Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I feel so much unwilling to leave my house at Kepong... But i have too. Tiredness still all over my body. I don't know when can i get the excitement before i go to work. So far...i still can't get the feeling. Always look forward for the off day. It was one of my dream, but now...

Aiks, no matter what, i will still keep on moving.

I'm off to work...bye guys.
What a wonderful outing today. Sing K and movie in a row... At least i entertain myself this time when i'm back to Kepong. Feel so good man!!!

ARhhHh...back to work tomorrow. I will be back on 3rd of January. See you guys next year=)

Monday, December 28, 2009

I am back once again...

Two days ago, that was a terrible flight that i had been so far... I was born to be that face, cannot change. Please don't judge from my outlook, i am not as soft as you thought, i am not BLUR as you see. I will prove to you that i am not what you think i am and office job as secretary is NOT my job!!! Don't simply call me to cockpit while that was not the Captain's order, i am not a prostitute or whatsoever. I work as fast as i could, don't put all the blame on me. I'm looking forward for the next flight with you and i will prove you wrong.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hey hey, i will be off to Sepang soon...

Two days of staying in Kepong, i stay at home all the time, sleep most of the time. Seldom go out besides visit someone in hospital. I guess mum also know i'm tired that's why every morning never wake me up for pasar. But, i really want to follow. Too bad, everytime when i was awake, she already went out.

Friends from Aussie and China will be coming back soon, i'm really looking forward for that day to come. Everytime i'm back here, the first thing in my mind is to hang out wiht Mulians, but nowadays... Less and less activities, our dai lou is on vacation. Aiks.. How nice if all the Mulians are here...

I will be back on 26th night, catch up with you guys soon... Babai~~~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Does it really matter?

I know it is matter for some reason, but not for everything. No everyone can leave without money, this is a fact. But everyone can't live without health.

My main point of today's blog is about money, does it really matter? If you just keep quiet everytime and don't keep on mention in front of me when everytime i am back, i will be very happy to share mine with you because i know is my responsibilities. The more i have, the more you will demand for and the more you expect from me. Please stop doing this to me and get the darn paper out of my table!!!

If things still happen like this, i will rather stay outside and don't want to come back here and i will just see you in the BANK!!!

I understand why things become like this but just give me some space to breath, i clearly understand what my responsibility is towards this family. I am just 20 and i am just officially come out to work, please give me some time to settle down all these. Don't be so 'pushy' towards me. Later or sooner, i really can't take it anymore.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Flying is always one of my dream, everytime before i go to work or even i receive a call during standby, i will always tell myself, 'enjoy your work' even though i feel super tired and don't want to get off of my bed.

Yesterday was my first flight to Shenzhen, during transit i had a chance to stand at the aerobridge and feel the 'air' of China, it was so windy that time, the airport was so big. Flight finished at 2am in the morning.

Third time of solo, not even one time i feel satisfied for myself. Got to work very very hard until i don't do any mistake on board and make all things just like peanuts for me.

I'm going to hibernate now for one day....zZz

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yesterday was the company Annual dinner, unfortunately i didn't attend because i already bought the movie ticket=S From their Fcebook, i can see they are having so much of fun. Hopefully next year i can be there.

Today is my standby day, the feeling was... I can't do anything for the standby period, got to bring my phone with me all the time and put it in a high coverage area. Until 2030, i feel so happy because i am released!!!

Going out to 'WET' later, hooray!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally, I'd finished the SNY flight where i can get rid of the 'Trainee' name tag and my name is not 'Trainee'. After three days of flying, exhaustion is thing that i cannot escape, waking up every 4am in the morning is not an easy thing. But, the satisfactions after finish all the workload is so superb.

I get off day today until Friday. Stay at home most of the time, if time permit, i would like to hang out=P

The best thing i came back home is to see the one i loved, a person who always care about me when i am sick, ask me to take medic on time, i can't live without you.

Home sweet home, i lovin' it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'd made it!!! I feel so much released right now=) Next stop i know is gonna be tougher than this. I'd been to this far, i will not give up no matter what.

Thanks for all the encouragements from everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank You

I feel so grateful and thankful that I'm blessed by so many peoples. This year is the great birthday I'd ever been through. Even though i'm not at my own house, but i can still feel the warmth from everyone of my friend. SMS, call, facebook, suprise... That's really out of my expectation.

Thanks to...
1) Mulians who come all the way from kepong. I really love to be with you all.
2)Taekwondo mates who brought me to a very nice place for dinner. Unforgettable place and night=)
3) Batch 97 who brought me the 'Crazy cake' and brought me up to speak a little on the bench. Lup you guys, muackxxx!
4) KBU mates for not forgetting my birthday with the adorable card written with wishes, it's worth more than anything.
6) PWRC who suprise me with the present, haha... Thanks=)
7) Phone calls all the way from UK & Aussie as well as text messages. Thanks!!!
8) Blessing and wishes on facebook

Deepest appreciation from my heart. THANK YOU!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Even though i'm tired, i know is worth it... I'd made it!!! Two more days to go... I hope i am the survivor, i will survive!!! Yay!!!

Yes, i am back to Kepong again. This time, the first person i met was San San, thanks a lot for accompanying me to buy my 1 and 2 shoes, haha... Thank you very very muchie!!! Nice to see you back...ngek ngek ngek.

I can't wait for tomorrow, my first time...yohoo!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I feel so unsecured, pray that tomorrow things will be alright... I cannot afford to fail...
Be cool, be calm... I know i can.