Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I don't know what to say here... Life as usual, starting to get busier and busier. My standard sleeping hours has no more. Because of the hot weather, i couldn't sleep on time. BUT!!! Thank god, today rainNnn~~~Yeah!!! It gonna be cold tonight, yipee!!!

As usual, went to work today. Morning i got not much work to do until i overly free to chat on9 with friends. But, my job start during afternoon, two ads are under me now.Yeah!!! Tomorrow i do not need to waste time in the office...hahaha.

I'm going to buy cosmetics tomorrow and all those...stuff!!! Excited jugak...but i don't want two colours larRrrr!!!


Keng Wei said...

not i very noob lo..
i know the make up is for your class not for working..haha
remember to upload picture of two colours..=p

Ju Lian said...

wohooo! cabin crew, prepare for take-off!

Priscillia said...

To Keng Wei: I will never upload those pictures!!! Haha...unless someone make compliments of my make up.

To Ju: Haha...long long way to go. But you, dah boleh fly~~~

Ju Lian said...

For you anytime la,,i asked u to apply u dowan !
I nak fly for airlines so that i can do that kind of in flight announcement! =P that will be OMG
way ahead la!! (KBU MOTTO) =)