Monday, April 19, 2010

Me...don't know what to write. I'm currently on off day right now, all the feelings that i wanted to express few days ago, already gone... Phewww~~~

One thing i can say, is nice to be at home.
Flashing back, few days back... I can be consider lucky and unlucky. I still remember on the first day of working, i am sooooo unlucky to have someone very important on board to have my very first time Safety check, i...couldn't answer properly and i nearly fail. Guess what, if i fail..i will be grounded, RM500 will be burned and i got to sit for the exam. But, because i am lucky to have such a good examiner, i passed. I promise them i will study properly after that, i did study before this, but just flip through and i am really a short term memory. A day after that, i study the whole book, i cannot afford to answer the questions like that for second time. This is why i always say 'Study hard; study smart'. In order to remember, you must understand the content.

Another day i stay over there was pretty bored, staying alone in the house, watched four movies in my room, from day to night. Gosh, i hate to see myself like this. But, what else can i do over the 'damn' place?

At last, until the last day... I arrived at home before 12am. Amazing!!! Not that i speed, is because i finish work early. How nice if during that time i can chill out with friends, but i never asked...

See, i go nothing to express besides blogging about what had happened few days back. I really need my laptop and Internet access with me over there so that i still can blog while my memory is still fresh.

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=JuJu= said...

use maxis broadband =)
anytime, anywhere