Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I guess the main reason i didn't update my blog for few weeks is because...i don't know how to express my feelings here even though i have a lot of things to SHOUT.

I wish i can move back to Kepong so that i don't need to stay in the terrible place, NO LIFE at all. Now, at least i am back to my 'home sweet home' even though i'm on standby for two days, i willing to rush, willing to waste for the travel fees, because i can enjoy the food by mum, tv at home and most importantly my beloved Fluffy.

I pretty enjoy working recently, 'heart wide open, think positive'. Anything that happens on board, just leave it. When people ask me how's flying so far? I will always answer 'So far so good, i have to love my job in order to stay long'.
Be yourself and don't FAKE YOURSELF!!! Because this is so disgusting!!! Yew!!!

I really want to buy myself something so badly, but...savings always come first. But soon, i will get something to pamper myself for working so hard after a few months.

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