Saturday, October 31, 2009

AHhHhhh...what a lazy day. I HIBERNATE for the whole evening, from 4pm to 7pm, not too long, right? That's why i am quarter HIBERNATE.

Meet up with SOME of the Mulians, only SOME. Most of them are beeesieee, last time we use to have more than 10 together, 6, 5... and now only 3!!! So pathetic. Exam season, that's why loRrr...

Well, i decide to go back early tomorrow as i really can't concentrate when i'm in Kepong. Unless someone ask me out, i might stay abit longer.

Off to bed...zZz

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dare to Dream

Today's class... Out of sudden, expectations, Anthony Francis Fernandaz walked into our class. I really impressed for his achievements and his humble towards everyone. Not stingy in giving anyone an opportunity to achive there dream. Therefor, they told us 'dare to dream'. I do have a dream, not just to become a Flight Attendant, but...i wish i can become a pilot. Sounds weird huh... But ermm, i hope my dream will come true.

At this moment, i got to focus on what i suppose to, FIRST. Pass stage 1, follow by 2 and 3 and so on...

Well...exam is coming soon, i do not have much time to hang around. Work hard and achieve more!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I realized no matter where we are, as long as we are stay away from home, the feelings of homesick is always there. For myself, first priority always give to my friends, i always miss my friends very much when i am back to Sepang, especially Mulians and PWRC. Of course, family do play a important part of it, i miss the time going out with mum in the morning. No matter how drunk i am, how tired i am, i still can get up from the bed.

Yesterday was a night that i kept flashing back all the memories in A Famosa with Mulians. I really miss it a lot. I wish i could have a chance to gather with them like this, none of them can be absent, each of them play a important role in every single trip.

Thinking about my future, how to save more money. As time goes by, my burden became heavier. Mum's getting older and she's going to close down her shop, this is one of her dream. Sit back and relax. By that time, is my responsibilities to take up this family.

One year contract, by next year, i hope i can go back to kepong, stay over there so that i can have more time to spend with my family and friends. I don't mind driving far or wake up early. As long as i can spend my time with these two groups of people, i am satisfied enough.
YES!!! I can on9 again.. But, too bad, already pass 12am. (which is yesterday), no class, just a application for airport pass. Well...rain heavily and i get wet of course. Really wet, ended up using the toilet hand dryer to dry up my heels and my hair. But is quite fun though.

No more emo... I know time can heal everything. Yes!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes, i can on9 again.
Syllables over here getting tougher and tougher. Stress, very.
I'm in a very bad mood now, emo i guess.
Tomorrow will be alright.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I am back to Sepang again. Everytime when i back to here from kepong, the feelings of each time are different.

Mulians mulians, i miss everyone of you very very much=)
I do not know why the post i posted yesterday is mysteriously MIA. Well...the mood on yesterday compared to today is totally different. I came back from Sepang, i was saying i enjoy my life over there very much and i just learned First Aid. Taught by Pn. Siti Zamrud who is a very good instructor. Below is the picture that i took together with Pn.Siti and my fellow batch mates on the last day for First Aid. yesterday, Mulians celebrated Zheng Hao's birthday who is known as the Mulian's DAI LOU. From 12am to 4am. First in my life time. Alcohol, juices, food, snack, Karaoke and most importantly MULIANS which had made the celebration became a really nice and successful one!!! Well, i get a bit 'dizzy' yesterday, but i am still conscious.
AwWWW...i feel like life is so beautiful. With friends, family...=) I feel so glad...

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I love KEPONG, when everytime i come back to my 'HOME SWEET HOME', i feel like i need more time before the weekends say goodbye to me.

Yea, this morning, after six hours of sleep because of last night 2am yc 'Happy Hour' at Station One, i went out with mummy at the early 8am and afternoon hang out with college mates.

Luckily Charlene ask me when will be the 'PWRC turn?', if not, we will not be able to make this meeting successful. I spend a lot, really a lot!!! But on those stuff that i really need it, want to buy it so much since last week. I wish we have more time to hang around there, even for the 'meat ball' movie if possible. But too bad, both of them got to leave at 5pm.

I arrived home, drag a while and nap... Here i am to blog about today and back to sleep again...Hahahahahahaha

The powerful of CA-ME-RA
makes the memory last forever
I'm looking forward for another one
Each time gathering is the time i treasure the most.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I am back to Kepong once again. Day by day, more and more things to catch up. Cannot be lazy even for one day. I'm enjoying my life pretty much at this moment. I will never feel fed up for getting up early everyday to attend the class. Nice place, nice people.

Everytime i come back to Kepong, first thing i ever do is text one or two of the Mulians. I will never miss any chance to hang out with them, they are always part of my life. Another thing is, TKD. Since last week tournament, i really wish i can commit training every week, but i know i can't. Last but not least, KBU mates. When i saw they tag me in facebook even though i am not in the picture, i feel... Those feeling cannot describe by words. I miss everyone of them. I will never feel so until i really into that situation. Yet, life still goes on, everyone has their own life, own path.

Less than two months to go=)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am back=)

A quick and a short one before i leave...
Few days ago i was having class as usual, but i couldn't on9 as usual=S Some of you know why.

I already forgot the feeling of attending class, how was it like, but everyday is a different feeling. Ya, i'm at my sweet home now, Kepong. I came back yesterday, suppose to reach here early, but because of that someone and some incident, i reached here at 10pm=S I couldn't buy my stuff, my plan all BURN!!! Not to forget, so sorry to YY who waited me for a few hours. Sorry~~~

Headed to Chandran after that with yy and Mulians (only a few) for my dinner, chit chat a while and went home.

Today...i guess it will be my last Tkd tournament. Nothing proud to share here. But i do enjoy all the time i passed with them today. A countless thanks to Zheng Hao, Chun Ming, Jiunn Herng, XIAO MA YI and Daryl who came and gave me a really big support. Second time you guys were there for me, thank you very much. Mulians are always a part of my life, and lighten my life up, really UP UP UP!!!

And Sook Sook too...=) thanks for the sweater=) Muackxxx muackxxx muackxxxx!!! I should kiss you like how Tan Jing did to you=P Haha...

Is late...that's all for the pass few days and today. Pictures will be uploaded in Facebook soon if i can hijack someones line=P


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


2nd day of class, reach academy half an hour earlier, in case of any 'late'ness' cause i don't want to give them my L.O.V.E (letter of valid explanation).

Something i had learned today is do with the blog title. Don't want to explain all the details here, in case i lost any precious reader who will be bored of reading my blog talking all just about training.

I slowly get use to the place i'm staying now, can fall asleep easily when i'm on the bed, can 'Shit' as usual which is very good. I don't cook, but i'm ok with the food i take everyday.

I miss someone very much....

Monday, October 5, 2009

All Star

First day of class, it was tiring, from 9am to 6pm. But it was a really happy day that i had. Videos, lectures, 5inches handouts... I know there's a lot more things to learn.

I'm glad i had chosen the right airlines (at this moment, i think), those videos are really inspired me a lot. They treat everyone as human being, no ranking and working in a big family. One of the lady whom i really salute her, she was once a Flight Attendant and now she is a pilot, how great is that!!! From a no one to someone.

I'm looking forward for tomorrow's class. A lot of rules and regulations to follow, but...this is the process. Bare with them for 59days, and hopefully i can graduate and get the 'silver wing'.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Say BYE BYE to Kepong; say HELLO to Sepang.
I came back from training, bath and straight away pack my luggage, moved everything into the car, PHEW~~~ Sweat Sweat Sweat. Took my lunch and going to take a nap now before i drive there.

I don't know i can get any Internet access over there, but...just to inform all of my friends, for those who concern or not concern. I am moving out from my home now, will come back this coming Saturday for competition purpose. After that, i will not come back that often, as i said before, the cost of travelling is really killing me. AwWWW...i gonna miss a lot of people here, Mulians especially and of course, KBU mates and Taekwondo buddy.

Hope my life over there will not bored like a dead fish, books and laptop will always be my best entertainment. Those who has any interesting story book, please pinjam=) Pleaseeee~~~

That's all from me. BYE=)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yesterday was a really tiring day... Awake at 6am and drive all the way to Sepang. Alone in the car, such a long journey, really bored... I will become a phobia in driving if i travel everyday like this.

I'd found a house nearby Sepang which is at Kota Warisan. For those(only girls) who want to fly next day and want to find a place to stay, you can come to my place, FOC=)

First day of class, nothing much... A brief introduction and collect some stuffs which make me really excited for that, ngek ngek ngek. I saw some familiar faces and from their experiences in the class, i know it's not easy for these two months. A lot of things to learn, things is not as easy as you look from the surface.

I was in batch 97, not many people in the class, but a lot of them are X crew. Still in process getting a lot with them, they are nice though.

As i get to know by the landlord, they are not Internet access in the house, but i can 'hijack' from somewhere. So...i don't know how long i will abandon this blog. I will not come back every week cause the fare of travelling really expensive. Will come back when it's necessary.

Yay!!! Moon cake's festival tonight. Great buddy Mulians has another gathering again. Yohoo!!! Love it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I feel bored to stay at home... So i decide to go back to KL plaza to hand in the present and go back to college to meet my coursemate for the 'last few times'.

I am not as cheerful as last time; not as real as last time. I don't want to get influence by you. After a few days, i can stay away from this horrible place and away from your face.