Friday, March 5, 2010

First day of working, i feel so tired!!!
I feel so weird in the early morning, feel uncomfortable, maybe it's my first day of working after three days off, i got to get back my working mood.

As i always said, working keeps me busy,keeps me forget, keeps my time useful. I think slowly slowly i will start to love this job, is LOVE, not just like.

People always say i need to be more confident, okay... I will, but i still can't figure out where, when and how i lack of confident.

Haih, first time become P4 for SIN flight and i already did some silly thing. MALU dao!!! No second time.

I feel happy today because i get compliments; i feel embarrassed because i make mistake and i will not repeat it again.

Time to sleep...=P Muahahahaha

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