Friday, January 30, 2009


Yes, as usual... Today i went for visiting AGAIN!!!!
My day goes like this:

-9am woke up, updated blog and get ready for the visiting

1.) 1st stop-my house. They were late, as usual!!! Chit Chat a while and moved on to next house.
2.) Rong kuen's house at wangsa permai
3.) Weng Fei's house
4.) Zhee Ping's house
5.) Sin Ying's house
6.) Tan Jing's house-her house was the last stop, i guess i didn't miss out anyone's house...(i guess). We went home around 4pm. Balik ke rumah masing-masing.

-take a short nap at 5pm and awoke by some one's call...=S(speak ENGLISH, i don't understand at all)

-7pm went for swimming, an honour guest had finally joined us-DARYL YEOW, together with two body guard, Jack and Qi Hao and i am the host...hahaha=P

-9pm, went out for bak kut teh... and that's the end of today~~~

Conclusion, not really packed today, but quite interesting too...hahaha. At least i swim today, can burn out yesterday's calories....hahaha.

Going to sleep now....Good Night=)


Below are the belated update for the past two days=)

Like this:


1) 10am in the morning, get everything done QUICKLY, because i woke up late and we moved to grandma's house at Kepong Baru for ancestors 'bai bai' ceremony.

-mum walked the wrong way to the house besides, so blur=S

-quite a lot of relatives coming in and out...

2) Moved on to PJ 'dai tong', opposite to Tropicana Mall to have annual gathering there, this is the day i where i get the chance to meet up all my relatives, i don't even know who are who sometimes, too many!!!

3) Around 3pm, moved on to youngest uncle's house at BU for a while. I wanted to go back home, but mum kept on saying 'just a while'... Eventually, ended up 'BIG WHILE'
This is Zing, she loves to play soccer...ahahaha, and she knows, don't pray pray. Uncle promised to give me a puppy if Zing becomes a mother.

4) Moved on to grandpa's brother's house, somewhere at BU too...
Finally...i reached home at 6 something... Phew.... But going to sir's house at 8pm. This is the final station of the day, again... I was like a dead fish when i was at home but these continuous activities, 'I"M LOVIN' IT'!!!
Haha...this day was not so packed, but i slept at 2am.
My day goes like this:
1) Awake at 9stmg and started my essay but half way i gave up, because i still in holiday mood...hahaha
2) Went for a short nap and woke up at 2pm and i got a called from 'Xiao Ma Yi', they coming to my house. I was happy and quickly get up and bath and....lalala~~~
3) Next stop, we went to Daryl's house together, they gambled there and me too... But not my money...hahaha=D After they stopped,they started to sing.... Wow~~~ the pirated Avril Lavigne was in town!!! (*no worries jack, i won't upload the video, maybe next time=P)
4) We went home around 6smtg and everyone had their own plan.
5) Around 8pm, i went to third uncle's house at Sunway Damansara, i didn't get a chance to take any pictures, i forgot=P i waited at there for quite long... And we finally went off around 10.30pm.
6) Final stop... 1 Utama GSC, watched midnight show- Bride Wars. Half way, the screen shut down, everyone 'boo~~~', except four of us la of course....=P resume back after 15 minutes (i guess). Ans so....i slept at 2am, dead fish again!!!!
Today, i will be going to TKD's house visiting... Will update soon...
Happy Niuuu~~~~ year=)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today's plan....
Like this:
-10am in the morning, i went for swimming, half an hour...haha. I wanted to burn the calories i ate ytd.
-11smtg went to mum's shop 'kai nian'

-1st station: 2nd uncle's house.
When we arrived at there, there was visitors in uncle's house, so...i can get another ang pow, hahaha. I saw my cousin's fiance, very pretty, korean girl, getting married in this coming 15th of March.
(*i failed to get a good angle becasue of battery low)

-2nd station: 老姑's house. I cou'dn't get any pictures because my hp shut down...=.=" As usua., mum chit chat a while; me and my brother sat there,watched tv and eat snack. But, we went out for lunch at metroprima after that. SUPER FULL

-went for a short walk at carefour to buy a teapot, we suddenly get interested in drinking Chinese tea....hahaha.
-at movie at GSC, 'all about woman' not bad. Learn about 'fei luo mong'. Hahaha...
Will update the third one soon...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'ang mo' sentence

'When the phone GREEN GREEN...'
'I PINK up the phone and said YELLOW...'
'Who is this? WHITE do you want?'
'You don't PURPLE'ly call me...'
'If you make me angry, i will not call you BLACK'

A new movie by Jack Neo showing-'Love matters', da movie trailer damn funny!!!


‘大年初一’is a big 'BULL' day for (no harsh meaning). As someone said, it is a 'year routine'. Like this:

We left home at 10am

We went to mum's shop 'bai bai'

1st station-'Da Yee's house', we had brunch there, all are veggie. I met my cousin for the first time, he went to England for don't know how many years and eventually came back this year to celebrate CNY together with his wife(a malay) and his 2 years big daughter.
2nd station-nanny's house. I met back my 'nai ma' again, she is getting older. Flashing back when i was still young, so much memories there and she's just like my 'second mother'.

These are my nanny's grandchildren, they grow so much. My mum called them '三剑客', hahahaha!!!!

3rd station-'Er yee's house', I saw my baby cousin sister. Last time i saw her she's still a baby sleeping on the bed, now she can walk and run around. Grow super much lo...
4th station- 'dong chang shi'(i don't know the Chinese words), suppose to go uncle's house, but...mum suggest to go this place. Is a year routine too. We went there in evening so that at the night we can get a chance to see beautiful lights.

Brother fall asleep....=S

Here we are!!! The giagantic Dutch Lady bull

The night view...


going out now....bye~~~

p/s: suppose to update ytd but i was a dead man when i reached home...XD

Monday, January 26, 2009

25th to 26th

This year, I had reunion dinner with mummy and brother at Pizza Hut. This was the 2nd time we had it in Pizza Hut since two years ago. Brother paid the bill, aligatur=) I thought I can’t see any Chinese in the restaurant, but I was wrong. I am glad I still can have this reunion with the most beloved persons in my life, my mum and my brother. And so…I feel so much joy for this dinner and it makes me feel really thankful for who I am now.

Haha...after that, mum’s fren came and joined us. Luckily she came, if not my mum would not talk so much. We went for movie after that, hanging around at Jusco and movie started at 11pm. We watched ‘All well ends well’. So much laughter in that show, we laughed until dead….XD Next time when I fall in love again, I will spin just like them…hahaha.

At the same time, I get many greetings from my friends, all via sms. Most of it are forward messages, but still meant to me=) Thanks.
I have taken some pictures along the journey, haha…enjoy=)
Oya…I passed New Year in the cinema for the first time.

Last but not least, happy Chinese New Year. MoooOo~~~~
Both of them were busy chatting and never realized I was taking picture…lol

Is already 10smtg, but I can still see the crowd in the supermarket

Queuing to Hall 1 for ‘All well ends well’, that man was my brother.

Queuing to Hall 1 for ‘All well ends well’, that man was my brother.
On my way home…I still that energetic even though passed 11pm (my standard sleeping time)

The night view

I am home~~~

Haha…is already 1.21am, 26th. HAPPY NIU YEAR=)
Got to go out now, bye~~~~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is the right time...

I feel released when i step into my house after i back from college, put down my stuff, no bath and straight away help mummy to clean up the house. I feel like Friday today, just don't know why... And the feelings of CNY is getting deeper and deeper....XD

Back to title, i feel so thankful because it is the right time to reveal something. And it is the super right time to receive a call yesterday and i met with someone i trusted very much today. Of course, is the right time to do house cleaning today.... Haha, because CNY is coming very very soon.

Therefor, in the year of OX, i am a whole new ME again. No hatred in my heart anymore=)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Trash is 'lap sap', we throw lap sap everyday. Not just the lap sap we can see visually; but also lap sap that we can feel which keep in our heart. I am glad i throw lap sap everyday with no regrets, especially today, i throw away a lap sap which i treasured very much before and is now in my house's trash bin and will be with DBKL soon, cannot be recycled, cannot be reused, it will dissolve forever.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today in history class, i learned something which really inspired me very much. 'Hand is a very powerful tool'.

Tutor told me 'you use the hand to caress a dog; if you use back the same hand to beat a dog. Eventually, your dog will get confused when you touch him/her next time again'. Same thing goes to human, you use a same hand to caress your children; at the same time, you use back the hand to slap him/her, he/she will get confused too.

Hand is a very useful too, it not only help us to complete daily works, but it also plays on human psychology. When you are nervous, you will hold your hand together or you will use your hand to scratch your head or....some other parts(don't get me wrong).

In my own opinion, i do think we should be contented by having a pair of 'healthy hand'. Make use of our own hand, if you use it for caress on someone, don't ever ever use it to beat someone. Use hand in an appropriate way for you own sake.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I just awake from a nap, dream about something but i can't remember what it is... But my mood drop dramatically after i wake up from bed. Feel damn emo.

But still goes on.... I still have to get back to my work now.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stefan Sagmeister

I went to college 9am in the morning to submit the 'Hot Art' competition artwork. While waiting for mum, i went to library and look for some books... And i found a book which is talked about 'Stefan Sagmeister', a well-known designer and definitely INSANE designer. Someone who is really passionate to design. For me, he is the most handsome guy that i had seen before among all the designers....hahaha=) Not very macho(i know because i saw he's being nude before) but definitely good looking and humorous.

Below are some images that I'd found from the book, the story line is quite normal but you will find it interesting if you know this guy. One thing i love is his facial expression, soOoo funny!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skytrex Part 2 (Four Seasons House)

I know is a bit too late.... But, at least i uploadedit...hehe=)


Monday, January 12, 2009

For the sake of...

For the sake of UPDATE... Haha, yes... i upload this just to update my blog=P

Ermmm, college reopen since last week. I have to continue back the heavy work loads and stress(i take it as positive). Today is presentation and that will be a full stop for project 1, 'bye bye'. Of course, end project 1 today and start the second project today also=)

Well....nothing much to say here, first month of 2009 definitely will be a great start for me in year 2009. Everything is gonna be good this year, I'm always ready to fight over all the obstacles.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Belated Pictures-Skytrex (part 1)

O well~~~ I know it's very late to post up this 2008 Skytrex pictures, but...i still want to post it=) my blog=P Enjoy~~~

The macho (kononnya), but this is the best picture i love among the all.

All the 14 participants are in the photo

The net behind us is super high~~~

This is the final station, i look relax though...=P yet, funny and silly with the safety equipment around my waist.

The flying fox, notice the string, it's quite high... Don't pray pray.

The platform where we have to stand all of the time before proceed to next stunt.

I'm coming~~~

Can you see how high is that??? VERY!!!

I was in the picture, someone took it from top...

On my way to fly~~~

Everyone looks....ermm...'innocent'???

The hero, the first one to start and the first one to end and the youngest among us.


Girls' POWER, what else???

Hahaha...the end... i will upload part 2 soon.... 'In the four seasons house'
Have a nice day=)

Friday, January 2, 2009

W.E.N Year

First of all, happy new year everyone=) This year, i passed the new year's night happily=) I still remembered last year i was passing alone at my house....haha...damn pity. But i don't mind....lalala~~~

On the 31/12/2008, around 8pm, MR ZH fetch me to kh's house, thank you very much....boss=) A lot of foods at there, steamboat and BBQ. Haha...yummy yummy. And sharp 12am, we saw fire works, sadly...we forgot to countdown=S Everyone is busy eating and chatting. But, i am contented with that day, at least i celebrate and have fun=D

My new year wish is....i didn't make any=S I will make one wish soon when i though of it. Haha...last but not least, HAPPY 2009, may everyone has a prosperous 2009=D