Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I admit i am in a so call 'emo' situation since yesterday, mainly is because of my dog. Most of the people asked me why and when i tell then, they will just said 'will be alright'. I understand that's all they can say to comfort me and they might think...is just a dog.

I don't know why, i really care about the dog, my emotions for these few days all jumble up because of him, except during working i have to put everything aside. I don't like to stay at home because it reminds me of him so much.

and i want to tell someone who don't know how to surf the net and if you can, please read this.

Dear Mum,
You left me a note on the table yesterday when i got back home saying that i cannot be back after 12am if not you will lock the door. Don't you think this kind of action is just doesn't work on me? Do you think i am still the 12years old girl? I know you are concern about me, but...what if i work until late night 2/3am? are you going to lock me outside? If only you allow me to leave home late only when i'm working, why not when i hang out with my friends also? You have gone through your teenage life too, don't restrain me like this. Don't make me until i don't want to stay in this home and eventually i will just move out from here.

Something that you did before that really hurts me, i am so pissed of with you but still i forgive you. And you keep forcing me to do something that i don't want to do, why the hell i have to say hi and hello to that retard? I can forgive you, but not that retard. If so, i might as well don't talk to both of you.

I need some space to breath, you and me both have the problem with the job, who else doesn't have? That's why i need entertainment, not that i don't inform you when i go out, i did, but don't call me like a mad person! I hate to be restrain, i can inform you but give me a BREAKkkkkkk!!!


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TheIndian said...

I love my dogs.. i know what you feel