Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maybe i already get use to it not to speak during this very tense moment. But, i will try my best to turn thing better. Perhaps after i back from work again this weekend?

Yes, i did say 'play less, spend less'. But today i spent 'some'... I tell myself i will not shop for 'tops and bottoms' again until end of the year. Sometimes, you work for so long, you really need to buy something to pamper yourself, right? But not too over la...

I receive a message from someone on Facebook, wow!!! Sometimes, is true that a simple message will lighten up your day. And, it makes me feel so much want to go back to college life again. How i wish if i can go back now and be in the same group of people again, i will definitely apply for study leave.

I have to work very hard from now, give 100% on my job, manage my finance AGAIN so that everything go smoothly.

Well...i'm still waiting for something. Alotss of things...

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