Monday, September 6, 2010

No Regrets

Money does matter...
Every time come to this issue, argument will occur.

I know i have to sacrifice myself in order to make someone feel more contented. Myself is nothing, but that somebody is everything for me.

Money can earn, love cannot earn. No love, money is nothing. I can only live happily with love surroundings me.

So, i determine to make that somebody feel happier in order to extend my plan.
Eat less, play less, save less...
As long as she is happy, i got no regrets.

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Navinuz said...

I'm pleasing don't be lonely, Priscillia just try to think something new,things that will make yourself proud, interesting, productive and most of all you're happy. As many of your friend hope you to be happy including me as your co-blogger here.