Monday, February 15, 2010

Second day of Chinese New Year, i feel so goooOOddDDDD!!!
I nearly forgot what i'd done for the past few days. What i can still remember is one day before reunion night, i went back to Kepong for dinner with Mulians and that was my first 'lou sang' of year 2010. The dinner worth more than anything, i never regreted to drive back all the way.

On Saturday, which is the reunion night, of course i'm still working, touchdown around 2something, de-briefing in office, drag for a while... ended up i reached home around 5.30pm. Of course, my mum and brother waited for me. Nap a while...and back the place again...=.="

First day of Chinese New Year, work and back to Kepong again. I really phobia for driving. Dinner, went to PJ for 'kong ming deng' with relatives and midnight show for 'Little Big Soldier' with mum and brother at One Utama. In order to spend half an hour time over there while waiting for the movie, we order two drinks nearby the cafe besides, the drinks was so shit!!! Yet expensive!!! I will never go to that place again.

For the past few days of working, my conditions after finish work was like 'dehydrates, starved and roasted'. So thirsty, hungry and hot!!!

No matter how tired i am, family and friends are my charger!!! They recharge me whenever i see them.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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Brelly said...

happy new year!!!!! :)