Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here is my update after 5months of absentee.

There is only one reason why i am absence for my blog for such a long time, it is because i have someone with me whose always there to share with me my laughter and tears.

That's him!!!

At this moment, i just feel so regret for so many times in my in my life for the big silly mistake i had made. And for the very first time i feel like going for work so much, working up in the sky in such a fascinating moment for me!!!

What i had done on the 14th was i MIA for the flight, the reason (ask me if you want to know). It is confidential. It is such a careless and stupid mistake. I will not forget for the rest of my life and i will not repeat the mistake for the rest of my life anymore.

Everything does happen for a reason, but until now i still couldn't find what the reason is for me being MIA on that day? Can it be the only reason for me to realize how important this job is meant for me?

And my dream....

Can i still touch the sky with my own hand?