Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can't believe myself being call up for flight when i am in S3. The feelings of being call up was pretty strong, but i can't believe my sixth sense is SO DAMN STRONG!!! I break my record, 30minutes to bath and get myself ready, 1hr30min to reach LCCT which is the longest time i'd never tried because of tha slow moving traffic. But coming back was a super duper smooth road where 45minutes i can reach home. Can you imagine how much different is that??? Luckily i reach office on time but late for sign on, late reason: call up for flight. The whole set of crews were being call up, me, another two crew were so blur, because we already in off day mode. Aihx...still not perfect yet.

It has been quite a while i didn't update for my blog. Few days back, i was happy working... When there's someone waiting for you after flight, that's pretty nice. It really motivates you a lotsSs.

Is time to bed...zZz...

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