Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally, i'm back to home... I am just invisible to her; and she is invisible to me too. I am here for my Fluffy, friends, tv and internet. I so evil, i know... But there's still alots of things 'behind the scene' that you don't know.

As long as i still invisible to her, my mood will get influence always and you will see my blog is about this matter. She's the only one that really affect me alot.

I just can say, ' Do not demand too much for your life, 'less is more'.

Sometimes things keep inside the heart, you don't need to say out by mouth, 'you can't see it, but i hope you can feel it'. I do not know when is this going to end, just let it be... I don't want to do anything. I already feel sick of it.