Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love GUYS for life!!!

'Do you have a bf?'
'No, i don't have.'
'Don't lie la... Impossible'
'No, i single for many years already.'
'O no!!! Are you a lesbian?!'


O man... Nowadays a lot people thought that i am a lesbian. 'Ta nai nai de~~~~'
The conversation above always happens during my flight, they don't believe what i had said and thought that i am a lesbian, worse come to worse, they INSIST that i am a lesbian.

I had came through a very ridiculous conversation recently....
'Do you have a bf?'
'How long you never kissed already?'
'I can't remember'
.(more conversation continues)
'Are you a lesbian?'
'Of course not, i love guys for life'

Friend who knows me well, they know i am not a lesbian, they know how to pronounce my name properly. I don't blame you for misunderstanding that i am a lesbian. I just want to share with all of you here that

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Navinuz said...

Hello Priscilla, are you a Chinese? nice to see you here in blogger and Ohh,, I add you in my blog list I read that you love guyz I believe. Ahhmm.. so do you already experienced
gender discrimination. Well, don't putting youself to be down by what others might say, just ignore them you have no problem but them. So keep in touch my friend. Most 0f all I don't want to see that a friend of mine have driven by a problem and almost her time was consumed by it. S0 as much as we keep in touch just go and continue to fight. just keep the warm of friendship. -- Dan Capullo, PH