Monday, September 13, 2010

Two more days to go, i feel so nervous. The feeling of first day flying for A320 is back again. I still got to go through it anyhow. I keep telling myself that i can make it. Yes, i can!!!

Something keep bothering about me recently. I think i should really be generous abit, let go, let go, let go!!! I know, things will turn better when the time comes. But, at this time, it bothers me so much.

Back to home is always the best thing, i always look forward for my off days. I would like to stay at home, lie on the sofa and watch tv. Thats the best thing that i really love to do besides hanging out with friends.

Control my 'nafsu', don't let my 'nafsu' controls me.

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ng hooisan said...

what nervous feeling???
share wif us tml ya!!!!