Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's really exhausting when you get not enough of sleep and on the next day you have to fully utilise your body. Until now, i still feel dizzy and tired after two hours of nap. Still not enough.

Yesterday aircraft AOG, ended up i reach home at 4am in the morning, wake up at 9am for taekwondo competition. This is so killing me.

After a few months of driving, i really HATE something!!!!
1) Driver who are slow like turtle, keep to your LEFT, please!!! Right lane is not for you.
2) Released your brake and move when the light turns green, why are you taking your own sweet time?
3) Don't drive really slow like a turtle, you will cause jam behind!!!
4) For two wheels rider, keep to your left, don't blame people if the 4 wheels driver bang on you!!! and don't SUDDENLY sneak out of the road, you make my car got a MARK!!! Really want to shout FUCK on you!!!

I'm in a so so mood right now, off to bed and i really hate those 4wheels rider who ride their bike like 'SEN JIN BING'!!!


Ah Eng ~ said...

so , the law should set a minimum speed on the road right ? haha

leeahkit said...

Safety frist. No need to be so rush.

1. Drivers who slow like turtle, sometimes they also don't want to stay at the right lane, because there is a turtle slower than them at the left side. Unless you can cut them using left lane, this is what I will do usually but not recommended.

2. Bear with them at the traffic light. Not everyone is in tension mode.

3. They are not purposely slow like a turtle. They have to consider about the capability of the car. But why are they blocking you? Refer to no.1.

4. Two wheels rider is the pitiest road user on the road. No special road for them, always burned by sun, wash by rain. Just because they have no enough money to buy a car. Bear with them.

No offense. Drive slower can let us think wider. Because sometimes I also consider as a turtle on road too.

Priscillia said...

To Ho Eng: You are right, but if on the highway, don't use the fast lane, this is what i think.

To Khan Jack: Well, little ant, i'm not offencing on anyone who's drive slow too, just when it's in highway, use the middle lane, this is what the three lane for. I;m not blaming for those who drive slow.
I 100% undErstand those motorcycle rider, but what i want to say is before you want to change the lane, please take a look behind you whether there's a car or not. Just like we change the lane, we do look at the side mirror. If not, what's the mirror for

Keng Wei said...

Haha..jz 'highlight' them..if still not seng mok..on ur right hand side signal=p..
abo as khan jack say..cut them using left lane=)

anyway..dun drive fast if tired~

daryl said...

wa, garang! *takut*