Friday, January 15, 2010

Yay, i back to home again. Four days of working, for me...the time is just like sekelip mata saje. Time passed really fast. I left sepang at 6am this morning, take the transport and arrived around 9am. Friends for a few months really cannot be trusted, when you ask for help, they will tell you 'DEPENDS, See how much you pay me'. Alright, now only i know what the "friend' meant to YOU!!! In another hand, my friends in Kepong will always offer me a ride even though i never asked. That's why i like to be here so much...

HmMmm...i want to say, it is very nice experience when you can fly together with your friends. I am so lucky to have this thing happen. What a great experience, i would take that as my best flight ever.

I am back, let's rock!!!