Friday, October 22, 2010


After working for almost one year as a cabin crew. I can say this is an easy job, the only thing difficult is 'human factor'. Working in different gravity, the fatigue level increase pretty fast. Now you know why i can sleep 12hours, sleep from the moment i back from work until next day i work.

Also, one thing i really treasure is the crew, especially when i get a nice set of crew. Even though you just work with them for one day, you can really get close to them. Is nice to see two or three persons willing to wait for you after work and walk together to the car park. Even though is just a minor thing, but it's make a big difference.

When you are out of your area, you do need friends which is close to you, willing to help you. Just like yesterday when my car tire give way, i can only call my housemate who is working at LCCT to help me out, no second thoughts, he straight away come to help me without giving excuses.

I can't live without friends, all of us need friends, no matter where we are.

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