Wednesday, September 30, 2009

150km + RM16.80 + 1hour 25minutes
How much doest it cost me do travel all the way from Kepong to Sepang??? Is A LOT!!! I had decided to stay over there. I'd found a house and negotiating the rental. Hopefully the result is what i expect lar...

Don't want to talk unhappy things at here already. I had spilled it all to someone else today, i feel much more released. Thank you for lending me your 'Eyes'. I miss you so much.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Past & Present

People keep asking me what i had done for the past 5 months break. I worked with an advertising company where they produce ads, all sorts of ads and compile it into a magazine. Sometimes, i help them out with menu, logo and name card design too.

Well, i learned a lot of things. Of course, my skill in Ai and Photoshop had improved a lot. But, most of the ads that i had produced i not satisfy with it. For me, those ads are just to fulfill customer's needs, they like to put everything into a box, all information, no space to breath at all. Once, i was given an opportunity to help a client to design an ad for 'Sister's Magazine'. That's the ad that i like the most. Of course, amendments had done for a few times until they approve.
Picture as below:

I resign on September, reason: i need some break. But, i'm still doing freelance. Pretty frustrated when i see my colleague call me in and out, especially during my napping hour. Got to stick with my maibox everytime, internet is the best way to keep us in touch.

Well, this will be the last month in helping them out. My passion with art and design is always there. Working with Ad company is not easy. I wish i can continue my study in future and my plan with 'two of them' will come true.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I had made this decision and i got to stick with it.

Back to college today, first day of Year 2. Meet all the classmates and tutors as well. Lovely Ms Tong Yin and adorable Mr Sean=P It was hard for me to open my mouth and tell her... But, i have too and i did it. I am so glad that she had selected me to take part on something, but...i am so sorry that i couldn't join. I wish i can join...really. Flashing back all the memories i had with them and that's the end. I'm gonna miss them a lot. Even though we are stress out for all the projects in Year One, i think all of us do enjoy a lot and da satisfaction when we see the complete works is really a big 'Whao Whao'. I will never get that feelings anymore.
The time, the memory, the hard worked we had been through will always save inside my 'motherboard'. I gonna miss you all a lot and i promise i will go back to college whenever i am free.

I differ one year, in case anything i will go back again but not with the same group anymore. The passion in design will always in my heart, nothing can delete it. I wish i can finish my degree whenever i can.

Thanks for the outings today and all the sweet memory...=)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


28th, second year of Graphic Design with KBU college. I guess i will be seeing old faces with new 'style'. I feel a bit nervous for tomorrow, 9.30am class. Errr....haha, don't know what's going to happen then.

Sunday, the day i love the most among the six days. (Training-class-home sweet home)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today i make sue of my day, i didn't waste any second; any minute. I feel contented for what I'd done today. Keeps myself busy, sometimes make me feel happier.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I wish i don't need to touch those works again, but...because i need $ so much, i have to take the jobs. Aiks...

No #&$%@# for whole days, i guess is time to end this up. Forgive is the best solution.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I keep asking myself this question. Should I???
I can't face her still. I will move out if i can and hope time will prove everything.

But, i always remember, no matter how wrong she is, she's still the person i love the most and i owe her the most. Nothing can pay her back.

I keep go out these few days to stay away from her, but even when i'm outside, i hear her voice, i will not be happy too.

Life still goes on, i can heal this wound very fast, because nothing is impossible.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whole day fully booked.
The day is getting nearer and nearer; more and more documents to be complete before 30th. Waste my petrol to go all the way to Subang, have to go tomorrow again=S
The 'thorn' is always there no matter how hard i try to forgive her. Hardly can talk to her, look at her, feel her like before. Sometimes, i feel she is so fake and is not the person i respect before.
I hate to keep secret, i feel like telling everyone, but i can't. Those who knows, they...just pretend don't know. They don't even mention one word or tell me what to do. Talking to the 'invisible people'. This might be the best way to make myself feel better.

Ignore it when i don't want to face it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday ( 22/9/2009 )
Right after training, all the 'Taekwondo Soul' of Taman Ehsan went to 'De PAstry' at Manajalara for Sir's 33 birthday celebration. The so call 'surprise' no more, thanks to the organizer=P

If things that can still under control of me, i will not let it happen. I leave earlier or i go later? I can't believe i see this with my own eyes, i hate this day!!!

Monday ( 23/09/2009)
As yesterday had planned, Sir invite us to one day trip to Ipoh together with her family and his 11months baby.


We depart at 6am, and arrived at 8 something.
Dim sun at 'Fu Shan', but failed!!! Is too crowded, we couldn't get any seat there. So, we just dined in at the nearby 'dim sum' restaurant.

Before we move on to water fall, we visit to 'Shan Bao Dong', it remind me of Mulians trip at pangkor.
After water fall, we took our lunch at somewhere, it is a famous 'wan tan mee' stall. Again, it was so crowded until we have to stand there and wait for the seat. This time, we got it. Is quite delicious compare to the wan tan me i eat before.
Lastly, move on to another water place, we went to a pool side, play slider and hot spring. First time 'soak' myself in the hot water as hot as 40 degress celcious. They even boiled eggs over there, lol... This is so incredible.
Last stop, dinner at somewhere, near the roadside 'Dai Pai Dong'. Leave around 8smtg, arrive home before 11pm.

I thought i can forget that incident, but it keeps flashing back on my mind nonstop. I wish i can delete it, but i can't. I hate those feelings. I feel awful, disgusting!!! I don't want to see the face, i don't want to step in that place anymore!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

When people talk bad in front of you, take it as motivation. Even though you care about it so much and hurt badly inside, just pretend you are not when you are in front of those 'big mouth'. Always look at the bright side, take it as motivation and prove to the 'big mouth' one day that he/she is wrong!!!

I am fortunate for who i am and what i have now. I live for myself; not for others.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hang Out

Yo!!! I feel so good to hang out with 'her' (Chai Yeow Yuan). Finally she got her one week break and her exam had just finished. I not only went to her house yesterday, but i meet her up today and hang around at 1u. Unfortunately, it will be better if another 'she' is there with us.

From 12pm to 7pm we were there, watched movie, shopping... Of course, I'd spent quite a lot too, but i already control, right yy???

Now, feel exhausted, i guess i can fall asleep immediately when i lie on the bed. Yay!!! No more insomnia.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I did it!!! Now is time to reveal all the suspend that i had made in my previous blog. What is the 1 down, 4 more to go; 2 down, 3 more to go... The five are...

1st-1st round of Interview
2nd- 2nd round of interview
3rd-receive call from them
4th-medical check up
5th-receive call from them

What are the countdown that i had made previously??? It was the countdown for the 5th knockout.

Yes, i made it at last... Will be reporting myself in the end of the month at Air Asia.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, tiring day, sad day... Two of the Mulian is leaving. 'Qiqi, Gun!!! I miss you very much!!!'

No matter how tired i am, i still want to spend my time with Mulians. Love them so much!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Again, i get insomnia again. From the moment i back from dinner, around 11pm smtg, i straight away go to bed. Until now...i can't sleep PEACEFULLY. A lot, lots of 'zhap pa lang' things floating on my mind. What the hell... So torturing. Plan to wake up at 5.30am tml for jogging, but now... i don't think i can make it. As someone mentioned before, why should i make myself so tired. So...i think i will just skip the jogging part.

Please, stay far far away from me. I don't like to get insomnia....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had done the my work, waiting for approval. A little bit released, but not all. Went to Subang today, accompany someone for medical check up. Yiuuuu~~~those Malay peoples do thing damn it slow. Waited at there for a couples of hours. Yiuuuu~~~ Sien dao...

After that, i had a nice lunch with Jing and her family, 4smtg at Papparich, thank you for the treat. Yum~~~

Finally, i am back to my normal sleeping hour, which is 11pm. Yay!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


What a great day i had today. I know I'm gonna earn a lot for today's outing. As my expectations, i get a chance to see back my former teachers. Some of them still can recognize us; some or not. I really glad that we made this trip happen. More info, check out 'M Blog'=)

Quite tiring, awake in the early morning, 7am. It had been a while since i last awake at this time and stay up for whole day.

I'm tiring of thinking that 'thing' already. Don't want to countdown anymore, just be patience and wait, not to put too much hope.

Off to bed soon. Chiow

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

80% at home

Gosh, i get insomnia yesterday, AGAIN!!! Thinking about the 'call' again. I awake at 2.30am and can't fall asleep after that, wake up, walk around in living room, went to balcony and switch on tv and laptop. Until 5am, went to bed again. Finally, i can sleep until 7am and sent my brother to work.

Yikes=( I'm still waiting for the call...nervous nervous. Everyday put my hp in a high signal place just in case. AwWWW...torturing man.

At last, i am not a rubbish to stay at home doing nothing. I got some freelance job to do. Yay!!! Life like this not bad, work with relaxation.

Going to sweat myself out again. Chiow...

Monday, September 7, 2009

100% at home

Finally, i am 100% at home today. No outings, no working, no studying, no training. HmMm...feel not bad, but this kind of life cannot stay too long, if not, i will become a 'rubbish'.

What I'd done today, watch drama, do housework, eat, shit. That's all.

Gonna do something tml, which is...
~Clean up my bedroom
~Watch Drama

Weeee~~~ Finally i am free, but my mind is not free yet.

Countdown: 8 days left

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Another day that makes me sweat a lot, not the S.W.T, i mean really sweat, real one.

Morning went for TKD training, yc, berborak until 2pm and headed to Kepong Baru for badminton. Phew, feel so good. Sweat like hell, i feel myself is thinner...hahaha=P

AwWW...soon soon soon, very soon. Kia Kia~~~

Countdown: 9 days left

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Right now, this second, this minute, i feel damn sleepy. Dare not to sleep too late anymore, continuously for a few days. Doesn't feel good at all.

I need more sleeping hour...=D

Countdown: 10 days left

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A day for MUM

Yes, my title states clearly, a day for my MUM. Whole day out from 8am morning until late night. When to market, night and morning market to buy some stuff. As you know, now is ghost's month, that's why need to buy this and that.

Yay, at last i can go out tomorrow for my favourite 'Final Destination 4', yohoo!!!

HmMmm...still think about it, can't stop thinking about 'YOU', just for these few days, but it's torturing. I hate the feeling of waiting.

countdown: 12 days left

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Final stage, wait for the call again. The most critical one. 4 down, 1 more to go.
I made a big mistake today, i didn't realized my vision power had increased so much, the right eye, until i couldn't read the word clearly, eventually they gave me a really low grade for my vision. Hopefully it will not influence anything, ANYTHING!!!

I'd called to resign today, is all out of my control. I must do so and i did it=) Feel much released. One more thing left is go back and pack my thing; hand in back the key. Ant that's the end...

Countdown: 13 days left

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Again, i mad at these peoples again. When then need you; they talk to you nicely; when you had done what they want, they will talk to you in a different way.

AGAIN!!! Unfair thing happen again, I can help him; but why can't THEY ask him to help me??? (Because I'm too good, YA RIGHT!!!) Is ok, i tell myself, *be patience*. No more second time, no more second chance. Is YOU who treated me this way, and you will know how what will happen next.

Good news, THREE down; TWO more to go. I received their call today, but...the excitement is not 100%, maybe those stupid fellow influence me. Hopefully, the BONE is straight; the BODY is healthy.

Going to kill the DEVILS tomorrow. Weeee~~~