Thursday, May 28, 2009

U know

You know why i never updated my blog for few days, righhhhttTT??? Yes, B.U.S.Y. From Monday until now, by the time i finished the works is already passed 12am. Even stay back for OT until midnight. Hopefully, everything can settle by tomorrow. I need a break and i hope i can get off day for next week...=) I much will i get for doing this job, not too less, pleassSssseee~~~

Things to be happy is Beh Beh had finally came back from Taiwan and will be seeing her in this coming Sunday and Yeow Yuan too=) hooray~~~ Going to A Famosa for class trip soon, yeahhHh!!!

Somethings i have not done, which is the freelance things and two designs for competitions. Let me off for next week...please please please....=)

Last but not least,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Attend Ensligh class today, is not about grammar, i learned a bit about the air craft, 320, 330, 340, 380, forward, arft, MIH...etc...alot more which i couldn't remember=P

Went to Times Square for a walk with coursemate, bouthg mum's birthday present and two shirts. And to rush some work to hand in tomorrow. ARhHh....damn lazy...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I feel really tired today. Nonstop from morning until now... How long can i last??? I really need a break... But, no break!!! Working, Class, Training... ARhHhh...can i have a break at least for one week??? I feel damn dizzy right now...

Today class, i learned make up and skin care...and stuff... I become the model, is not a good thing though. Because the tutor did only left side of my face just to compare after and before. Such a big contrast... Make up really magic. When i get back to my seat, i straight away wipe off the make up because i don't have the skill like tutor to exact the same. Learned walking today, my heels drop off half way... Malu. to teach class later, i in sleepy mood man...please...i need some energy. I miss beh beh very much, i will meet her asap once she comes back from taiwan... really miss her a lot...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another good day

Time will prove every thing, tomorrow will be anotehr better day. Day by day, my mood getting better, and almost heal!!! Yeah!!! Everything is back to normal...hooray!!!

I just reached home not long ago, had dinner at 999. I bought two shirts, two books, two Chupa Chup today, haha...everything in double... And some cosmetics. So excited to get new things, lol...=D AwWWWw...i can't imagine how will it be when come to next week... Hope my hair will not drop too much. Keep myself happy, keep myself free from STRESssss....

p/s: For GD08', Ms TY called me today, please collect back your work before next Friday, otherwise...hahaha!!! You know whats going to happen...=D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is another good day

I know my previous blog was about my bad mood... Today slightly better as i tolerate with my mum. As i said, if i keep silent when she scold me, things will be alright. I keep silent it doesn't mean i don't want to talk to her forever. I talk to her today,but in a nice way...

Okay, get back to my job... I slightly free a bit today, but i feel happy cause the work keep myself busy for whole day so that i do not feel bored in the office. I gonna get the freelance thing done asap, it going to due soon...

Must not forget to mention here, i had a phone call with YY yesterday in MSN, we chatted a lot and i feel much more better. This is what a friend for, they will always by your side whenever you need them, I am fortunate enough to have such two SISTA with me always...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's wrong???

Since last Sunday, my mum had treated me differently. Her tempered is getting worse and worse. Sunday morning when i awake, she nagged at me, scold me but i do nothing wrong. When i knock her door tell her I'm going to training, she talks to me in a fierce way. Since then...i started to keep quiet all the time when i see her and do not want to speak a word!!!

Monday until now, she not even changed, i cried alone every time when she treated me like this. What's wrong with her tempered? Today, while she's sending me back from work, she bang at the sterling hardly because of the red light. When we arrived at her shop, i straight away go to the other room, i do not want to stay with her. I mad at her so much. While i am waiting for her in front of Jusco for 15minutes, my stomach is playing drum, i wanted to call her and tell her i want to buy some food to eat from Jusco, she do not even say a 'hello' when i call her, she shout at me 'COMING COMING!!!'. As if i do something wrong... I cried again today when I'm alone in the room and i feel really upset towards her attitude. Her tempered is getting worse, whats wrong??? Don't tell me is 'geng nian qi'. It does not make sense, this had already passed.

I will just keep myself quiet whenever i see her. I hope i still can stand for her tempered, if not...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Should I???

Today is the second week of working, as i mentioned previously, i'm getting busier and busier with the workloads. I might have to stayback for OT until late night on next week. I told my mum i bring back work to do from office and she said 'don't be so stupid,u not suppose to bring back job to home'. I just keep silent, my opinion is once i have not passed the probationary period, i must do whatever i can to impress the boss.

Guess wahat, i saw Ms Lee today(TKD dudes, you know who i'm saying) and she will be advertising New Gen TKD club with Doormail. So...i'l be in charged her ad and i already done today, just a little but of modification.

Back to my topic, while i'm on my way back from home. Mum talked to me about buying a car, share with my brother. Okay...i want a car too, but i have to save my salary for school fees, i don't have any extra for other thing. When i told her this, she mentioned about the course i'm taking, not the FA course, is the GD course. From the beggining until now, she has never supported me to take this course, not even once!!! Keep saying when i get married, no time for husband, sit in the office all the time, stress...etc. Yes, i know all these. But it is my dream; my passion towards design. I know she wants me to quit this course and become FA, this is what i'm thinking too. I have two more years to go and more than 40k to complete my degree. I might have to quit my study and go for flying. Another choice is, finish my degree and fly after i graduate. OR!!! Quit>Fly>earn money>Study overseas.

I guess I'll have to wait for the interview for the airlines and see whether i get accepted or not and decide whether.... 'Should i quit GD or not?'

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What the hell!!!

What the hell!!! While I'm on my way back from KL central to Kepong central, the train broke down at Station Kuala Lumpur because of some technical problem, KONONNYA!!! Damn it...i thought is just for a while, until half an hour i wait there, they finally announced the train gonna take a long time to fix and they ask us to take other transport. O gosh!!! I was thinking another way to get back home, is either by cab or bus. I choose to take the bus, but i got no idea which bus and where to take. So...i message yeow yuan, sook sook and shin ying. Two out of three tell me the way to get the right bus, thank you very much!!! A big big thanks...=) But!!! I went home by cab, i met one of my course mate there, so we share the fare. Thank god...i am so fortunate!!! I wanted to call someone to send me home that time, but no one to call...

Okay...anyways, after i get back to station, i quickly go to PJ to meet Albert for the freelance stuff. Phew!!! I reached there on time and manage to have one ice cream...yohoo!!! I feel damn hungry that time but I'm full now=)

Got to get back to work tomorrow...that's all for today... ByueEeee...

p/s: thank you sook ann and shin ying for keep on messaging to make sure i am safe to reach home=) THANK YOU

Saturday, May 16, 2009 i want to make use of the time, update for today before i go to class. today, went to the FA class, is a different tutor today and her teaching method is totally different compare to last week tutor. So...not to talk to much about her, let's move on to myself. Today is the first time I'm wearing formal attire, putting foundation and those make up stuff on my face, yet...the tutor still not satisfy, i know i put too little. The most embarrased thing about today is, the owner of Inter excel actually walked in and talked to us today. When we're leaving, he was standing at the door and shake hand with us. When is my turn, he actually make compliments to me and he said he will talk to me next time. The thing is...he suddenly asked me what happened to your teeth? I tot he was saying the 'unbalace teeth' of mine... Then i said what what??? And he said nvm, we'll talk next time. And the thing on my teeth is actually a vegetable!!! ArhHhh...damn malu man!!! I guess he didn't notice it was a vegie or he thought i have a broken teeth... Malunya...

Anyways, i have a good day today... got to go now... byeEeee~~~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fifth day of working, today is the busiest day among the all... Works come in and out, nonstop. I have to bring back the unfinished work to home...=S

I bought a 3inches high heel today, damn!!! So expensive and is really really hard to walk. I practice at home, just walk one round from my room to my mum's room, the pain is killing me. I can't imagine how I'm going to last for three hours of pain in the class. One more thing left, i haven't bought a skirt yet...ArHhhh...all last minute, hopefully i can get one tomorrow before i go to class, otherwise I'm gonna stand outside the class.

Competition is just around the corner, nervous and tension. Went to swimming just now, want to train up stamina...Thank you for accompany, if not i will not go down to swim alone.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not in the mood to blog today, really bad mood... Feel so bad and disappointed. I just can't stop crying just now.

Get the hell end of this week, fast!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I don't know what to say here... Life as usual, starting to get busier and busier. My standard sleeping hours has no more. Because of the hot weather, i couldn't sleep on time. BUT!!! Thank god, today rainNnn~~~Yeah!!! It gonna be cold tonight, yipee!!!

As usual, went to work today. Morning i got not much work to do until i overly free to chat on9 with friends. But, my job start during afternoon, two ads are under me now.Yeah!!! Tomorrow i do not need to waste time in the office...hahaha.

I'm going to buy cosmetics tomorrow and all those...stuff!!! Excited jugak...but i don't want two colours larRrrr!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the office

I guess these few days i will just talked about life of working=S Sound boring, right??? But this is what i do most of the time.

Now is office hour and i have nothing to do now, waiting for my colleague to come back. ArHHh..come on, give me something to do, i already done my part!!! To spend my time, i even produce 2 different examples for one advertisement. You can see how free i am until i can do extra thing. Sign in to msn just now, but no one there to chat with me. My two best friends is not on9...

This morning i feel super frustrated with someone, this person had been changing his attitude towards me lately, getting worse and worse. What the hell!!! I hate people talk to me with such a tone. Damn!!!

Well well well...i guess today i will be taking bus back to Taman Ehsan and wait for the next training. Tomorrow have class some more, damn...if i will have to face the same thing again, i will definetly show my face!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

First day

As time pass by, thing will pass too... difficult day of first day working had passed. I was so nervous this morning, when i was in front of the office, no one is there yet. Everyone is late!!! My mum was waiting with me until one of the staff arrive. When i stepped into the office, i just sat on the chair for 30minutes i guess. I was waiting someone to give me a job, until another staff, which is the graphic designer told me that she had something for me to do. Yes!!! I feel so happy that finally someone notice my existence and give me some job to do. First task, draw a map,i used illustrator to draw it, used about 3 hours to finish; second task, modified three advertisement, i managed to finished 2. Finish work at 6pm and waited for mum until 7pm=S reach home around 7.30. PhewWwww~~~

Tomorrow will be another good day=)

p/S: Thank you very much to my beloved yeow yuan for the encouragement=)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phew... was a tired tired tiring day for MEEeeee. My leg is going to break into pieces, my waist pain like hell. Holy i need a tv, just want to sit back and relax. But!!! Moron brother is watching football. Damn it!!!

Okay...about today's orientation, i thought it suppose to be an 'ORIENTATION', but is a class too, i should say i officially start the FA class today. O well...pretty girls are there, they wear heels, formal clothes. Me??? A dress and....sandal!!! But is okay for the first time, but is a big NO NO for next week. Shit...the instructor told us to put at least two different colour of eye shadow on our eyes!!! ArHhhh...i hate this!!! I'm going to look like a monster. What colour i'm going to put? Damn it!!!

TodayYyyy...i learned the sitting and standing posture, o my gosh!!! This pose is tiring man!!! My waist and leg are cram like hell. Next, we learn Public Speaking, just a short one; divided into three groups and the group leader is going to speak in front. So, i am the one to speak in front. The instructor (I forgot her name) is going to judge us and the best one will become the class monitor for one day? Silly right? I guess they want to allow everyone to take turn to become the class monitor. Yea, a lot more i learn today, and i don't feel like typing all out here.

I'm going to start working tomorrow, arhHhhh...pretty nervous!!! I really scared, really scared, very scared... Scared scared scared... Afraid....Trauma... ArhHH...HHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I guess I'm going to start busy from tomorrow on wards. Tomorrow 1.30 will be going to an orientation at KL Plaza, finalllYYyyy... But i feel damn nervous, do not know what is going to be and... I really want to put down weight, arhHhhh....=S

Next Monday going to start working at Door Mail. They allow me to try for few weeks, if i cannot achieve what they want, i may be FIRED!!! That's why I've been practising my Illustrator skills yesterday, really afraid I can't achieve what they want and end up with nothing. Damn...i must make it!!! By the way, this is a really cool website for you to learn Illustrator skill, Check it out!!! You will know you can do a lot more, more than you know!!!

Things i haven't done so far are...go back to college to collect back all my works, i do not want my work to covered with dust!!! And go to Antalis once to look for paper. transport, how to go!!! Renew license, earn money.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I watched Star Track on Tuesday, is a free movie pass i got. First time in Premium seats, haha...i know right...haha.

Anyways, i love the actor in this movie Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek. He is soOOoo wonderful if my future husband look like him=) Muahahaha....

SoOo...yesterday was a tiring day for me, went out last minute in the afternoon, after came home straight away go to class, bath and clean up my room.

Still searching for job...I'd called to an Advertising company yesterday, but they already hired someone... ArHHhh...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiring day

Yiiyess...I feel damn tired today=S

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

too free to stay at home

Is true, I am extremely free now. Few days ago, i was sitting in front of TV and computer most of the time. Lazy to clean up my room and paint my book shelve., i decide to paint my book shelve and of course clean my room, but i don't have time to clean it, maybe Friday...haha=P

Screwing the screw into the rack is not easy, I was giving out my full force to screw it in. Sweating like hell when i finish it. The pictures below are the outcomes, look good from the picture, but closer, err....of course got a bit mistake la....=P My white colour spray paint 'kong' at the last minute, so i can't spray the inner part, just a little. Leave it like that la...until i buy another spray...=P


Hey, M-group buddy!!! Please check out our blog, I'd sent out some invitation to your mailbox, please accept and take control of this blog

Monday, May 4, 2009

All in your HAND!!!

Firstly, i know... Nothing is impossible, if you try hard to do something, you can achieve at the end!!! Unless your dream is really ridiculous.

I have a dream and I'm going to make my dream come true one day... And i know, not every poor people cannot be succeed, you can if only you WANT!!! I am not rich, but i save money. I pay my own school fees and i pay for all the material expenses for my projects. What's wrong with no money, if you'd found a way to earn some pocket money, then it will not be a big problem for you.

I'm trying to be patience recently, not to get angry easily. Take a deep breath before anger burns out your body, think twice before you do so. Things are great around us, look at the bright side, you are fortunate because YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE!!!

*No offence, this is my blog, is my freedom to post something like this and is all about me. The post above is about my personal feeling today. Not about other people and i keep telling these to myself everyday, 'Nothing is impossible!!!'

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Getting ready to fly the kite, yohoo~~~

The cute little boy who's standing in from of us, really innocent.

Best of the best, best of the best, best of the BESTEST friends eveeeerRrr...

Sky is full of kitesss

I love both of you a lot!!!

It had been a long long time I'd never fly kites with my friends, both of them are my real best friends in my life. I'm glad we had this thing happened on yesterday. This outdoor activity is happier than anything else, I rather to have this every week than watching movie or go shopping together.
Yesterday was a tiring day for me, I went out from afternoon until night. Watch Sniper, fly kites and had class. It was a happy day=)
This morning, as usual,went to class and sitting in from of TV for whole day until now. I was watching History channel just now and get to know about 'Unit 731', a Japan unit which experimented on human body for biological test. It reminds me about Ms Jinchi who is so passionate about this War history. Yes, she did influenced me a lot and I'd been watching this kind of show recently. Looking back, how suffer these people are... So, what i want to say is,
'Treasure your life, no take two!!!'

Friday, May 1, 2009

1st day

First day of holiday, i suppose... cause i am staying at home whole day without doing anything, relax. Play computer games, watch tv and fall asleep on sofa...

Mother's day is coming soon, arhHH...don't know what to do with that day. I guess, it willbe the same tradition again, buy a cake and celebrate...

Good night