Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love my...more than anything

I love my FRIEND more than anything...
My life enlighten by all of you, i enjoy every outing with them. Laughter, happiness are things that i cannot buy. How fortunate i am to be in that group and born in the year of snake at the particular time and day.

To someone who may concern,
Please give me some space to breath, i am already 20 year old girl and i know what time to go back home. Please don't check me like i am a criminal, i just need some entertainment. I will not stay in this house during off day if you keep on doing this to me. I had grown up and i know what is wrong or right.

I need a valid reason why you ask me to do but not him, you want to fully utilize every minute i spend here? Not even a one minute rest for me? I can't think of anyway to make myself think positive when come to this situation.

I love you and i always do. But please give me some space to breath and I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE!!! I don't like to be RESTRAINT!!!!!!

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