Friday, July 31, 2009


Hip Hip, Hooray; Hip hip, Hooray!!! I feel so happy right now!!! Finally, the publication for Aug has done!!! Yeah yeah!!! Finish at sharp 6pm and i called my mum and picked me up after that. Now, yoohoo...relax at home and going to meet my jie mooi later. Yay!!!

The feeling is just like...after SPM, haha... I smile all the way to home. Flashing back, all the hard works, stress... One shoot disappear!!! Feel so good, damn good.

Not forget to thanks to Mulian for giving me support through msn and showing concerned when every time i stay up late. Aligatur~~~

I don't get one week off on next Monday due to some works which i haven't done. BUT!!! I will get off on the following week.


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hopefully today will be the last day of OT. My skin already in a bad condition, i really need 8hours sleep a day, sleep before 11pm=P

HmM....not much to blog, jsut want to leep my blog updated. Just a few words, it doesn't matter, right??? Better then hothing at all (*for my blog readers=P).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Early in the morning, mum cooked some food for me to bring to office, not some, is alot. Porridge, noodle and dessert.

During lunch time, i open my lunch box and start to realize how fortunate i am, i shouldn't complain too much about my life. The dessert that she made is not sweet at all, almost no taste..=S But i still finish it. I take porridge as my dinner, although i don't like, i still finish it.

About the picture above, yesterday while i was having dinner with my colleague, i saw a father and daughter were so intimate, i just can't keep my eyes off from them. What a nice scene...i wish i have.

Never mind, i still got mama=) Thanks to her food, i slowly get back my appetite.

*Not to forget to wish wan yee atll the best in his studies, he had left this afternoon and arrived safely.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I want to blog yesterday, but by the time i reached home, send mail, is very late. So...i give up=(

As usual, you guys know my working hour. I just need to get rid of this week asap!!! I hate this month!!!

I don't know what I'm thinking now, is complicated. So many things mixed up together, is better to keep myself busy at this moment instead of relaxing on the sofa. Thinking of resign in September because i really need a break before college reopen, thinking of how to throw away those rubbish.

Hoping that Sunday can hang out with Mulians... Don't want to work on Sunday again....=(

Ga yao ga yao!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I not dare to look back anymore, dare not to look back the album, the blog. I have to move forward as i already told myself more than thousands time=) So far so good...

I want to make myself dare to take risk, dare to work hard, dare to accept the reality; the fact. And now....i can!!!

Is already 26th of July, few more days to go. Will not give up=) Looking forward for 28th of September.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


What a lousy day.... Not only in rush this morning, late to work; left early; train delayed and...CRASHED.

It was just a small crashed, i thought i have enough space to take the turn, but my estimation was wrong. I got a slight bumped to the car, things happened at my apartment's car park. I was like stunned!!! oppssss!!! Why not i reverse and take the turn, aduiii~~~ Luckily, both cars are ok. I still feel a bit scared until now, why not i reverse!!! too late to regret, no take two=( I will be careful next time.

Now, my eyes swollen, dark circle getting worse because of not enough sleep, definitely look like a half dead person.

'Quick Quick Quick'....

Friday, July 24, 2009


These few days, my mind is all about friendship, especially Mulians. I feel so fortunate to be a part of them, is like fated... Start from secondary school, Form 1; some i get to know when i was Form 4 until now... So many years, even after graduate we still can keep each other in touch until now. Now, each of the Mulians is chasing their dream, everyone is moving forward, so ambitious some more. I bet we can be very successful in future; i am proud to be in this group=)

Two Mulians had left, i miss them so much. Sometimes, i wonder what are they doing over there while i still in this 'heaty' Malaysia=P There must be very cold. Hopefully, all the Mulians start to save money from now, our next trip will be Aus=P Haha...

Alright, back to myself... I should thank to a few persons yesterday who willing to be my listener(you know who you are). Life still goes on and what's important for me now is my future, therefor, i should not look back, start moving forward. I'm gonna be tough, it is still a reality, cannot escape from that. Put my heart wide open, think positively, everything will be fine...

I wish myself 'all the best and good luck'...=P

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I just want to

At this moment, i just want to keep myself busy, keep myself free from something. I cannot be free for one minute, i will start to...

Just for a few days, hope things will turn better.

I miss you both very much.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well well well, finally my beloved BEH BEH got her Internet access and we can chit chat nonstop, as long as i on9, i will chat with her, no matter I'm working or I'm at home. Previously, when she's still in M'sia, we will never talk chat too much like this. But now, every time i see her on9, i will become so excited!!!

I have a lot of things to tell her, but mind is totally blank. A lot of works to do today, really a lot...=S

Tomorrow, one more mulian is leaving... AwWWW... 'Sad de lo'...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Date with someone

Guess what is this??? A plastic bag from...ermmm...
PASAR MALAM (night market) lar...what else??

As requested, i cannot take her face, so...just the hands are available...=S
The story is... After work, my best friend-YEOW YUAN picked me up from Jusco bus stop. I accompany her to Bianco for haircut, haha...not bad la her haircut, look better than before. After that, we went to night market for a short walk since i don't have dinner, bought some junk food, eat ice cream, yummmm~~~ As usual, around 8pm, the road over my place is so so JAM!!! Yy did something silly, she shouted '很难上啊~~~' when she drove uphill to my apartment. Damn silly...=.=' Chit chat all the way from aman puri to my apartment... It was nice though.
This 'someone' is really special for me, love her more than anything else. Always the first one to comfort me when i feel so down; the first one i will look for when i feel upset; always the first one to call me when i message her whenever i am so 'desperate' (right, yy?) Thanks for the 'thing', you know what i'm talking, no one will know, except me and you. As we promised, i hope we can meet up at least once a month no matter how busy we are.

This morning...

When i awake this morning, i feel like so refresh. I realized things that i have to change and learn at this moment are...

Not to get angry easily, especially facing my colleague, traffic jam, family and most importantly my friends.

I never donate when i passed by beggars, feel so bad...
Sometimes, when i face some problem, i will become very selfish where i shouldn't SELL the FISH.

Should be thankful always because i am much more fortunate than anyone else, not to compare with the good one, but, how many people outside got the life like me?

Everyone thinks i am tough. I am not, but i will be tough, not just the look, but tough from inside too...

If i can have this four things, i will have a good mood everyday. Still in the process, 1% loading...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Have not been updated for a few days, i'm feeling better today, much more better. Something is getting lesser, yet nearer.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

I don't know how to start this post... But i just feel so lonely when i was alone in my bedroom. Feelings a failure, feelings of being neglected, feeling of being hurt so badly...

It was a good experience for me though, even i failed, i learn something. A lot.. i believe i can do it better next time.

Things that happened will not reverse back again, things that had said cannot be taken back.

I guess the interview had ended and something else had ended too. I got to make up my mind and start moving forward. Stand up and be tough.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I will not on9 tonight, just a reminder, in case some of the Mulians miss me=P Report a bit, in case i lost in somewhere, i will meet up my friends in KL Plaza after i finish work today and stay overnight at one of their house. Hopefully, Saturday i can come back on time for Zh's convo.

My boss had hired two more graphic designers and my workloads had reduced a lot a lot... yohoo!!! Two more new computers are coming in but i might use back the old one, nvm...=)

Time passed really fast, really fast, i wish time can slow down... Is the third day of beh beh's leaving. And i miss her just like the first day she left. I wish i can go to her house that often, but no more until she comes back....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Short Message System (SMS)

While i finished work and waiting for mum, i called Jenson and, Yy called me, we talk a while and we hang up. After that i received a message from Charlene(course mate); then i ignore it because just a forward message, haha...sorry char....

Half an hour later, i got a forward message from Wendy (course mate), ignore again for second time...

1 more hour later, i got a forward message from Zhen Kuan (course mate), then...'liang xin fa xian', i not dare to ignore anymore. I was touched for a few second, i received three different 'greeting' message from my KBU friends. Three of them are my best friends, i can't expect they will do it on the same day without planning. Eventually, i replied to them...

I know, it was just a message, but... I've been in holiday, not seeing them for a couple of months, how sweet they still remember to text me, and most importantly, three at the same day!!!

I miss all of you very much, i wish i can go back to college asap.

p/s: charlene!!! Gambatte!!! My good chater during our working hour=P
SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY!!! I feel so nervous of this day arrival... ARHhhh... Kia kia~~~

By the way, today i got a lot a lot of workloads, really a lot. I already feel dizzy, 'gong gong' already...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My friend had left... I guess i had enough of crying. But i will only settle down when i see her on9, i guess she's busy with orientation now. Must be very rushed and tiring for her.....aWwwww=S

Next week, someone will be leaving again... I really don't like those feelings, nobody likes it. Is so so...awful!!! I don't want this to happen again...

I should be happy because my friend can study overseas, but those...feelings are killing me. I will get rid of it soon, very soon... Wish them all the best. All of you will be in my heart forever...


Monday, July 13, 2009


A random post, i do not know what to write.

How i feel right now and what to do later
*feel bored but someone is chatting with me in msn(you know who you are), thank you.
*already finish all the works, feel bored
*is 5.43pm now, leaving at 6pm
*after mummy pick me up, i gonna drop by at someone's house to hand in a form.
*during the journey, i'm going to tell my mum two things, which is quite imporatant, cause at night gonna give someone's answer.
*reach home, relax and get the 'two' special gifts done, ASAP!!! Because it is really urgent.
*get my CV complete
*sleep before 11pm

I feel
*bored as mentioned above
*miss KBU a lot
*miss my bed
*miss someone

This blog very sampat, right...i know. But nothing to do.

Yeah!!! 6pm, babai...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


End of week two of July. Time seems passed very fast and finally the grading had over.

Quite disappointed because i did not give out my best even though i want it so much!!! I realize after grading, my passion towards TKD had became deeper, i love TKD.

Today, during FA class, Sir realized the injury on my hand and ask me i want to become a cabin crew or a black belt??? Even though i answered cabin crew, my heart said BOTH!!! I want to fly and i want to fight too...=P

Not only end of second week, but something had finally ended too. I had made up my mind and will not let the thing to bother me anymore, NEVER!!!

Back to work tomorrow....weeee~~~ I don't like actually...=P

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is tiring...

I just feel so tired today, mentally and physically. Tomorrow gonna be a big big day for me and i cannot fail!!! Cannot!!! Not only for the grading but also the mock interview.

I realize, i am so sensitive towards something/someone. Is tiring and torturing when it comes to an end and suddenly it comes back again. I keep telling myself not to start it again, i hope i can make it. Is tiring when you have to go through the same process again and it is so ambiguous!!! I believe, it will come to a full stop soon, very soon...

Friday, July 10, 2009

I am free now, so free.... I wonder why my colleague like to hold the works for me, the amendment for flyer and banner, why not just give it to me now??? The ad that she has on hand now, why not just give it to me now instead of rushing like crazy at the end of the month??? She told me she left the thing in her car, come on!!! Just go down and take the thing up, just that simple!!! I got nothing to do now, please...i don't like last minute work.

Going to Genting tonight, straight after work and will be back by tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Not a very satisfying day... Mummy went to OU for Japanese buffet and i can't go because of working...T.T Aiyoh~~~

Secondly, my colleague manage to get a cheaper price for me to buy a puppy, 500bucks. But my mum...don't allow. She doesn't even let me to finish my word, straight away say NO!!! I keep quiet lo.. Aiyoh~~~

Thirdly, a bit emo today, don't know why. Something keep bothering me, i guess is that 'thing', i suppose... Aiyoh~~~

Finally, the grading, I have not get prepared yet... Aiyoh~~~

But!!! One thing to be happy, tomorrow reunion!!! Hahaha, hooray~~~

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So...nothign to talk about today, back to work and went out for lunch with the M-man, nice chatting with all of you until i don't want to
Here's a lilttlebit update for my previous outing...
First, 3/7/09 Times Square with YY and Beh Beh
This guy was fall asleep in the train and it's quite funny

Pose pose pose!!!

See, she posed like an auntie
Zing Sui~~~

Secondly, OU and The Curve, only beh and me, while yy....haih~~~

The driver, hahahah=P


Fitting room...

Donuts, yohoo~~~ The cream, fall all over my hand...piakkk~~~
The Sui za bo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

OU and The Curve

Went out with beh beh today, PJ half day trip, we bought something, spent quite a lot. But the most precious thing i had ever bought is the photo frames=) Gonna do something with it...

Back to work tomorrow, i believe a tons of work already stack on my table. 'CHANG', i keep telling myself....=)

Pretty tired now, yet hungry but don't feel like taking dinner/supper. Off to bed...

p/s: i enjoy going out with you Bieh Bieh, now and always, I LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


At last, i can stay at home for one whole day, stay at home...hahaha...=D BUT!!! Once i get up in the morning, switch on my phone, office people called me!!! Asked me when i will go back to work, a lot of works waiting for me to do, faster come back...bla bla bla... GOD!!! I'm still in holiday, can't you all give me a break??? After that, another colleague called me again but i didn't pick up, of course...i called her back later, saying the SAME THING again!!! choice, i will have to go back to work one day earlier, which is WED. Damn it!!! Think i am a cow or what, you don't pay me OT, please allow me to rest well for one week, alright??!!

Clean up my room today and put back all my projects, store properly... Throw something also, damn sam tong... But my room got no more space to store. I miss college life so much, my friends, projects...=S HmMMmmmm...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ms Emilia

Today's class was taught by Ms Emilia, a very charming facilitator. Almost 40 years old but she does not look that old and she's very pretty and she's already a mum of 4kids. Married to a wealthy man and she was holding a degree and master certificate; she's not only a lecturer but also teaching part time in Inter Excel.

With all these, she does not need to teach us, cause she already got more than enough to support her living, more than ENOUGH!!! But...she told us today, she can see 'us' like her past and she still want to keep herself on track and update with airlines latest news. Forgot to mention, she was a cabin crew for MAS airlines for four years. After resign, she earned money and continue to study. She told us frankly, the reason why she wanted to join airline is because she wanted to earn her own fees.

So do I, i want to get the money to further my study, not to say i don't have enough money to continue my study, but...i want to expose myself more in different fields, not double degree, but at least study overseas to experience different culture. At the same time, being a cabin crew is a career that make ones really proud, we learn things that we cannot get from books.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Break break break...

Since Thursday, INSOMNIA, really INSOMNIA, fall as slept at 4am!!! Friday, get up early and hang out with jie mooi and stay over night, stay up late again, slept before 4am, girl's talk!!! Saturday, which is today, woke up early, 6.45am(that's why we are late=P) jogging with Mulians and here i am now... Break into pieces. So tired, really tired, i guess i will not get insomnia anymore, because i can fall asleep anytime, anywhere...

My plan now, go to bath and straight away sleep. All the messy stuff in my room-----------SETTLE tomorrow, who cares???

Friday, July 3, 2009


Yea, went out with beh beh and yy today, next followed by movie at OU and last stop at beh beh's house with yy and san san, girls' talk session, wohoo!!!

I get one one week off, today is the second day, work hard, play hard. But i still can't get enough sleep though... I need 24hours sleeping time. to hel

Mum asked me to help her out in her shop after my working time. I'm still thinking....I'll be like a dead man if i work two jobs at the same time, i don't think i can handle so many things... I had finally make up my mind to continue my study until i get accepted from airlines.

Now everyone is working hard for their future, really miss high school life.

ArhHh...don't know what to say....haha, out=P

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I missed it!!!

I know i missed the competition, the deadline is on30th of June and i already written the deadline in my year book planner. I tot Tuesday i can finish work early and come back to submit the artwork,but i worked until 1.30am in the morning. I missed the deadline!!! I feel very disappointed... And even more disappointed when i see a forward email from my friend about the competition, she was taking part and forwarding email to ask people vote for her... ArhHhh..i missed it... I feel so...GREY now... So BLUE.... T.T

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At last...

At last... the end of OT~~~ One week off start from tomorrow. Damn, so...tiring!!! Three more months to hang on. I do not know i can or not, but i will try...

Anyways, these few days, especially after Sunday, my mind nonstop think about 'something' constantly... When every time i think of it, i feel like crying, i was very tired when i reach home for the past few days, but i couldn't fall asleep still. Couldn't imagine how i'm going to react when that day come...

Is end of OT, but today is still busy. Got to help mum out at her shop later and teach class.

Last but not least, to remind all of my friends who read my blog, please take good care of your health. Hope Mieng Mieng will recover soon....