Monday, February 8, 2010

Anyone miss my blog? Hahaha...=P

My laptop is back and is functioning very well with updated software, music and movie. Is worth for the pay, more than that. Thanks Fahmi!!!

I was busy working for the past few days, as usual afternoon flight, eat work sleep and work and back to the same rountines. I am actually on duty today but because of the rest hour, i request for the duty change, and hooray!!! No call up at this moment. Hopefully, no call up until end of duty hour...

It was a smooth flight for the past few days, only a few things i get complain where i really got to work on it, especially the annoucement skill. I'd seen all kind of passenger so far... i just got to bear with it, not all the human is perfect, right... Colleagues, so far are still okay, i am so lucky to get a set of good crew most of the time.

Flying for one month plus, i'd tried some of the food from Indonesia and Thailand, those food are not as tasty as malaysia's food. I still very much prefer local food.

Yesterday, i realized something very interesting, a 7 years old young boy answer a question like this when his daddy ask him:

'Boy, i just want to check whether you are my son or not.'
'You want a pretty wife or a good hearted wife?'

The boy answer
'A pretty wife'

Daddy says,

Boy says'
'Because a pretty wife i can teach her to become good hearted; a good hearted wife i cannot teach her to become pretty'

Daddy says,
'confirm my son!!!'

I was stunt to hear this story, what i'd learnt from this story, most of the guy look at the face more than inner beauty, right??? So, girls out there... Stay pretty, spend less on stuff, spend more for yourself=P

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chindek said...

correctly what of the boy said.