Monday, June 1, 2009

i know you want to know i am back to blog!!! I know you want to know what i had gone through in these few days,rigghhhttt??? First of all...i want to say i am FreEEeeeeeeeee now!!! Just for this week, haha..feel so good.

Okay,, by the time i reach home i am half dead... class+dinner(invited by Beh Beh @Federal Hotel). She told her friend 'zhe shi wo LING WAI dai lai de'... Speechless...=.=" But i enjoy going out with my Jie Mooi=) No matter how tiring i am, when i see them, my battery level is Full...hahaha...=D

The Crowd...
The food...Er...=S
Yy...such a photogenic
This is what we always used to do in the T.O.I.L.E.T
My phone lose function, don't know why, the pictures taken are not nice, but at least my full face is shown, except YY=P

Chiang chiang chiang... Sunday i skip FA class because i have something 'important' to do at Sg, Wang. It was all out of my expectation, i got into Semi Final in the 'Shang Ban Zhu' competition organized by Smart Info magazine. How all these happend...ermm...i went to the audition few weeks ago, after i finished class at KL Plaza, i and my friends saw a road show outside Sg.Wang... So, go sampat, see see and play play... i am... But i am not selected into final. All the contestants are pretty girls, speak so well, good body shape. How am i going to beat them. My mum accompany me all the way from the beginning until end, THANK YOU!!! It was a good experience though=)

Putting on super thick make up on my face, i can't recognize myself when i see myself in the mirror. I don't like the make up=S


All the 11 contestants, i failed the mission but i got a hamper...yohoo!!!

I will off to A Famosa tomorrow and will be coming back on Thurs... Babai~~~


cassiopeia said...

babai la babai la!!!
i want somtg from ur hamper!!!!

Priscillia said...

Come andfind me, i give you one canof drink=P