Friday, July 30, 2010

If i daring enough, i want to create a website that allows the cabin crew to SHOUT!!!

I feel so dizzy to see all the passengers standing in the mid cabin, holding the camera, video cam like paparazzi,. For the first time, i told them 'No camera, please!' It was so annoying... I know i shouldn't say this, but at that moment, is really frustrated me alot. Also, for the first time, didn't smile at them when doing sales. Not just that, bad weather that cause turbulence all the way.

I got a very common question from a crew yesterday but suprising answer. She tends to misunderstand me that i am still single because i am a lesbian...@.@ Yo!!! I am 100% straight.

I not sure how long i will stay in this career but i am happy with the job right now. The only tension when go to work is you don't know who are you flying with, afraid of the crew who will bully you or what. But so far, it seems like things go very well. Working hour is unstable, working day is unstable, but all these together, it looks like very flexible=)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Short Message System

This is a very powerful system i would say...
A simple message can change something.
Even though is just a short message, i will feel is really worth more than anything. Even not to mention face to face, sometimes when it's too awkward to tell, a message will simply make the person's day.
I just feel so glad that the message was sent=)

Back to my life, i am hanging out too much recently, spending too much until out of budget. I really got to control bit from next month on wards, otherwise i hardly can survive. But, overall... I still enjoy very much. One month of full outings during my off days is already enough; more than enough. Shall continue again after a few months, but definitely not constantly.

By the way, recently...a message by someone is really ruin my day. I would advise all the people, 'Before you make a statement, please make that situation clear first before blaming on people' You might end up losing everything.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Before u off to Sepang, i would like to update about my off days.
It was really 'WOW'!!!
First of all, after 5days of morning flight, i came back on Sunday, whereby i managed to catch the world cup final with my dear friends. Hang out with a friends before the match started. It was the first time i never slept for 24hours. It was tiring but it was fun!

The next day, yohoo!!! Went to Genting with Mulians until now i just got back. Again, i fully utilize my off day.

I had enough of fun though, is time to get back to work=))

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you think you can;

; you can...

Nothing is impossible, when you think you can; you can.
I don't know what i am talking, why suddenly i post this thing, maybe i just thought of something that's impossible and now i got to say something that convince myself that's possible.

I will be moving back to Kepong soon. But yesterday, i calculated the expenses that i'm going to spend, is slightly higher compared i stay in Sepang. But the thing is i stay over there i will be very very bored. I don't know, i don't know... I'm confused right now=S

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well well well, here i am to blog again.
After three days morning flight, i already quarter dead, upcoming will be 5days morning. I gonna wake up at 3am, those we are watching world cup, the time they sleep, it gonna be the time i awake. How nice is the match on the 11th start at pm, not am...=S

Nothing much to say, i slowly get back to who i use to be last time, the cheerful and the happy one. Life still goes on. Things that need to let go, just let it go. Don't be so stubborn, hands off and you will get something in return.

I feel sleepy, tired now...=S

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I try so hard to make myself feel happy, not to think about the unhappy thing. I realize...i can but still, the results aren't satisfying.

I always tell myself to be contented for who i am and what i have, this is how i can maintain my smiling on my face all the time. After a 'great cry' on that day, i feel so much released and i do not cry anymore until now because of that 'problem'. I learn to be tough, no one can help me; only myself. Billion thanks to someone who taught me to 'put down' and make the call. I already tried my best. Even though the results is not that satisfying; at least i try and it makes that matter better. I feel tired to tell the story over and over again. Slowly, i get immune with it and i do not want to tell anymore. Only those who heard my story before, i will continue telling...

Emo blog all the way, but i am still me. I am still the happy one. Life is beautiful.