Thursday, May 28, 2009

U know

You know why i never updated my blog for few days, righhhhttTT??? Yes, B.U.S.Y. From Monday until now, by the time i finished the works is already passed 12am. Even stay back for OT until midnight. Hopefully, everything can settle by tomorrow. I need a break and i hope i can get off day for next week...=) I much will i get for doing this job, not too less, pleassSssseee~~~

Things to be happy is Beh Beh had finally came back from Taiwan and will be seeing her in this coming Sunday and Yeow Yuan too=) hooray~~~ Going to A Famosa for class trip soon, yeahhHh!!!

Somethings i have not done, which is the freelance things and two designs for competitions. Let me off for next week...please please please....=)

Last but not least,

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