a change to see my dearest buddies. Thanks to Daryl first of all=)

Tuesday, send brother to work and pick up Jing for jogging session at Manjalara Park. About 5 laps...i already exhausted, hungry since yesterday...=S After that meet up at balai by 10am and moved on to Stadium Badminton Cheras for weight in session. I'm not in weight, one more kg to lose... So, together with Hong Hwang, with jog around the stadium for about half an hour... but then!!! Sir David came by and said my weight category is from 47-51kg, where i do not need to lose any weight. ArhHhh...damn it.... Why the 'someone' will not tell me earlier???!!! ^$#@#@*
Okay..whatever... i'nmin Fly weight and got a free t-shirt from them. Went back to Kepong with Public transport cause no one is there to send us home...

So...tomorrow is the big day for me...arhHh...nervous!!!

Got to go....i'm late....Babai!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

read, you are tagged!!!

Got tagged by Xiao Ma Yi and Shuxin,

1)Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ? Cheek

2. How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ? Still feeling lonely because i have not get use to it since i came back from A Famosa.

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ? Beh Beh (After we got our haircut at Bianco)

4. Would you consider yourself SPOILED ? NO!!! Because no one is pampering me...haha.

5. Will you ever donate BLOOD ? Definetely!!! I had donated three times=)

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ? Nope

7. Do you want someone to be DEAD ? YES!!! Those we raped the girls!!!

8. What does your last text message SAY ROGER

9. What are you thinking about right NOW ? Flashing back the scenes...(A Famosa)

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ? Yes, i need Mulians=)

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ? 1.45am (went for movie before that)

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ? FOC, from my mum...she doesn't want to wear, she gave it to me.

13. Is someone on your mind right NOW ? Yes! Mulians!

14. Who was the last person who text YOU H.Q

Now, the next 10 person to be tagged are

1.Beh Beh 2.YY 3.Daryl 4.Zheng Hao 5.Charlene 6.Iman 7. 7.Krystal 8.SookAnn 9. N'ji 10. Julian

15. Who is no.2(YY) having a relationship WITH ? I know and all of you know, DBSK!!!

16. Is no.3(Daryl) a male or a FEMALE ? His GARAU's voice, definetly prove he is a MALE.

17. If no.7(Krystal) and no.1(Beh Beh) get TOGETHER , would it be a good? It sounds weird...=S

18. What is no.1(Beh Beh) studying?
Actuarial science

19. When was the last time you chatted with THEM? Most of them are yesterday and today=)

20. IS no.4(Zheng Hao) SINGLE ? Of course la, no one wants him.

21. Say something about no.2(YY). Busy Bee

22. What do you think about no.3(Daryl) & no.6(Iman) being TOGETHER ? AwWW...that will be sweet....haha. Both speak Ensligh, i think they can have a good future, Iman, i will intro my friend to you one day...=P

23. Describe no.9(N'ji). She has a very unique way of thinking and she will not forget who ever treated her good before, a great appreciation in her heart towards people.

24.What will you do if no.6(Iman) and no.7(Krystal) FIGHT? I will not help them...haha. I mean i don't want to get into trouble...=P

25 . Do you like no.8(Sook ANn)? Yes, i love her as much as she does=)


I just can't stop thinking about the trip again and again; viewving back our MGroup blog again and again. Is a gift by god to have us together. The chain of Mulians are UNBREAKABLE. I love everyone of you very much... I wish we will have a chance to gather once again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hold tight!!!

I just came back from A Famosa, a unforgettable class trip. A lot things to tell. shorten it, i feel touched and thankful. It has been so many years we know each other and we can still keep in touch until now; relationship between each other is getting better and better.

One group; one heart=)

p/s:will update more once i got the pictures

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Must Watch!!!

While i am still in A famosa, i shceduled this to blog on today, enjoy the show, recorded two weeks ago. See how energetic are them... Naughty but adorable=) WeeEEEEeee~~~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


On my way to A famosa.... WeEeeeeee....


Monday, June 1, 2009

i know you want to know i am back to blog!!! I know you want to know what i had gone through in these few days,rigghhhttt??? First of all...i want to say i am FreEEeeeeeeeee now!!! Just for this week, haha..feel so good.

Okay,, by the time i reach home i am half dead... class+dinner(invited by Beh Beh @Federal Hotel). She told her friend 'zhe shi wo LING WAI dai lai de'... Speechless...=.=" But i enjoy going out with my Jie Mooi=) No matter how tiring i am, when i see them, my battery level is Full...hahaha...=D

The Crowd...
The food...Er...=S
Yy...such a photogenic
This is what we always used to do in the T.O.I.L.E.T
My phone lose function, don't know why, the pictures taken are not nice, but at least my full face is shown, except YY=P

Chiang chiang chiang... Sunday i skip FA class because i have something 'important' to do at Sg, Wang. It was all out of my expectation, i got into Semi Final in the 'Shang Ban Zhu' competition organized by Smart Info magazine. How all these happend...ermm...i went to the audition few weeks ago, after i finished class at KL Plaza, i and my friends saw a road show outside Sg.Wang... So, go sampat, see see and play play... i am... But i am not selected into final. All the contestants are pretty girls, speak so well, good body shape. How am i going to beat them. My mum accompany me all the way from the beginning until end, THANK YOU!!! It was a good experience though=)

Putting on super thick make up on my face, i can't recognize myself when i see myself in the mirror. I don't like the make up=S


All the 11 contestants, i failed the mission but i got a hamper...yohoo!!!

I will off to A Famosa tomorrow and will be coming back on Thurs... Babai~~~