Sunday, May 17, 2009

What the hell!!!

What the hell!!! While I'm on my way back from KL central to Kepong central, the train broke down at Station Kuala Lumpur because of some technical problem, KONONNYA!!! Damn it...i thought is just for a while, until half an hour i wait there, they finally announced the train gonna take a long time to fix and they ask us to take other transport. O gosh!!! I was thinking another way to get back home, is either by cab or bus. I choose to take the bus, but i got no idea which bus and where to take. So...i message yeow yuan, sook sook and shin ying. Two out of three tell me the way to get the right bus, thank you very much!!! A big big thanks...=) But!!! I went home by cab, i met one of my course mate there, so we share the fare. Thank god...i am so fortunate!!! I wanted to call someone to send me home that time, but no one to call...

Okay...anyways, after i get back to station, i quickly go to PJ to meet Albert for the freelance stuff. Phew!!! I reached there on time and manage to have one ice cream...yohoo!!! I feel damn hungry that time but I'm full now=)

Got to get back to work tomorrow...that's all for today... ByueEeee...

p/s: thank you sook ann and shin ying for keep on messaging to make sure i am safe to reach home=) THANK YOU


Keng Wei said... down leh..
KTM=Keretapi Terlambat Malaysia..
so canot blame anyone=p

cassiopeia said...

sorry pp, i cant help u just now, i have no idea how to go back bus though...then after that i was went out without take my hp...=.=
anyway.. you are safe ^^

the KTM don't mention anymore, i had face this kind of problems many times...damn~~~arghhh

死者苏生 said...

u can call me fetch de, but i will charge u kaokao( just kidding).

Keretapi Terlambat Malaysia aduan line 603-2267 1200.
call this number to scold them, to release ur dulan.

Priscillia said...

To Keng Wei: I was so frus if i'm in a rush. But i keep myself cool, if not i will shout at there...haha=P Good nickname by the way...=P

To YY: okay.

To ZC: Haha..i will not mafan you. I already save the number into myhp, i willcall next time. Hahahahaha...