Sunday, May 9, 2010


I afraid one day i will become insane because of the job. I feel so stressed and depressed after i communicate with 'them'. One day max i have to operate four sectors, each sector approx 120 pax, how much stress i can handle from them?

I have to be patience all the time, even though i get 5call buttons from the same person at the same time, keep asking for the same thing even though I said 'sold out', insist to return back to their original seat, scolded by them due to safety purpose...
Complaint by passenger right in front of your face saying you are rude because i never used the magic word, in fact... I did.
The only thing i can do is apologize, i couldn't fight back.

I tell myself, i got to think positive. Use my heart to treat them but not my 'shell', i'm trying very hard...

I want to cry, i feel so stress, this is not an easy job. It is glamour from the outside, but not the inside.

Still, i feel thankful for everything. I just got to be tough.


beh said...

be tough my dear....will talk to u one day..=)

Karthi said...

sometimes in life we have to face all such situations. You will be having positives and negatives in your job. It is you who knows how to manage and balance it

* said...

Srry u r blue. Customer Service jobs r rarely good 4 one's mental or emotional health.

The truth is- and I m sure u already knw this down- yelling in your face, etc. - those people r very sick, they r so sick the go find someone who can not defend themselves and unleash on them all the anger, frustration, etc. they r carrying around 24-7.

Just knw that sumtimes people r legititmately upset and sometimes they're using u like their own personal Yom Kipor.