Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lack of something

Sometimes i feel happy because i got what i want, especially a bunch of best friends. Most of the time, i feel like lack of something and that is 'Family'. Since that day i argue with her, we do not speak to each other for...few weeks. She used to wake me up and ask me to go market with her, watch movie with her, go shopping with her.... But now, all of these do not happen.

I feel happy, but i feel lack of something. Things are still not perfect.

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luvmel said...

perhaps you should try say something...forgive and forget is the way to have all this weird feeling gone. Reconcile when you can, don't wait too long, afraid it will be harder later..Family is your first and the ones you can really trust. When you become like them someday, you'll understand why they act so...