Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm having my four days off now, yohoo!!! Today is the second day. After 5days of working, all i get now is worth it...=)

I have a very bad feelings recently, i'm afraid that i will get terminated because of some mistake that i didn't realize. I'd been very very careful when every time i work, but accident do happen sometimes, nobody knows...

Handling passenger call is a easy thing but when 'one call button/ minute', this really need alot of patience to bare with it. The fire is already inside my heart, but i just can be patience. I can't scold the person who press the call button for continuously 5times.

I always tell myself, 'i got to love this job in order to stay long'. But sometimes really mentally tortured, got to be very very careful, one word can make you lose the job.