Monday, August 30, 2010

I feel so reborn when i back to home!!! YeeeeesssssS! Everytime last day working, i always got the very excited feelings in my heart, no matter how tired i am, when i think of going back to home, i can beat the sleepiness, i feel so hyperactive right now, yohoo yohoo!!!

Yesterday something happened, i can't believe i am so brave to say out something like this. I guess working as what i am now really change me quite a bit. I think is a good thing though.

I will be going for paintball tomorrow, yohoo!!! I can't wait, chiuw chiuw chiuw chiuw~~~~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Third day working is pretty tired, especially morning flight. Got to sleep at odd hour and wake up at odd hour.

When you are the most junior one, you just got to be very humble, very very humble until i couldn't believe that's me!!! Sometimes situation really force you to do something that i really don't want. I hate fraud! Damn it!

Extra hardworking, extra humble. No matter how unhappy i am, after that flight is over, i must leave everything behind. Not to bring that to home.

Yet, there are still people 'over there' are being so nice to everyone. The spirit of them is always there which really keep myself for who i am now. I will never changed, will only change to a better one; not the bad one.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Before i off to Sepang, i would like to update something over here...

Last week, it was a great week for me, great weekdays and weekends. Not just that i back to academy but i get to know some new friends. Of course, i spent my off day really well, shopping and watch movies. The greatest thing is i get to hang out with Taekwondo mates again, this time is 12persons, wow!!! How incredible is that. Of course, not to forget Gun's birthday=) Mulians spirit is always there when come to anyone's birthday. I enjoy every single moment=)

Next month gonna be a nightmare for me... I feel so nervous. As someone said 'It will be alright'. Yes, i should think positive. Gosh, i still feel scared!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School

I feel so good to be back to the Academy. It is a completely different feeling compared to last time, i want to finish the training asap because i want to work faster. But now, i hope the time slows down so that i can enjoy the one week time in academy.

I can't imagine after that i need to work for six days, damn it!

I feel happy now, i feel excited now. Yohoo!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am so hardworking, i wash the toilet, mop the floor, clean the balcony, send the clothes to laundry.

Recently, i get really inspired by a crew, which he acted very gentleman and so hardworking. I wonder how many crew out there still can maintain this after one year working, he did. Even me, after 9months of working, i tend to be lazy sometimes. But, is him who inspired me no matter how long i work already, i must still maintain the attitude just like the first day i work.

I am really worried about something recently. Things really don't go as smooth as i think. I still got to face it, thing will come to a conclusion anyhow. I hope it turns better.

I will be back on Friday evening. Chiow...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aiyah aiyah... Don't know what to post here.

I am good; i am fine. But i really hate smokers, sux!

Off to work soon, will be flying with someone that i'd been waiting for so long, yohoo!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

If I can on9, I will blog everday. See, now here I am to blog again after work=)

I am totally knockout this time, I just feel so tired today, is only two sectors flight, but after flight, I feel exhausted and even more exhausted when walking under the hot sun to the carpark.

I thought I can go back home today after work, who knows I got duty changefor tomorrow. Well, I just got to cancel off my plan completely. Supposely to meet mum after work and hang out at night… Nvm, two more days to go, I just got to hang on!

Finally, I had finished reading the Pricess Diaries, the whole series. One word to describe the book, ‘WoW’. I had never so obessed with a book before until I can’t take my eyes off of the book, even during landing. Next one will be Wimpy Kids, I got no money to buy, so I guess I will just go to the bookstore, sit there for whole day and read. Gosh, the story of the Princess Diaries still very fresh in my mind, so ROMANTIC~~~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I feel confused for something. It suddenly attack me in the middle of the night, no one is there to help, I think of my mum, but I couldn’t tell her. I just wake up and keep myself sit still and go down stair to take a cup of milk. The inhaller is not with me and no 24hours clinic nearby, I can just do what I had learned from first aid…duh…

What I want to say is not just that, I am confuse out of sudden about my future, about the people around me. At this moment, I don’t want to conclude anything yet, life still goes on and time still ‘tik tak tic tak’. I’m doing what I like right now, stick with the plan and achieve my dream. Nothing is impossible cause the words came from ‘I M POSSIBLE’.

Gosh, I feel bored staying here, thank god I can on9. Should I say I am lucky for not getting any call up today, I think yes because I’m not in a good condition to work.

I will be back tomorrow=)

Monday, August 2, 2010

4 days off, yohoo!!! I feel so great, i was so lucky that i got no call up on the second day standby.
I'm feeling so so this week, nothing special...=)

I got to go back to work by tonight, i use to have this kind of 'unwilling to work after off day', but this time... It seems like i can get rid of the feelings, how good was that!

I will be back on Saturday night, is off day on weekends again!