Thursday, August 5, 2010

If I can on9, I will blog everday. See, now here I am to blog again after work=)

I am totally knockout this time, I just feel so tired today, is only two sectors flight, but after flight, I feel exhausted and even more exhausted when walking under the hot sun to the carpark.

I thought I can go back home today after work, who knows I got duty changefor tomorrow. Well, I just got to cancel off my plan completely. Supposely to meet mum after work and hang out at night… Nvm, two more days to go, I just got to hang on!

Finally, I had finished reading the Pricess Diaries, the whole series. One word to describe the book, ‘WoW’. I had never so obessed with a book before until I can’t take my eyes off of the book, even during landing. Next one will be Wimpy Kids, I got no money to buy, so I guess I will just go to the bookstore, sit there for whole day and read. Gosh, the story of the Princess Diaries still very fresh in my mind, so ROMANTIC~~~

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