Monday, September 20, 2010

I feel so great because i back to AK again. I feel so happy. Even though is small, but i feel better. Sometimes, you don't need extravagant things or being glamor just because you fly D7, got night stop, duh??? Not everyone likes it, especially me. I hate D7. Work at odd hours; sleep at odd hours.

Few days ago, i get a golden opportunity to sit in the cockpit, the co-pilot seat and the captain seat. Wow!!! Not only that, i get to control the aircraft, of course, instructed by the captain and i did the triple chime for landing. Yohoo!!! Once in my life time, i get a chance to do something so...GREAT!!! It burns up my flame more and more, i was advise by the Captain to see someone. Hopefully, my dream can come true... I'm looking forward to it=)

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