Monday, November 29, 2010


26th of Nov was the worse day ever that i he had been through so far.
The level of stress, anxious is at the peak of my head.

I always say 'this is an easy job; the only thing is human factor'.
Sometimes, when the senior says something about you, you can only sit there and listen. You didn't know how to fight back even though he will ask 'anything you want to say?'. I will answered 'No, i am sorry'.

I struggle; i cried. No matter how it is, you still have to get back to work at the end with a smiling face.
Until now, it still left a very big impact on myself. If ever i get the position again, the level of stress will go the the top of my head.

'We work, we fall and we climb back to the progress' This is very true.
I'm climbing now, i will try my best not to let this thing happen on me again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I didn't know how many times i had mention this in my previous blog.
But i just feel thankful right now, i was not born in a rich family nor a complete family. But what i have now, is worth more than that. I am good with my mum; i am good with my brother.

I have a job, even now i am still chasing for my dream, i will still go for it, even if i don't get it, at least what i am doing now is the half achievements of my dream.

I have a bunch of good friends and people who love me.

Who else in the world can get a life like this, maybe you are, but not all.

Life goes up and down, when you are at the downhill, think back who are there to support you and is it worth to be sad or feel disappointed? Maybe yes, but just for a while. Tomorrow will still be a better day.


Monday, November 8, 2010


I am alone in a place right now; but with my laptop i am not alone.
Since i came here, i learn to be more independent. Without mama's care, mama's dish, i got to be more independent. Learn how to sort things out by myself. And now i can be alone most of the time, but not always, because i am not an alien=P

The flight has been canceled today, if i know thing like this will happen, i would have stay in Kepong for one more day and i can go for curry mee with Mulians yesterday. I guess sometimes god is really helping me, because the senior that i'm going to work with today is someone that i don't really want to work with. I got duty change last minute and i got a bit released, but not FULLY released. Because i couldn't work with another crew that i really love to work with and my flying hours get deducted.

Thing always happen in such a coincidence way, alot of incidents happen on me in such a way recently. I would say is a good COINCIDENCE. The time will come when it comes.

Four more days to go, i get to hang out with someone i love in this coming saturday, yipee!!!
I love my life=)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dare to Dream

Everyone has a dream, you can dream whatever you want and try you best to achieve it. Nothing is impossible because the words impossible read as

See that, people? Dare to dream, nothing is impossible. Even though if you can't get what you think at the end, at least you know you have tried your very best(Make sure you did)! Just move on with your life, who knows something better is waiting for you.

I always believe everything happens for a reason. I had been through quite a few incidenst that i believe this is very true.

I just hit the 'send' button, i had made another move. More actions to be done to reach my dream.