Monday, November 30, 2009


After so many of exams... First time i feel fear for the upcoming exam. Countless papers. I'd just completed all the assessments today and got my previous Mid Term results, pass not satisfying.

Jumping the slide is always the happiest part, the moment i jump down, WHAO!!!

Staying in this place ( you know where i'm saying), is totally NO LIFE!!! the last weekends, i bored till like hell... No life no life no life!!! The only thing i can do besides study, is to wash my car, clean up the house, lie on the bed, red story book...that's all. No Internet access that is the most terrible part!!!

The happiest moment when you look back the pictures had been captured. Everyone is happy after all... (while waiting the rest )

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another tiring day, because of tired shopping, watch movie in Alamanda. That movie was nice, by Rain, called Ninja Assassin.

I miss another precious day to study... Nvm, study hard, play hard.


Friday, November 27, 2009

At this moment, i feel very sleepy. I just came back from Morib not long ago, get myself shower, check facebook i am.
Flashing back what i had done yesterday, so careless. But, i will learn from mistake.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yo, here i am~~~ Ta da~~~

Errrr...quite a tough week for me, but...i still enjoy it. I don't know the results for the previous exam. After a day, i don't really care about the results, just a bit... There are something which is out of my control that make me really worry about. grrHHhhh~~~

Well well well, guess who i met today and who's the one i was sending flight again this afternoon? Is Chai Yeow Yuan!!! So nice of her that she willing to come few hours early just to meet me up during my lunch time. She will be off to China for about one month and of course she will be back=) Weeee~~~

I wish i can go back this week, too little time for me=( Bear with me for a while, i will be back!!! =P

I gonna miss you bery bery muchhh!!! Xiao Chai!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Friday night (20/11/09), another memorable night for PWRC. Even the time we gather is short but i enjoy it very much. Of course, thanks a lot for the surprising present, i appreciate it very much. I never knew our relationship can last for so long and so tight. Friends forever and i'm looking forward for the upcoming outing.

Saturday night (21/11/09), another good night for me. My beloved beh beh is back to Kepong and 8.30pm girls talk session, 10pm MULIANS talk session. Mulians are always one heart, even though we are sitting down and doing nothing, but our conversation can go nonstop, endless of laughter. Surprisingly, quite a lot of mulians attended, which is me, yeow yuan, khan jack, daryl, keng wei, aimi, hooi san, li ying, chai yee, jiunn herng, of course BEH BEH la...I left at 1something, i don't know about others... I really enjoy chit chatting with them. Very very much!!!

Today, as usual...every time i come back to Kepong, early in the morning i will go out with mum, Pasar Pagi is the compulsory one. Hang around, bought some stuff, had breakfast together. Wow...i love this moment!!!

Not to forget, i study also... Inside my mind or not, i don't know. I think YES!!!
Coming weeks, i will not be coming back until 8th of Dec. Will announce again when i come back...WEEeee~~~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I just get to know... I might not be in KL any longer. I did say yes in the beginning but in my deep heart, 100% of unwillingness to be based in another state. If so, i just have to take it. Move there together with a group of them, hopefully...and stay together. The person i miss the most gonna be my mum. All of these are just prediction, i MIGHT.

Fire drill and wet drill practice the whole day. Practical is always the best part among the all.

By now, i should have start doing revision, but i just can't stop looking back at the pictures. I always enjoy looking back at all the pictures over and over again. Especially pictures I'd taken with M-group and PWRC.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wet Drill

First day of wet drill, i get a chance to try on the slide raft, it was a really great experience. I wish i got the chance to shout the command perhaps next time, but not during emergency, i want it during training. It was a tiring day but it was so much fun.

Guess what, who i saw in the airport yesterday besides Ms Beh Beh? I don't want to say the name here. This fellow always like to be so suspense, where to go, when will be back, NO INFO!!! Anyhow, wish him all the best. Now you know is a guy, right? I guess you know who he is already.

Mulians mulians... getting lesser, more and more leaving. When is the day we will gather again???

Monday, November 16, 2009

I feel sleepy all the time... ArhhHH!!! I'd been sitting in front of computer for more than 30minutes. Hang out with friends at mamak for more than 1 hour and now i still feel lazy to study. I wish i can straight away lie on my bed now. I feel so uncomfortable, toilet stuck, i can't puuu!!!

Beh beh beh beh... i can't wait to see her later, yessss!!!

I got to force myself to start reading... Arhhhh!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to Kepong but i don't get a chance to meet any of my friends...=S

Well...Friday after class, there's a BBQ session organized by my bath mate at USJ. It was really fun but i got to leave early so... But i ended up arrive home late cause i lost.

Yesterday...aiks, whole day bussie bussie... I had done something to myself which make myself feel so uncontented about it. I hope time can pass faster so that i can look better.

LCCT visit on last Thursday on Groud Familiarazation. Great experiece though.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Second week of November, it isn't that great for me. Monday, i was really happy for getting full marks for three papers and 95% for another one, well...out of my expectation, my housemate brought us to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. Because of gummed pain i couldn't enjoy that meal.

Right now, i can't even consume any rice or speak properly. Of course, when today i really can't take the pain anymore, i called my mum and eventually cried on the phone. How useless i am!!! I just miss her so much when i hear her voice, I'd been more than two weeks away from home.

SEP isn't a easy subject to study, when you can't answer a question, the instructor might just ask you get out from the class, this is what make me feel more stressful!!!

But...i still like my life anyhow, but gummed pain really make my life feel miserable.

HANG ON!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

At this very crucial moment, i am now preparing myself for tomorrow's exam. I don't know what else left to revise. I afraid i left out something but my mind is already full.

Well, yesterday was a walk in interview of Air Asia. Some of my friends were there. At first, i wanted to do my revision while waiting for them, but i ended up helping them with registration. I had no regrets in doing this, it was a great experience after all.

Of course, i left one more day to do the study for all the 5 subjects, which is today. I didn't go back to Kepong and i really miss my family, especially my mum.

A little bit more to go, HANG ON!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I love to be...

...a part of Batch 97. I am so glad that i am put in to join batch 97 which consists 5 GAYS who can really make the class ROCKsSS!!!

I really like when 19 of us always do things together, take lunch together, the gays even help her to 'da bao' the food all the way from LCCT. Group study, dinner, play all together-gather.

Well, today is the third time of group study. After all the questions asking session. We decided to play TWISTER which make our day... Yohoo!!! It was so fun seeing them twist their leg and hand, even the head can place between the leg. How funny is that... Vodka+ Orange juice to enhance more for the group study.
After all, it was a tiring but fun day that all the soul of batch97 had passed through together.
I love my life!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Flight Training all the way down since next week. Just done with the Safety Demo assessment today. Well, it was not too tough but i need more practice to make it look perfect.

Yo, this coming Saturday will be another walk in interview for Air Asia. I am so happy that some of my friends will be coming over and I'm going to meet them up, YOHOO!!!

Someone told me look like a KID is good so that when you are 30, you still look like 20. But... i don't know this is a good quality or bad. Maybe half half. I'm trying my best to be mature, but...i just can't reach that point YET.

Not planning to go back this weekend. Duh...