Monday, March 30, 2009

Work harder

Yesterday was a big day for me. It had been a long long time i never take part in any competition after i passed 18years old. Sound so not nice when my age start with '2'. I am no longer teenager, i am 'young adult'=S

Anyways, this was a INTEC(Inter college) competition which was held in UiTM at Shah Alam. 9persons from my club took part. Overall, we got one bronze medal. At least we didn't go back with empty hand. Congrats=)

Me??? I lost... Is predictable i would say. Bad performance in the ring. I will not take part in any competition again until i get back my confidence and skill.

Of course, disappointment is falling upon me until now. But experience is worth more than anything, at least i learn something and i will train really hard as long as i still in TKD.

The competition ends around 9pm and went for dinner.

The Great Hall of UiTM

I met Aimi(High school friend) there.

The only winner, bronze medalist, second from the right. Congrats.
So...this morning as usual i go to college. Nothing much of working progress to show tutor. Hence, not much opinions from her too. I got to push myself to the limit to get the best result for this project no matter what. Good luck peoples=)
Good night.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am BACK!!!

Haha, anyone miss my blog? Here i am...tada~~~

My lovely laptop spoilt again after next day of warranty. But now is all back to normal. Function properly.

HmmMmm....things are still the same as usual in my life, training; study; hanging around... But one thing really disappoint me is my term 2 results, all the hard works i have done end up like that. The only thing i can do now is, fight for the best grade in final. No one to blame, just to blame myself, not talented enough; have to do double work compare to others. Anyways, i will not give up and do my best of the best to fight for the best grade.

Today i suppose to join my classmates and tutors for gotong-royong in the afternoon, but i cabut because of some 'reason'. Sorry guys...=)

I polish my room today, rearrange the furniture, sudah muak=P I love my room now, but i don't like my closet colours....yuks, i will paint it with my favourite colour one day...hahaha=P

Littile corner of my working place

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I miss you~~~

Hooray!!! You're back at last...i miss you so much. Picking you up at 11smtg this morning. I am so happy you're okay.... Just the little scar at the side which makes me feel so guilty for making you injured...T.T

What's in your mind now, peoples??? Is my laptop...hahaha=D

Good night...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Everything is POSSIBLE

Yo~~~ I've been MIA for one week, haha... I'm back=)

Well, my laptop broke down since last week. It was a big trauma for me at first, because all my works are inside and i do not have any copy. Most importantly, i need the software inside to finish my work. But, i still alive without the laptop and manage to hand in my work on time. Yes, 'everything is POSSIBLE'; nothing is impossible. I still can survive without my laptop. Of course, i was in rush to finish up everything because of some 'specific reasons'. It was my second time dealing with this kind of situations, feel sucks!!! Anyways, when the results are 'not bad', the contented mood is worth more than anything else.

Here's the short movie for previous project, 'Misi Possible'. Sit back, relax and enjoy=)

I feel so much released today, feel like i'm just finish a big exam like Form5. Hahaha, silly betul. I went to 1U after presentation, had lunch and watch movie... Today is my rest day, going to sleep now...=) Lalala~~~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Next week will be the last week for video shooting, i'm getting a bit lost in this project too (just like Ju). But i must stay focus, if not everything will turn up like a mess!!!

Morning went to college, after tutorial have lunch with beh and continue back to filming (sorry for keep you waiting). Went to OU after that for present and chiow...

ArhHh...end of the day, going to sleep now. Zzz...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Life goes on as usual, but a bit bad luck recently...

1.) Spoilt ppl's stuff
2.) Lost my thumb drive
3.) Drop my laptop on the road

I always lookat the bright side, life is beautifullllll~~~

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just to say hello after few days absence...

Not too busy recently, going quite well with group project AT THIS moment.


Friday, March 6, 2009

For overseas customer ONLY

I went to PWTC yesterday for MIFF (Malaysia International Furniture Fair). I took some pictures, ya...some, because no camera is allowed. I took it secretly.

One thing i want to share is some of the booths is only for overseas customer, they don't serve local. Even registration, they separate local and overseas and the stripes on the tag is differentiate by red(overseas) and white(local). I wonder why they have to do it this way. Is it because foreigners will buy more compare to local? Cannot deny, maybe YES. But, don't so sarcastic until put a sign outside the booth showing 'for overseas customer' only or 'for export only'.

Some of them don't even want to bother us when we walk in. We are still customer, okay??? Anyways, these are some of the pic that i want to share...

The gave me a new name 'PRISULLIA', wth

Top view

Quite a interesting installation, slanted cupboard attach on the wall

I was focusing on the plant, not the furniture....

The exhibition will held until this Sunday. Overall, not too bad; just that please don't judge Malaysian differently from foreigner.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Is time to update my blog...

Nothing much happen this few days, busy with projects (for sure). Get involved in two group works. Working in a group is not a easy thing, not just cooperation from each other and also commitment from group members. Most importantly, be patience and not to piss off when your group member is not commit.

Anyways, what i want to say is I learn before i get into the real world.
Be patience and work happily=)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rimbun Dahan

Okay...this is the belated pictures from Rimbun Dahan field trip in last Friday. It was such a inspiring trip and we having fun, a lot of fun=D

9 smtg, we depart from KBU, go by KBU shutter.
On the way...
The owner of Rimbun Dahan, she has been living in M'sia for 37years and now is a Muslim, married to a Malay guy. Her words are inspiring, even though she's not a Malaysian; her mindset is better than Malaysian. We do work because of who we are, is our traditions, our style, why should we copy foreign countries.

The lotus at the pond
They have a farm there, all the plants are from Malaysia, no foreign plants, most of it are for medical use.
Super artistic sculputure, i don't understand the meaning though=S
The rebuild Kampung house.

In the gallery, oil on canvas. Work produced by various artists from diffrent countries

a refreshment after a few hours visit.

The group picture, the twopersons in front are so....=S Haha...'cool'???

Lunch at center point, Black Canyon.

Phew....what a wonderful day. I'm looking forward for more field trip=)
More picture in my facebook.