Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fully Utilised

Working under a low cost career, everything is so cost conscious and the company really fully utilise you because they really need to save cost, in terms of crew meals, transportation, accommodation and most importantly flying hours and SECTORS!!! In return, you get what you deserve. That's so call...'fair and square'.

Taking extra supplements isn't enough for me, most importantly is take the meal on time. But operating short flight like this, you really got no time to eat. What to do...ended up being a weak person on that flight.

......................................... ............................................

Change topic, i seriously need to have a Internet access whenever i go, i hate going back to Sepang, i cannot on9 over there. The main reason i want to on9 is because i can keep in touch with my friend, sometimes...a small chat in msn will make things different. I so desperate for it, i'm going to get back my laptop soon soon soon soon!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I keep thinking, am i demanding too much? That's why i can't get what i want right now. But why some other people out there, they can just get it easily.

I have a positive mindset....

That's why i keep telling myself, don't always compare yourself to the good one, compare to the bad one. Not just making you feel better, will know how fortunate you are for 'who you are' right now.

But...i don't have so much positive thinking...

Somehow, i will still feel very down sometimes, that's what Mulians always call 'EMO'. Once in a while will do, i will not let myself to 'EMO' everyday.

So far...

I am satisfied enough for what i have and who i am now, i just lack of something and somebody. But anything happen outside, a 'home' is always there waiting for me, no matter how sad i am, how depressed i am, i will feel alright eventually because 'SHE' is the only one who will...
-call me all the time when i am out of home
-cook my favorite dish
-take care of me when i'm sick

Most importantly, she pampered me alot and still i am not SPOIL!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm going back to work again, this time...i have to wake up 0230 in the morning for my first flight on tomorrow. I hate waking up early in the damn morning while the sky is still dark... But no choice, this is my job.

Is going to be end of the month soon, time flies really fast....

Don't know what else to write....bye=P

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I afraid one day i will become insane because of the job. I feel so stressed and depressed after i communicate with 'them'. One day max i have to operate four sectors, each sector approx 120 pax, how much stress i can handle from them?

I have to be patience all the time, even though i get 5call buttons from the same person at the same time, keep asking for the same thing even though I said 'sold out', insist to return back to their original seat, scolded by them due to safety purpose...
Complaint by passenger right in front of your face saying you are rude because i never used the magic word, in fact... I did.
The only thing i can do is apologize, i couldn't fight back.

I tell myself, i got to think positive. Use my heart to treat them but not my 'shell', i'm trying very hard...

I want to cry, i feel so stress, this is not an easy job. It is glamour from the outside, but not the inside.

Still, i feel thankful for everything. I just got to be tough.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm having my four days off now, yohoo!!! Today is the second day. After 5days of working, all i get now is worth it...=)

I have a very bad feelings recently, i'm afraid that i will get terminated because of some mistake that i didn't realize. I'd been very very careful when every time i work, but accident do happen sometimes, nobody knows...

Handling passenger call is a easy thing but when 'one call button/ minute', this really need alot of patience to bare with it. The fire is already inside my heart, but i just can be patience. I can't scold the person who press the call button for continuously 5times.

I always tell myself, 'i got to love this job in order to stay long'. But sometimes really mentally tortured, got to be very very careful, one word can make you lose the job.